Got time to waste pt 2?

Phat friend reader Kitty bear just sent me a link to this game. It is both hilarious and frustrating. The idea is to used the q,w,o,p buttons on your computer to make this dude run. I got about 3.5 meters so far. There are videos on youtube of dudes running 100 meters like this:

That shit just blew my mind…considering when I play the dude looks like a new born foal.
Peep it:

5 thoughts on “Got time to waste pt 2?

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  2. that game is fucking hard…if the point was to make him do a guile’s flash kick then i win….my best was 3.7 and my worst was -.6

  3. I just got 18.5, but I wouldn’t call what my dude was doing “running.” More like bouncing up and down on his cock inching forward slightly for a painful 18.5m.

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