Turquoise Jeep Music

TJBy now, you’ve most likely seen the epic video that is “Let me smang in” By Yung Humma. While I was very bummed when I found out this wasn’t even remotely serious , it didn’t really take away from the hilarity of the song. Then , through the wonders of the interwebz, I discovered this was not just some one off parody song. No, this shit is a movement. Led by Flynt Flossy, Turquoise Jeep Music is a crew of artists making ridiculous songs. They’ve got rappers and singers. The vibe seems to fit somewhere between the Ying Yang twins and late 80’s R&b. That’s not even right…to be honest, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s going on here. You be the judge.

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5 thoughts on “Turquoise Jeep Music

  1. I’ve been watching their videos at least once a day since I saw “Lemme Smang It” on here. I hate you Blockhead. I love you Blockhead.

  2. Sex Syrup’s Slick Mahony’s voice reminds me of the John Mayer voice you guys did in the song “Your Vagina”. Hahaha. PFAC FOR THE WIN!

  3. Ummm… yeah! My big bro introduced me to “Fried or Fertilized” back in the spring. I laughed so hard I snorted eggs through my nose at breakfast. I think my favorite part of the whole thing is the dance moves. The song would be nothing without the double flip.

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