Answers to questions Vol. 10

I got some great new questions last week so keep them coming. I couldn’t even get around to all of them this week.
If you got more things to ask or topics I should approach , email me them ( or leave them in the comments here.

* what’s in your refrigerator right now?
I wish you had asked me about 6 months ago. Prior to my girl moving in, my fridge was a fucking tragedy. Soy sauce, mayo and half drank bottles of soda water ( that were there strictly for the purpose of pre-drinking). That’s it.
Nowadays, I’m all grown up and shit and we get fresh direct. It’s definitely nice having food in the crib. Especially if you’re a gluttonous piece of shit like me.

* worst hangover you ever had. tips for dealing with hangover.
The worst hangover i ever had was the day after a party in high school. That day, I had seen the Malcolm X movie and all I had eaten was a medium popcorn. ALL DAY. So, I go to this party uptown and it’s was a banger. It was actually at Uma Thurman’s little brothers house. he went to school with some people I vaguely knew. There were photo’s of her around the house in wet blouses with her tits kinda popping out. I Always thought that was strange. Anyway, I wasn’t a hardcore drinker at that time so like two 22’s of beer would fuck me up. For some reason, I thought drinking two 40’s of Olde English would be a good idea. So, that happened. Those 40’s + my empty stomach + a few random shots of brandy (WHY!?!!?!?!) = me not remembering shit. EXCEPT, when I barfed. I recall stumbling into an empty room and seriously spinning. Like gravatron style. It was brutal. I saw an open window and barely made it there before I unloaded a couple gallons of hurl out of it. After a violent bout with my stomach, I opened my eyes to look down at the ground below and I had barfed all over a cop car. It was covered. It looked like someone had made a lifelike cop car cake and iced it with bile. Luckily , no cops were around so I shut the window. I don’t remember how I got home but the next day I barfed about 15 times and I pretty much felt like I was in the final stages of AIDS for the next three days.
As for hangover tips. I wish I knew. I still get brutal hangovers and nothing has ever made them better. Drinking water, weird next day concoctions, taking aspirin, whatever…it all doesn’t fix shit. It may lessen the brutality of the hangover but there is no real cure. but, hey, that’s just me.
It’s a good thing I get the hangovers I do cause I’d be a total alcoholic if I didn’t.

* most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you (or that you’ve witnessed).

That’s a tough one. I’ve avoided serious embarrassment for the most part. The only thing I can think of is this one time I passed out drunk in a club and some cocksucker sprayed me with a fire extinguisher. The walk home was pretty humiliating. But yeah, pretty underwhelming. Sorry.

Who are your top 5 emcees of all time?
I’m gonna go with my favorite mc’s of all time. Not to be confused with “best” mc’s of all time.

1)Kool G Rap
2)Willie D
4)Mc Ren
5)Grand Puba

Is there a movie that has made you cry?
I generally don’t cry when I watch movies. At best, I almost tear up.
There have only been three times I’ve welled up from a movie.
1) recently, I watched “Dear Zachary” with my mom. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a brutal documentary that I defy anyone to not get moved by. I mean, I’m basically emotionless and it got me.

2)I teared up watching “The Ice storm” during the scene when Kevin Line breaks down and weeps in the car with the kids. To be fair, My dad had just died to I was pretty vulnerable to a scene showing a father losing his shit.

3)This one is super random as it was a movie I had seen a million times and never even considered crying about. It was the movie “Parenthood” and it was the final scene where all the babies are born and everyone is finally happy. I have no clue what got into me.I teared up nicely but I definitely feel like they were joy tears.

What is your opinion on long-distance relationships? Can they work?

Eh. They suck. That’s for sure. Hell, I dated a girl who lived 45 minutes from me and it was an issue. The thought of maintaining a relationship from 3000 miles away is daunting, to say the least. The thing about long distance relationships is you end up only communicating by phone and , as everyone knows, talking on the phone sucks. Especially if it’s some forced “we gotta talk a certain amount of times a week/day in order to remind each other we’re still in love” bullshit. It’s lots of bitch ass baby talk and the most boring small talk know to man. After all, how much can two people really talk about? especially when those two people have been together for a while. Another aspect of the distance is that it leads to all sorts of miscummuniacation. You’re not with that person and , for what it’s worth, really not involved with their actual life in the world they’re existing in. This leads to tons of assumptions drawn from nothing. “He didn’t pick up his phone and mentioned some girls name I hadn’t met last week….He’s fucking her!” kinda stuff that tends to snowball every time.
So, I’d avoid them at all cost but if there’s no choice OR a definite end in sight (of the distance) then I guess an argument could be made. I certainly wouldn’t do it though.

any crazy stories from the train/bus/walking?? people dont even need to take a bus in NYC right?

This is kind of wide open. I mean, crazy shit happens all over NYC all the time. This is kind alike asking me what my favorite song is of all time. Too many to even begin to pick one. But i can answer your bus question. The only people i know who take the bus are very old and had me slide out of their vagina 34 years ago. It’s slow as shit and never worth it. Besides my mom, it’s filled with awful teenagers coming home from school and people too old to handle walking down stairs to get to the subway. It’s basically like being in a shitty part of Florida, but moving.

19 thoughts on “Answers to questions Vol. 10

    • I’ve tried it. To be honest, those types of things are for normal “headache” hangovers. I don’t get those. I get stomach hangovers where I shit all day and feel flu-ish. It’s the worst.

      • Yeah, you’re right. I get the same type of hangovers, especially if I drink liquor. It doesn’t even matter how much I drink, the hangovers still come. If I stick to beer the pills seem to work pretty well though.

  1. Do you ever get recognized as Blockhead when you’re out in public. I can’t imagine it happening that much since you’re a producer and I can’t imagine that a very high percentage of people who know your music also know your face. Any stories of this?

  2. Quick question,
    Was trying to decide if Aes and Fish’s Ghosts of Barbary Coast production was by you or Aes. We were thinking it was Aes but we weren’t sure.

  3. Block are you up to date on the new internet phenomenon of Ghostface’s Blog entries?? obviously its not him but its still genius.. there are a bunch but this one is a true gem

    Big Tone speaks on Raekwon’s new album

    Ayo whattup this ya nigga Big Ghost aka the rap Bon Jovi nahmeans. Whattup to that nigga Chef aka Lex Diamonds aka Shallah Raekwon aka Corey nahmeans! Congratulations on the new joint n shit namsayin. Word. The god feelin mad joy to see ya project come to fruitions n shit. Word bond. Ayo yalls already know the god been knowing this nigga since we was babies n shit namsayin. Ayo the nigga Rae was a chubby nigga but the god seen past all that husky shit nahmeans. The nigga was a little on the thick side but he was a fly nigga. Word. The brotha had all that fly shit when we was just lil niggas namsayin. Ayo the god was a bum nigga nahmeans. Word. The god was sleepin 8 to a bed n shit n had the sneakers wit the sole separatin from the shoe n shit. The god shoes used to flap n make slappin noises when a nigga was runnin down the street nahmeans. Used to sound like babies clappin they hands when the god was runnin namsayin. But the nigga Rae had luxuries that the god looked up to nahmeans. Word. The nigga was rockin fly gears n used to come around wit a fresh cut n shit. Niggas head used to look airbrushed. Meanwhile the god n my brothers used to share pants n shit. Thats my word. A nigga aint even had no pants that was his own. Niggas was fightin over who turn it was to rock the corduroys n shit. Meanwhile the nigga Rae he aint share his pants wit no muthafuckin body. Niggaa even had his own bed n shit. The nigga had the joint that looked like a race car n shit. Nigga had Atari in his room n shit. Word. Nigga was like royalty to us. Word bond the nigga had the crayon box wit the sharpeners n shit. Ya know the 64 color joints n shit. My nigga had that. Had mad colors. We was usin yellow n red to color skin in the coloring books nahmeans. Niggas had the 7 packs. Ayo but the nigga Rae had like 6 different shades of browns n shit namsayin. Nigga had the silver n gold joints. He used to say nobody could touch the silver n golds namsayin. Word bond. We was buggin like who this nigga? Nigga was like a alien n shit. The nigga was a martian. Niggas in the hood aint had pets n shit. We was puttin rats in the shoe box jus so we could experience that shit namsayin. Niggas was seekin that affection from rodents n shit. But ayo my lil nigga Davie he got bit in the throat by one them pet rats so we cut that shit out nahmeans. Niggas was gettin rabies n shit. But the nigga Rae he had real life guinea pigs n shit. Like from the real pet stores n shit. Nigga had a guinea pig named Joey in his room n he used to let niggas admire that muthafucka when we was there. We aint know what the shit was at first. Niggas was runnin round like ayo the nigga Rae got a armadillo at his crib namsayin. Niggas was thinkin Rae had that exotic shit. I miss that nigga Joey. But yo thats neither here nor there nahmeans. I love this nigga right here. No homo namsayin. This nigga like the wind beneath the god wings n shit. The god done great things wit the nigga. We done seen the world together nahmeans. We done gone to Africa to dig wells wit our bare hands for the unfortunate. We done opened schools in the mother land. We done crossed deserts together n drank from the same cactuses n shit. We done tag teamed bitches together. Word. The god would donate one of his livers to the nigga Rae. Anybody ever cross my nigga Imma pull a muthafucka stomach out his ass n shit. Thats my word. Yalls click the god name for his latest interviews n shit.
    Aight peace.

  4. Oh, wait.. i can ask questions on Friday….which i doubt i will. I Can’t wait though. My first show after 11 years of your music being a part of my daily way of not killing muther phuckers…for what ever reason. A.K.A. Surviving planet earth’s humans.

  5. The only cure for that type of hangover is a good sweaty work out. It sucks, but it’s the only way to make the hangover stop.

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