Some video’s I’m enjoying right now…

On tour…only so much I can write. I’ll let moving pictures tell their own story.

This video might not make sense to some of you. A while back, there was a viral video called “duel of the iron mic”. If you haven’t seen it, welcome to the internet. Anyway, watch it in the link above if that’s the case. What I bring you now, is the return of Eli porter.
Still the best mayne.

This second video was sent to me by my homegirl Amy K. Nelson. It’s the world greatest play by play man. There are no words.

This last one is an “animated” version of a terrible review some online video game got. Word for word.
The thing is, the game the kid is reviewing is a joke in itself that he didn’t get. Stick around till the end cause you will never wanna say the word “because” the same again.

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