Song of the day 2/4/11

Funky lil’ Aggin by Scarface Featuring 2-Low

This song has been a little bit controversial for me over the years. It features Scarface rapping with a 13 year old boy. While some may think the controversial part of this song is that Scarface, a full grown adult, is drinking 40’s and smoking weed with a child, but my concern is placed elsewhere. Basically, I’ve never known if the 13 year old kid on this song (2-Low) was real or not. I mean, he was seen in video’s and I think even made a few solo songs , if not an actual album. But he sounds SO MUCH like scarface pitched up I’ve always been on the fence about it. From the voice to flow. Perhaps some of you can enlighten me?
Is 2-Low a real person or is that Scarface fucking around? Forgive me if this is some known thing and I’m being obvious here but I’ve never heard an answer either way.

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