Some video’s I’m enjoying this week

I got a little too drunk last night at a friends birthday party and I’m way too hungover to think of anything to write . So, allow me to make this easy on myself. Here are some video’s I’ve watched this week that I found to be enjoyable:

Alf Outtakes. This is pretty well known but I had never seen it. How weird is it that the dude playing Alf stays in character when the camera is not rolling? Also weird? Alf dropping N-bombs.

Here’s a video of the luckiest people ever escaping death by the skin of their teeth.

Ever since buy Lego’s for christmas, this kinda shit has been even cooler to me:

And finally, something for the holidays…Pretty good.

4 thoughts on “Some video’s I’m enjoying this week

  1. that alf shit was hilarious. Actually, that trapped in the CLAUSEt shit was even better. the part with Jesus was awesome. thanks for these block.

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