Notes from the road Vol. 5

Continuing on…
After the Burl, we hit Boston. Going there is always bittersweet for me cause I spent a little time there in college. It’s the only place I ever lived for more than two weeks that wasn’t NYC. That said, I hated it. But, i was young and being 18 in boston is pretty much pointless.
In the past, I’ve talked a lot of shit about boston. While i do think it’s wildly inferior city to NYC (or even the Burl), it’s definitely not as bad as I paint it to be. Here are a few little notes about that show:

1)Anti-yankee sentiments are strong.
In NYC, there are bars you can go to that will be Pro-Red Sox bars. This kind of offends my inner sports fan but I get it. NYC is a huge city full of people from all over. Pretty much every team has it’s “bars”.
In boston, this is not the case. Most New yorkers don’t move to boston, and if they do, it’s under some sort of compromise they came out short on. There are no Yankee bars in boston. There are nothing but pro-Red Sox bars. But it goes deeper. They go beyond just “Go SAWX!”. some of these places are actually covered in anti-yankee memorabilia. The place we played at was one of these types and the whole show I had to look over at a huge picture on the wall of CC Sabathia getting mushed. I’m not even a crazy yankee fan like that but it did, somewhere in my psyche, annoy me , as a New Yorker. But , whatever, haters gonna hate!

2)Hold my stone
As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not into hippie shit. I don’t dislike people who are but I just don’t get it. At one point in boston, this girl comes up to me and asks me if I want to “hold her crystal”. I gave her a puzzled look cause, you know, why the fuck would I wanna hold her crystal? She explained to me that it was some special blah blah blah from the mountains of blah blah. I was like “uh..ok”. and she vanished into the crowd. So, I’m sitting there feeling like the hippie guru version of the guy who holds his girls purse while she tries on dresses. Ten minutes later, she comes back, very pleased with herself for allowing me the gift of holding this rock for her. She says some more crystal related wizardry and went on her merry way. Strangely, two days later and my scoliosis has totally cleared up!
Just kidding. I don’t have scoliosis. However, when i washed my hands later that night they were fucking filthy. Thanks magic crystal!

3)I’m not Anthony from Brooklyn
I dunno who’s doing press on me but they’re seriously dropping the factual ball. I’ve had no less that 10 people come up to me and greet me as “Anthony” and ask me if I still live in Brooklyn.
Allow me to clear the air on this one.
While my name is technically “Anthony” , no one on this planet has ever called me that since I was born. I find it weird when strangers call me by my first name in general but at least get it right. Tony. You know, like “uncle Tony’s coloring book”. That’s me. I’m an uncle and I’m Tony. Anthony is some other dude.
As for Brooklyn , I have no clue. I’ve never claimed to be from there. Not even close. In fact, I’ve been pretty open about being from downtown Manhattan (some might say I’ve been obsessive over it, during my career). I chalk this up to some music writers being lazy and just assuming anyone who makes music in new york lives in Williamsburg. But , trust me, the quickest of google searches about me would reveal the truth on that one.

Moving along…
The next day was a show in Brooklyn. I have a love/hate relationship with performing in my hometown (i’ll include BK, as my Hometown even though it’s kinda not). On one hand, I love being home as much as possible. On the other, NYC crowds have never been that great for me. I don’t blame them as, after all, I am one of them. I’m the guy at the show sitting in the back with my arms folded. I can relate to not getting live at shows. Another downside to performing at hometown shows is that all my friends come. This is cool and all cause I love my friends but lets be honest here, my friends don’t listen to my music. I respect them for that but it’s just not their thing, They know me far too well to take anything I do seriously. So, while they all do come out to support, they either end up doing one of two things. Chatting in the back (like I would if I went to my own show) or going up front and yelling shit at me the whole show. While the latter is pretty funny , I can imagine the screams of “Blockhead! you’re a huge faggot!” might rattle anyone around them who doesn’t know these people know me and don’t know they’re kidding. Then the actual fans are there completely confused that a group of people bought tickets to my show and got up in the front , to simply berate me while I perform. I take it back. That’s kind of awesome. I would just prefer that to remain a thing only my close friends do.
Some notes on the BK show

1)well, i don’t wanna brag…
But we sold that shit out. I’ve never had an NYC headlining show that both that well attended and that awesome. A sincere thanks to all who came out.

2)Fart jokes
I was talking to this girl at the merch booth who was pitching an idea for me to score a short film for her. At one point, she brings up that she has read this blog (who knows, she might be reading this right now). Just for your information, I love knowing people read this shit. It’s more satisfying when someone tells me they love this than they do my music cause this shit is truly a labor of love. Self important, dickedheaded love, but love nonetheless.
So, this girl tells me she reads my blog and they proceeds to tell me all I write about is bowel movements. I jumped in and said “You sure you’re not talking about my twitter?” as my twitter is rife with insights to what happens when feces leaves my body. My blog though, while at times filthy, hardly centers around my shits. I mean, sure, I’ve said things on here about that kind of thing. But I’ve said a lot of things on here. I’ve spoken about shitting way less than I have my feelings about getting older or my love of olivia munn. I’m just assuming she read that one entry I wrote a while back where i detailed how my digestive system works using lil wayne’s music catalogue as a metaphor (this doesn’t actually exist).
I’m just saying, I’m admittedly low brow at times but I refuse to be written off as all fart jokes on here. Gimme a little credit. I do pussy jokes too.

14 thoughts on “Notes from the road Vol. 5

  1. I laughed terribly hard at the crystal thing…I thought that only occurred down here in the south around Asheville and the electronic scene, I guess heady crystals is a universal thing

    I’m seeing your show tonight in Athens, can’t wait to meet you and buy some vinyl

  2. Is there a place you always eat at on tour? Specifically a place that is not regional to new york or something like that? Cracker Barrel up top made me think of this.

  3. Great as always. Dig you blog!
    Off topic question. I’m making a film at school and I was wondering if I could use some of your music? I’m not going to make money out of it or anything like that. Thought it would be cool

  4. Yo, Anthony from Brooklyn….let me guess you also spent your childhood years making deliveries for a family owned Italian restaurant as well. LOL

  5. I feel like im at grandmas when i eat at Cracker Barrel.. but I’m sure it would get old after 3 times in one week. If you or someone your touring with has an iPhone get the Zagat app.. you’ll be eating in some pretty good and cheap places in every new city you hit up.. itll save your ass.. figuratively and literally of course

  6. Missed you in Boston. Our own fault for not getting tickets ahead of time, but the hipsters waiting in line when the bouncer turned us away was salt on the wounds. As for all the weirdos and amateurs here, its mostly college kids (from the Burl, no doubt) enjoying their first experience in the “big city”.

    Can’t believe the show in Boston was sold out, but the record release in Manhattan wasn’t.

  7. I had bought tickets ahead of time for that show, and the dude at the door mentioned something about them still being for sale there. It looked pretty damn sold out inside though.

    How was it playing Church? I’ve been there during their usual live/local acts and it seems pretty cool, albeit 100 times smaller than Mercury Lounge.

    • It was very intimate. But, technically, it’s bigger than mercury lounge. I think mercury fits like 250 and that Church supposedly fits like 350. Coulda fooled me.

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