Things that are wrong with the world Vol. 15

Ok, so i’m gonna assume you just watched the above video and you’re thinking “Here’s where he goes on a rant about new rap/white rap/shitty rap”. WRONG! This isn’t about that. The thing that this video brings to mind is much bigger than all that. The problem is that, in today’s day and age, I can’t tell who is and who isn’t serious. This is never more an issue then when it comes to random youtube videos of questionable virtue. The thing is, he’s kinda funny…in the most ignorant way possible. Does he realize it or is he so long gone into a world of whiggardty that it’s not even questioned in his head? I honestly don’t know. Regardless, it does make for an entertaining video, I’m just a stickler for intentions.
Because our culture has become one where anyone can propel themselves into notoriety, it’s pretty much broken the meter on the “is this real life?” speedometer. Take something as obviously a joke as Turquoise jeep music. The fact i even , for a moment, thought there might be a glimmer of reality there when I first watched “lemme smang it” ,is telling. This is because the limits of human idiocy can no longer be measured. We’ve all seen far too many crazy/retarded videos that were , in fact, real. It’s gotten to the point where it’s impossible to gauge. To quote a shitty dead hippie poet , “people are strange” and never before has this been more evident than now. Because , through the internet, we can now peer into the different worlds contained inside of America’s anus ,where pretty much anything can happen. It’s gotten to the point where I think the most sane reaction to seeing anything off beat is to immediately doubt it , until proven otherwise. I mean, I’ve kinda always been a skeptical person but there are people out there who act like every viral video is a fucking conspiracy.
To put it another way…we all know this person: He’s funny, but he’s always “on”. This is a guy who’s never not a sarcastic prick. It gets to the point with this person where you pretty much can never have a normal conversation cause every word they say is so smothered is sarcasm that you don’t know which way is up. This person could tell you their parents were just killed in a horrible accident and you’d just nod , waiting for the punchline. These people also tend to the most insecure people alive but that’s besides the point. Funny as they are, after a while, these types become intolerable. What I’m saying here is that Viral videos have become that guy.
Bothtalking to people like this and watching youtube becomes a game of
“Is he serious?”
“I dunno…I wish he’d just give it to me straight sometimes.”

It’s like reading fucking a Ouija board trying to figure out a motherfuckers intentions. So, in a way, as much as I love viral videos, I also think they are the smug, sarcastic prick of the internet. At least they’re entertaining though and no one will ever take the title of “worst person/thing on the internet” from “anonymous shitty comment leavers on youtube”. They got that shit on lock.

27 thoughts on “Things that are wrong with the world Vol. 15

  1. This guy is painfully serious, he’s a friend of a friend. Quit skateboarding to become a rapper, which worked out really well. Personally I’m a fan of the treble clef teardrop tat.

    • Maybe I’m just a conservative traditionalist, but I still feel that if you have a face tat it should really only be there to signify something that occurred immediately prior to or while in prison. And treble clef falls into neither category.

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  3. I know a guy like this. He raps to himself while he works a deep-fryer at a small pub. Though, this guy in the video may have somethig if he stopped trying to rap and just expressed himself with pure body language.

  4. That dis record falls into the “is this real” category as well. (HILARIOUS, btw). Is any of theis real?

    Dude from the original video definitely seemed serious to me though. Especially at the end of the clip…he REALLY seemed like he was feeling himself.

    • Yeah, I agree..but he’s obviously being kinda silly with some of the lyrics. I’m wondering how tongue in cheek he is. It’s hard to say. I’m sure he feels himself (after all, he’s a “rapper”), but how real could this all really be?

      • usually i have an ok bullshit radar but this one truly has me stumped. I guess if he continues or releases a response to the “dis” record we’ll know.

        what the fuck is wrong with the world?

  5. I’m starting to think this is not tonque-in-cheek/cam’ronish at all, this guy is dead fucking serious, he’s on top of his swagger game, Moneyboy style. Which makes for another nice; “You guys, look what freak of culture I found on youtube this time.”

  6. I feel you on youtube comments being the worst of the worst the internet has to offer. I find it hilarious that some news outlets (mainly those lovably naive folks at NPR) still sometimes quote internet comments as credible man on the street type opinions. Like “In response to the recent surge of violence in Palestine, poster 420killa!$ said the Isreali army should quote eat faggot dixxx unquote.”

  7. im not a hater but i hate wack shit in every place that it annoys me in!
    why do ppl waste our all precious time with cr*p??!

    from germany with love

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