SOTH: The Non Rap shit.

Here’s a collection of the first songs I dropped on here for my “Song of the day”. Yesterday was the rap stuff, today is the “other” stuff. Ranging from old soul to weirdo shit , But all good in their own way.
1)I only have love: Syl Johnson
2)Comin’ Home Baby: Mel Torme
3)Black satin amazon fire engine cry baby: Kain (this song is hilarious, you should know that before listening to it)
4)Do it again: Waylon Jennings
5)Tell me why (our love turned cold): Willie Hutch
6)I’m Coming Home: The Peddlers
7)State Trooper: Bruch springsteen
8)The time for us: Joe Pass
9)Dames a dime a dozen: Beat the devil
10)Ordinary guy: Joe Bantaan
11)The crickets sing for ana maria:Marcos Valle
12)Remix MEdley1: Tugboat
13)Ursalina: Bill cosby

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