2010 year in review…of this blog and nothing else.

Well, it’s January 1st 2011 and I’d imagine most of you are curled up in your bed wishing you hadn’t had the last shot of tequila at 4 am. I feel you, bro.
As of January 2nd, this blog will be officially 1 year old. I’m fairly impressed that I haven’t thrown it in the back of the closet with my Ab-roller and old sneakers. Now, while most blogs are doing their “Remember 2010!” posts by counting down lists of shit involving things outside their blog, I’m a little more self serving. Here are some lists , but they are 100% related to this blog and shit I’ve posted.
Luckily for you, they’re also based on popularity. You see, Wordpess is awesome cause it gives you really good stats. Like, how much one post gets read ,when and even how that person found that particular post. Because of this, I can make a pretty clear list of the posts that got the most love. I was actually surprised with some of these…So, in case you missed any of these, here’s the “best” of 2010. Lots of free downloads, rants and video to help you through whatever hangover you got working.

Top 5 most read posts of 2010

My neighbor, the faceless pussy
Three, the hardish way
You got dumped because you suck
The worst show that never happened (AKA Fuck quaint)
Juggalo\'s don\'t die

Top 5 posts that got read because of google search and , partially, perverts:

Yellow Fever
kinky ain\'t shit
New rap rule: Be better than Beiber

Top 10 Music giveaways

A special gift from Aesop and I
Throwaway files Vol. 1
Unreleased Despot banger
Chase Phoenix demo\'s from the 90\'s
Party fun action committee rarities and beyond!
Introducing The Mighty Jones
Sir Jarlsberg will change your life
Live in NYC 2004
Blockhead album cuts vol. 1
A special halloween song for you

Top five mixes

Nina Simone mix #2
Soul/reggae/jazz covers of Beatles songs
Danny Brown is dope
Girlie rappin\'
Fun with old hip hop demo\'s

Top five video related posts

Scared Straight 99
Ghetto style
Oh snap, peep my new video
Sloths>>>>>your stupid fucking pet
Check oot mein shvagga!

And finally, 5 old posts you probably missed but I think are worth revisiting:

My summer vacation
It might blow up , but it won\'t go pop

3 thoughts on “2010 year in review…of this blog and nothing else.

  1. That is a great idea posting the threads based on google searches. The polygamy write up had the mormons checking out phatfriend like whoa.

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