Answers for questions vol. 14

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I didn’t get to all of last weeks entries this week but I’ll get on those next week for sure.

With the success that you have received in the music world, it begs the question, What level or degree of mason are you? 

I’m an orange belt in free masonry. Meaning, I’ve met the lowest level member of the Illuminati but I’ve yet to been fully hazed in. I’m hoping in the upcoming weeks to do that thing where you run up a ladder clenching a hot dog in your butt cheeks. I hear that’s the final step to becoming a full free mason.

Have you ever considered writing a book? I mean, who has the time for the kinda shit…but figuratively.
would you take the opportunity?

I can’t say I’ve considered it cause it’s never been a real option but I would love to do that. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with figuring out how to get that done.
I like writing but I also write this way for a reason. I’m a college drop out with very little knowledge of sentence structure and basic grammar. If spell check didn’t exist, reading my blog would be like looking at cave drawings. But hey, if any of you out there put out books, holler at the kid and we’ll get this shit poppin’.

Worst job you ever had?

When I was 19, I had just dropped out of College. My parents weren’t happy and I had no intention of going back. At the time, My mom was working as a social worker at a school for disabled kids. Somehow, she pulled some strings and got me a job there. It was a high school and some of the kids were actually older than me. I could go into a long-winded yet uplifting story about how hard yet fulfilling this job was but I’d be lying. While I do think it could have been that way, I was 19. I was in no mind-set to be working that kind of job. Basically, I would get up at 5:30 am (strike one), take the F train to the last stop in Queens and then take a bus (strike 2) , just to arrive at this madhouse full of kids ranging from slightly emotionally disturbed dyslexics to batshit crazy kids that needed harnesses to walk (strike 3 through 8). Again, My 19-year-old brain was not prepared for this. Because I was under qualified , my job was to give special help to this one student in particular. I was basically a less glorified teachers assistant. He had something known as Prader willi syndrome. I’m not 100% sure about all of the characteristics of it but he was highly OCD and emotionally childish. He ate EVERYTHING. In fact, he had a little bald spot on his head from where he scratched and made dandruff fall, that he would then eat off the desks. Worst of all for the kid was that he was never gonna age. He was pretty much just stuck in the body of a pudgy , awkward 13-year-old forever. I felt terrible for the kid but, also, he was a total asshole. I realize that this is entirely due to his condition but , man, I hated that kid so much at that time. His condition was one that made any good deed done to make his life easier completely thankless. He’d scream at me all the time and cry uncontrollably when he didn’t get what he wanted. It was awful. So, yeah, that job sucked. I’m glad I did it in hindsight, but it was completely brutal at the time.

How did this girlfriend of yours that must put up with a lot of crazy shit?

First off, very well put question…for someone from planet GRARGNON. Ba dum bum…anyway, My girl doesn’t have to put up with THAT much. I’m pretty mellow in real life and she works insane amounts of hours at her job so it’s not like she’s around me all day while I’m ranting about dumb shit (which I don’t do anyway, as much as it might seem like I would). To be honest, she almost never reads this blog anyway. I dunno if it’s for the betterment of her own health or she’s too busy or cause she thinks I’m an idiot. Whatever the case, it’s fine with me. She hears all this shit come out my mouth eventually anyway.

Yo Block, being a basketball fan, are you psyched that Melo’s on the Knicks now?Fuck the Knicks and their Melo-drama!  Does this trade get them out of the first round?

These were two separate questions that I just made in to one.
It’s cool that the knicks got Melo. I think it will eventually lead to good things (other players coming to NYC) but they aren’t winning shit with this team they have now. No real center or even a back up and a serious lack of depth. They can make it to round 2 this year (depending who they play) but they simply cannot beat the elite teams in a 7 game series with the team they have now. Defensively, they’re terrible and I’m pretty sure no shitty defensive team ha ever won the championship.

What is the purpose of pinching a girl’s nose while receiving a BJ?

It could be the hopes of making her laugh so the jizz comes out her tear ducts or just being a complete asshole

What do you think of Dubstep? I mean the real grimy Wamp wamp dirty stuff(so the kids call it).  Would you consider doing some music of this type that ties back into hiphop? Amp 1 and Bassnectar had a pretty good collaboration on a recent album but maybe that kind of stuff is a better one off…  

I recently commented on this but I’d like to clarify. I don’t hate dubstep. I simply don’t care about it. In my world, (outside of random shows I play where dubstep is playing) it does not exist. The shit I’ve heard has ranged from loud and boring to slightly less boring and loud. I like some of the drums they use but the overall product just isn’t for me. I can’t really fuck with any genre of music that has one set BPM. Also, I’m old. I don’t go out and take Molly while dancing all night. It’s just not my scene. I feel like older people who try to cling on to their own social relevance by trying to keep up with every little electro music fad are kinda the worst.

13 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 14

  1. Block Party,

    Good seeing you in austin — me and gabe were talking and he wants to make you a custom livid controller from our block series and make it say blockhead — think about it!

    Wanting to jam up with you more about bball as well — last nights game was hopeful for the team — but damn they are a small group out there — but everyone in the east is small except d howard — Do you remember when Larry Johnson had that awful alter ego Grandmama — jesus that was bad — always happy to hear your music and read your thought about the way it is ( que sappy song from mid 90’s ) — got some cartoon ideas I wanna run by you — stay in touch


  2. ok, my question:
    My now ex gf cheated on me. She says she still loves me, but i am a proud motherfucker with low self esteem and the only way i could think of to fix my crushed ego was fucking other people. People related to her. Her sister. And suddenly i found out that her little sister is better than her by a long shot. What the fuck do i do now?

  3. I feel the same way about dubstep, laughed my ass off at that one set BPM remark. Honestly, I think a lot of the popular music today lacks the depth that underground shit has. As a musician, it seems that my friends (also musicians) and I are listening to a whole other spectrum of music than the average college-age kids we are around. It’s like they would pick “I’m in Love with a Stripper,” over “Habeas Corpses,” (Yeah, I’m totally up to date on my cultural references) any day. I just don’t get it. Maybe it is because we live in Indiana and there is no good music scene available locally.

  4. Your thoughts on dubstep have led me to the following burning question.

    How would you feel if the opening dj rather than playing a completely unrelated genre, perhaps played the 6 degrees of blockhead, ie a lot of ninja tune, aesop, cage, mac lethal, murs, etc.?

    Is this better or worse?

  5. What up Blockhead. I’m a huge fan of your work, and would love to see you on the West Coast sometime. My question:
    My best bro makes his own music which is in the same essence as yours, hip-hop based beats he designs himself with a lot of sampling from old records. I’ve loved everything he’s done, and could really see his music going somewhere. He’s an extremely talented guitar player and has a great ear for beats and what flows.
    He just isn’t extremely confident in what he does and isn’t very motivated because of that. How do I go about him getting recognition and getting his music out there? How did you get recognized, and what were some things you did to get your music heard?
    I’m not asking you to listen to his shit because I know you get a lot of mixtapes etc. and aren’t a huge fan of instrumental music, but any advice would be great.
    Keep the sick beats flowing. Thanks man.

  6. im kind of curious as to how was college life for you? did you do the whole dorm room experience and take advantage of girls that were ALL OF A SUDDEN completely free of their insane parents jealous and over sheltering grasps? What about Aes? were you guys party animals over there in boston? haha

  7. question, i know you prefer non-music ones but i can’t help myself!

    so there’s the same piano bit on pretty lights’ high school art class as in your insomniac olympics.. turned on the former and i was prettty surprised! but i think its a beautiful clip, and it made me wonder where it’s from? i would love to hear more if it’s a sample, but if not then who made it? and did he borrow it from you, then?

  8. “What is the purpose of pinching a girl’s nose while receiving a BJ?

    It could be the hopes of making her laugh so the jizz comes out her tear ducts or just being a complete asshole”

    this makes my brain restart

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