When athletes rap

A friend of mine recently emailed me an mp3 of a horrible/fantastic rap song that was made by the 1986 New York Mets. This song.
“Get metsmerized!”

It got me thinking all about the huge trend in the 80’s of athletes being forced to make rap songs to promote their teams. Nowhere was this more common than in football. Thanks to the enormous success of the Chicago Bear’s song “Super Bowl Shuffle”

I suppose after this, every team in the NFL felt it was necessary to cut a hot joint featuring all their top players fumbling through the easiest rhyme schemes known to man. I mean, for real, I know these dudes spent their entire lives focusing on football but do you mean to tell me not a single one had rhythm? Apparently not. So, here’s a goldmine of all that is awkward and forced. If you’re a sports fan, you will lose your shit. Even if you aren’t, if you have a funny bone in your body, you can surely enjoy watching these men struggle through 2 bars of rapping in a way a deaf person could only relate to.

Miami dolphins

The 49ers

L.A. Raiders

Cincinnati Bengals

L.A. Rams


Philly Eagles

A bunch of baseball players expressing their inner elton john

As an added bonus , here are some non-rap ones that are equally amazing:
The singin’ Seahawks!

Fuck this shit…let’s ROCK!

And Finally, a new video made by the Denver Nuggets, featuring everyone’s favorite Tatted up whig, The Birdman!
Christmas in Hollis By the Denver Nuggets

Special shout out to Positive A and Popeye Jones from Philaflava.com for putting me on to most of these. Well done, gentleman.

(Yes, I’m aware I skipped over all the more focused efforts in rapping done by basketball players , boxers and baseball players but this post was about team efforts. but, if you’re into that stuff, google “basketball’s best kept secrets”. I recommend Isaiah J.R. riders song. It’s pretty gangster.)

9 thoughts on “When athletes rap

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  2. You totally missed the train wreck of Shaq “trying” to rap! Or is this a subject all it’s own?

    Oh yea, and Happy Everything! Grub down , hug your lady and stuff.

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  4. There’s obviously a connection between the 86 Mets, cocaine, and rap music.

    I found this record at Groove Merchant in San Francisco last year. It’s my most prized possession. Strawberry, UTFO, Richie Rich, pretty much.

  5. I really feel cheated that there are no references to gang-rape in the bengals song and that the raiders one isn’t just straight raw as fuck g shit.

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