Dolph comes alive

Next time you hear people fawning over some corny Lady GaGa live performance where she wears a spider web over her mouth and gets dance fucked by a bunch of dudes dressed like priests and/or spacemen , take a deep breath and consider that my man Dolph Lundgren did this. Respect the real artists, bitch!

8 thoughts on “Dolph comes alive

  1. in the next rocky movie they are going to bring back draggo and this is how he is going to enter the ring…

    i like also how he gets “He-Man” after the drum solo

  2. This guy’s size and voice reminded me of the giant in Happy Gilmore, I guess Mr. Larson was his name.

    “You can count, on me waiting for you in the parking lot”

  3. Shitttttt…toook me a few minutes to stop laughin….say whatttttt? Is there video lol? Seriously you have me rollin this morning…4 new posts…and I can’t drink hot coffee!

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