Check oot Mein Shvagga!

I usually reserve these “Check out terrible foreign rap music” posts for asian countries (not on purpose, it just seems to work out like that) but after seeing this, it’s clear, the German trap hop movement is upon us. All we can do is just submit and ride the wave. The year of MONEY BOY is here!

22 thoughts on “Check oot Mein Shvagga!

  1. That guy is far out, but …Unfortunately I’ve seen way worse.

    The voice actor of the aliens from Mars Attacks does the hook on this gem.

  2. The Germlish is so awesome. I actually used to sorta speak German, and there are some hilarious gems in this. “Ich habe baggy pants.” Classic.

  3. ffff….

    i’m living in austria since 3 years and i can tell… the hiphop scene here and germany (same shit) its terrible and some of them have even success.
    people are fucked

    u guys know the story of method man in munich by the way?? its pretty awesome!!

  4. God, sometimes I’m so ashamed to be German. Hip Hop is kinda fucked up over here anyways, but this is just…I don’t even know.

    To the guy who mentioned the “Germlish” gems: true there’s a lot of shit we don’t translate and use the English term, but it’s funny for us to hear English speakers (esp. Americans) say German words.

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