Answers to questions Vol. 11

Here come some more.
As usual, feel free to email me more questions ( or leave them here in the comments. I still got another posts worth or questions, so if you don’t see yours here, they’re coming.

Do you ever get recognized as Blockhead when you’re out in public. I can’t imagine it happening that much since you’re a producer and I can’t imagine that a very high percentage of people who know your music also know your face. Any stories of this?

Almost never. It happens here and there but I’d say you’re right that people both don’t know my face and , in the larger scheme of things, I’m really not famous at all. I tend to work my own merch booth when I tour and the amount of people who don’t realize I’m me (at my own shows) is awesome. I especially like when I’m playing with another act and the person looking at the table talks shit about me to me, thinking I’m just some dude from the venue working the merch table. That shit is priceless.

* family gatherings! what you like and what annoys you the most;

I’ve got a pretty big family. The whole “Uncle Tony” thing is no joke. I have 12 nieces and nephews and I’m the youngest of 7 (5 of which are half siblings from a different marriage). So, as you can imagine, family gatherings can be kinda packed. I certainly love my family and love seeing them but, at the same time, I’ve never been one of those people who constantly needs to be in contact with his family. For instance, over the last two years, I’ve decided I no longer “do” Easter with my family. Not cause I don’t love my family, but more cause I don’t give a fuck about jesus’s timeline and it’s on Sunday morning. This Sunday is usually the day after I’ve been Djing or something and our Easter brunch is usually somewhere like Connecticut. I’m just not trying to kill myself on 3 hours of sleep for some fucking deviled eggs and celebrating something no one at the celebration even believes in (we’re fucking half jews , for moses sake!). I’d rather just have a random dinner with them.
It’s not all bad though. I do enjoy free food. and Family gathering food is usually quality. Also, there’s a gift/curse situation with me being somewhat of a “celebrity” to some of the family members. Not that any of them actually like or even understand the music I make but they’re very supportive. And , it’s not really the younger ones (they get it and don’t give a shit, which I appreciate). It’s mostly the much older brothers and sisters. When eating at a dinner table full of family, my boring ass uneventful life is always a topic of discussion and always pretty uneventful. This may sound fun but there’s only so much “Hey Blockhead, pass the salt please?” (followed by smug grin). Yeah, that shit isn’t my favorite thing in the world. But they mean well so I can only be so mad. But seriously, stop calling me Blockhead , if you’ve changed my diapers at some point.

* did you ever break the law?

Aside from public urination and public drinking, my record is clean. What can I say? I’ve never been a trouble maker and I’ve always been pretty aware of consequences to my actions. Even when I was little. I got kicked out of every classroom I was ever in but where the law came in, I pulled the breaks. Pretty boring, I know. There’s also those looming statutory rape cases but those are neither here nor there (just kidding, she was 18).

* 3 things you hate or bug you about NYC;

1)People who move there and all of a sudden think they’re New yorkers. Nah, bitch, you just live here. Big difference. I could rant about this forever but I’ve covered this topic enough all over the blog so I’ll just leave it alone right now.

2)Everything good closes.
Whether it be my favorite bars or some awesome little restaurant , the last decade or so has been rough on NYC’s individuality. Banks and drug stores are pretty much popping up everywhere while really quality ma and pa places shut down due to ridiculous costs. It fucking sucks and I don’t see it improving. Perhaps another terrorist attack will happen and bring down the prices for a little bit. I feel like a tragedy like that is the only thing that would rattle these greedy , cock-sucking landlords.

3) Midtown.
It’s the fucking worst. It’s all business men, tourists, and shitty food/stores. It’s what people from Bulgaria envision when they think of NYC and that saddens me. It is the last place anyone should ever go when they visit new york. You might as well just go the fake New York in Las Vegas, as it is pretty much the same thing minus the homeless and ethnic people.

* last time you went to the cinema. which movie?

Hmm…What was it. Oh, it was some art house movie my girl wanted to see. It stars tiny former b-lister Stephen Dorff. Anyway, it’s about some famous actor who lives in the Chateau marmot in L.A. and is basically an empty shell of a man. Not a bad guy, but devoid of feeling and purpose. Then his estranged wife has a nervous breakdown and he is forced to take care of his 9 year old daughter. Blah blah blah, he finds purpose…blah blah blah…It was pretty forgettable (as you can tell from my review) but it had some nice moments that were very real. Over all, i’d give it a “who gives a shit”.

* does your girlfriend and family read your blog? 

My girl rarely does. While she’s very busy , I also think she’s rather just not know what kinda dumb shit I’m talking about on here. I mean, she lives with it so it’s nothing she hasn’t heard.
As for my family, I dunno. I’d say most of them don’t know about it. I’d imagine a few of my nieces and nephews check it occasionally but none of them are that tuned into it. That’s probably for the best cause who really needs to hear detailed run downs of their uncle’s bowel movements and masturbation habits.

12 thoughts on “Answers to questions Vol. 11

  1. Only have two;

    Have you ever been to Blockhead’s on 2nd ave?

    Why was there a gun pointed to your chest at one point in time? You mentioned in it an answer and I’m curious.

    • I think I can answer these two here:

      1)Nope but there are actually about 3 or 4 of them in the city. i live near a “sister” restaurant of theirs called “Benny’s burrito’s” and it’s pretty mediocre.

      2)I was getting robbed.

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  3. One thing I have always liked about the Parker Posey story is the matter-of-fact way the pisser tells the story. Like everything was cool between him and Parker, and then for some unknown reason she just kind of stopped calling him. Oh, and coincidentally right before they parted ways he left a liter of piss in her fridge. Women are such a mystery.

  4. I’m a fellow New Yorker, almost 32 years old, bought a house in Queens about 3 years ago. You’ve mentioned you don’t know how things will play out 10 years from now i.e. career-wise, financially, etc…. is this a frequent topic of contention for you? Are you a “just-roll-with-the-punches” kinda dude or does your girl and mom constantly hound you about your lack of health insurance, the possibility of being priced out of your own neighborhood, and whether or not you’ll be able to afford to put future little Tony, Jr. through private school? Or has the Connecticut wing of the Simon clan set up a Blockhead trust fund? Should we worry about you taking cues from Sondoobie (of Funkdoobiest fame) and eventually doing porn just to stay afloat? (that would give new definition to ‘Blockhead’s greatest hits’)

    • I definitely roll with the punches but I also very frugal and aware of what I do and do not have.
      I have health Insurance (I’ve had it for 8 years) , I own my apartment and have no kids coming any time soon.
      So, you know, it’s all good for now.
      Unfortunately, the connecticut wing of my family is one brother who’s never given me a dollar in his life though.

  5. nice post man. It’s really cool to have a glimpse into your life in regards of being a touring, performing artist.
    -Was that guy staring at you waiting for the best break in “Sunday Seance” to go in for a kiss..? lol.
    -When will you and Aesop Rock work together? For me at least, ace rocks first few albums that you helped produce “Daylight”, “Float”, and “Labor Days” was what introduced me to you. By the way, I’ve always meant to ask, why did you call it “forest crunk” hah, classic names. When I first heard it I was in the middle of no where with a buddy who has family in some lil hick town here in colorado, the road runner samples were perfect. ANYWAY, since you havent read to this point.. have a good one.

    • I’ll answer these here
      1)Nah, he as motionless. It’s was totally creepy.

      2)Aes and have worked together on every album he’s ever made.

      3) It was just a play on words. Crunk was popping back then and those drums were kinda in that vein.

  6. I don’t know if you’re keeping up on current (rap) events, but have you heard about this travesty concerning Tom Hanks’ son being a rapper and calling himself “Chet Haze” (with ebonics vernacular intact and all)? If yes, what’s your take on this guy?

  7. Questoin: Do people ever try to give you demo tapes at your shows and if so, do you actually listen to any of them or just chuck them? I’m guessing the later.

    I was telling a friend about how I went to one of your shows and he said he wished I told him so he could have gone and given you a demo CD (he makes beats). I kind of knew he would do that which is why I never told him about the show until afterwords. That would have been embarrassing. Dude’s kind of a pill. It’s funny because he doesn’t even know your music and I’m sure he would have approached you on some “I’m a huge fan” type shit.

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