Answers for Questions Vol. 13

Here we go again!
Ok, check this out…I didn’t love this weeks questions. Too many rap questions, not enough shit to really sink my teeth into. I’m happy people even bothered asking but I’d like to see you people get a little inventive with it. I know you can do it.
Send all questions to or leave them in the comment section here.
And away we go:

Hey, this is random but do you watch “The Boondocks”?

I’ve seen a bunch of episodes. I like it a lot. The one where they rip apart tyler perry was fucking amazing.

I have questions. #1 – Do you believe ufo’s are real? (excluding the bullshit answer of; ‘yes, im sure there have been flying objects that have been unidentified..) what about aliens?

I’m one of those guys that doesn’t believe in anything. God, conspiracies, ghosts, your feelings. However, for some reason, i do believe there are other life forms in the universe. Whether or not they’ve cruised by this planet or not remains to be seen but I do believe there is more to the universe then our bum asses. What would be really cool is if there were aliens but they were like total morons. I think south park did an episode in that vein but their version of dumb aliens were more just annoying. It would be funny if there were some aliens that were as smart as toddlers. Of course, this would all be cancelled out by them being able to create a flying saucer or whatever.
Basically, I want to know we’re not the dumbest people in the universe.

#2 – Who is the most recent MC or hip hop artist that has blown you away? if any. and who outside your regular colaborators would you like to work with? How do you see the current state of Hip-hop? Who are some promising artists currently making music that you see as having potential?

Anyone who’s been reading my blog for a while knows I’ve been championing Danny Brown and Earl Sweatshirt for a while. Now that Odd future is famous, this isn’t big news but I still stand by Earl as a dude to be excited about. Some goes for Jay ELectronica. He’s got a deal with ROc nation and I’m hoping they let him keep his dignity and enable him to make a good record.
As for people I’d like to work with? Shit…I don’t know. Whoever I just listed above works for me.
The current state of hip hop is fine. There are good new artists. Beats are improving. I mean, i can’t lie, I give so much less of a shit nowadays about hip hop and it’s dealings. I don’t even think about it. Back in the day , I’d get mad and have all these strong opinions but I’m simply too old to take anything that seriously.

As for new artists, I like Open Mike Eagle a lot and this dude Self Says from Detroit.
As I mentioned above. My ear isn’t exactly to the tracks. I hear shit by default and a few things stick. 90% of what I hear is completely fine but also completely forgettable and mediocre. Oh , and I still like Necro.

#3 – do you have any music that people might be surprised that you actually like? Are you secretly a big fan of the Beegees or Taylor Swift or anything random like that?

Hmmm…It depends how easily surprised you are. I don’t listen to much new stuff. I do have a huge knowledge of 80’s music and I’ve always been a fan of lots of that cheesy shit. I like antony and johnsons. umm…The talking heads? I mean, the thing is, none of those are really embarrassing. I tend to not really listen to shitty music if I don’t have to.

What hardware and software do you use for producing your music? Oh, and when is that next Aesop album dropping? 🙂

I have no intention of answering these two questions as they are a glowing examples of questions to not ask me. These are the types of questions that every half assed interviewed has asked me in every interview ever. I know the person asking didn’t mean any harm but I just can’t do it. Google me. The answers for these types of questions are everywhere.
Oh the off chance that this person was joking, I apologize and you totally got me with that one.

Would you ever move out of the country?
(As I get older, I’m starting to despise Chicago winters. And I love latinas, so warmer climate with better women sounds great right now)

If Manhattan was blown of the planet and i somehow survived, yes. If not, never. But, if i had to, I’d move to toronto or montreal. I like a bunch of places in europe but I don’t think I could live there for a long stretch of time.

If you could go back in time and be any professional athlete, who would that be?
(My Grandpa told me that he watched Chamberlain play for the Globetrotters once. I also like Babe Ruth history, so it sorta got me thinking about the topic)

I wouldn’t go back very far. I’d be Derek Jeter. Now, he’s not my favorite athlete by any stretch but that dude’s pro sporting life has been amazing. Between winning all those titles and having sex with pretty much every girl I’ve ever jerked off to (I’m not lying when I say he fucked the hottest girl from my high school), you can’t front on the dude.
If this was strictly based on the sport though, I’d love to be dominique Wilkins. He’s my all time favorite B-ball player and having his ability would be pretty epic. Sure, he never won shit and fairly one dimensional, but he was the human fucking highlight film! Top that!

(side note: I just realized the original question was if you could go back and “Watch” any athlete, not “be” but my poor reading comprehension ass answered for the latter. Oh well…My apologies to the person who asked this question and , yes, I did edit it to make sense.)

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