Song of the day 11/30/10

Who’s Whylin’? By The Bushwackass
The Bushwackass are one of those groups that kinda slid between the cracks when they dropped. The put an album out on a little known label called Pallas records called “How real Isreal?”. Yes. It’s a jewish pun. The album was full of violent raps with a black jew edge to them over seriously dope beats by relatively unknown producers. After that, they dropped the single “Caught up in the game” , which may have been their most popular song, even though it never led to another full length.
I always felt they were much more skilled than they were given credit for. Especially in an era when lots of east coast gangster rap wasn’t coming from a particularly “Lyrical” angle. These guys were basically the guys who would go to the Lyricist Lounge and rob the cypher.
I can’t lie, the rhyme from this song
“Cold blooded retribution is my solution
Mayhem into the AM , my revolver is my problem solver”
goes through my head more than I’d like to admit…and I’m a total pussy. Pretty effective stuff, right there.

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