Answers for questions vol. 17

As usual,keep the questions coming. Leave them here in the comments or email them to me at I support weird questions.
Now, back to business:

Hey Blockhead, I am going to be in NYC for the first time ever in a week. It seems you are an expert on the city are some must see places. Or just most entertaining parts of town. By which I mean, where can I see a good bum fight? Perhaps the best way to pick up a famous classy New York hooker? Basically things only someone born and raised there would know about.

Well, the things you seem to want to see and the word “fun” seem pretty separate to me but let’s see what we can figure out. I find , the best bum fights happen on the top floor of the empire state building. Holy shit. It’s like you go up there and it’s just a free for all. Bags of plastic bottles flying all over the place with tipped shopping carts lining the walls. The best part about it is , if you get bored of watching that hobo bash another hobo’s head in, look out the windows and enjoy that view. If you bring binoculars , you might even be able to catch some other bum fights on the ground. Yes, the view isTHAT good. The empire state building is some down low shit that I don’t like to put out of towners up on but you seem like a cool guy so be sure to peep it. As for classy hookers, I bet you’re guessing I’m gonna tell you to hit Times Square. Well, I’m not. Not, long gone are the days of prostitutes and porn theaters in the heart of Manhattan. Now, the super duper secret spot is the meat packing district. It’s the far west corner of north Greenwich Village. Only the classiest and most beautiful women of the night work there. Strangely, the prefer anal and never fully take their pants off, but I think that’s part of their mystique. Enjoy!

Hey Mr. Blockhead,
Your don’t have to respond to this, or even regard it as something you should read. I am a 20 year old in college, not sure what I am doing here. I am a little drunk, a little high, and a lot of confused. I have a paper due in 10 hours, haven’t started, but I am trying. I don’t remember why I am writing you, but most likely it is an attempt to prolong my procrastination. Apparently I am proving to myself that I can put words onto something, wait what? This isn’t intentionally spam but it might be, sorry. I’ll throw a question in for shits and giggles, what do you think of the peanut butter and jelly jars combined into one? I think it is by Smuckers or some shit. Sorry.

Damn son. Procrastination is a motherfucker, huh? Anyway, those combined peanut butter and jelly jars are fucking disgusting. It’s one of those “great on paper” ideas that should have just ended once someone in the boardroom asked “But aren’t peanut butter an jelly two completely different things that need to be packed separately?”.

What are your views on where the music industry is going? Will artists like you be able to survive ten years down the road or will the internet kill off most “Indie artists”?

I really don’t know. I can’t say the outlook is great but it’s also a case of people having to change their business plans. Since buying music is something most people don’t do, you gotta attack it from different angles. This means more shows I suppose. I think , eventually, most music will be free regardless of who’s making it. For the consumer, this is awesome, but for us artists it’s a pretty big setback if we’re trying to make a living. I’d say the best case scenario , for the quality of music, is that making music no longer becomes a viable source of income an it forces all the people who do it for that purpose to no longer do it. Thus, leading to music only being made by people who genuinely love making music. While I might be working at a Trader joe’s in 3 years, at least the over all quality of the music will be better.

Who would win in a bare knuckle brawl, Bill O’reilly or Oprah?

I mean, O’reilly is a huge dude. He’d mop the floor with Oprah. Unless the were using pillow cases filled with gold bricks or something. Cause Oprah’s pillow case would be impressive and maybe she could hire someone to swing it for her.

Do you have a favorite quote or lyric from a song that has stuck with you through the years?

I don’t know if they’re my favorite…in fact, I know they aren’t, but there are tons of lyrics that always go through my head for no reason. Some have been doing it for years. Strangely, none come to mind right now but rest assured they’re extremely unimpressive and probably make very little sense out of context. I liken this to how most of my dreams are pretty much me doing mundane activities. Go figure.

How many songs did you consider for “the music scene”, or how many songs didn’t make the cut?

I don’t tend to have scrap piles of songs. The entire album “The music scene” was as you heard it. It’s really 12 complete songs that were comprised of about 25-30 separate beats. I just found a way to mash a bunch of them up with some fluidity. Out of those beats, I definitely dumped certain elements so that the songs could work, but what you heard on the album was all that I made, song-wise.

Good morning Sir,

Do you have facebook? I want to quote you and tag you in it…

I do have a personal Facebook page but it’s not open for the public. If I don’t know you, I’m not accepting your friendship. I like to keep some semblance of privacy in my life. I do , however, have music page that I’m pretty active on. It’s The Real Blockhead. Please “like” it. Speaking of which, there is another “Blockhead” music page that has about 8,000 more likes on it but it’s not me. I tried to contact whoever it is that made it with hopes of being given admin powers , before I was forced to make “the real Blockhead” page , but facebook makes that pretty much impossible. I have a feeling some fan made it like 5 years ago and forgot about it. Don’t “Like” that one. All it is is a wall of spam and no updates.

Is there any celebrity with whom you would smoke weed or do any other drug with just to get the full experience of hanging out with them?

Hmm…I mean, it would be hard for me to turn down a blunt from Snoop Dogg but the problem with that is, I’d get really fucking high and probably freak out. Not externally, but I’d have a mild panic attack or something and keep saying rookie shit like “Man, I’m really high. Are you guys too high?”. I’d say that is far more embarrassing than saying no to a joint.

so there’s the same piano bit on pretty lights’ high school art class as in your insomniac olympics.. turned on the former and i was prettty surprised! but i think its a beautiful clip, and it made me wonder where it’s from? i would love to hear more if it’s a sample, but if not then who made it? and did he borrow it from you, then?

Ah yes, I was put on to this last year. We both used the same sample. It happens. Mine was definitely made first but it’s hard to say if he sampled it from me or from the actual record I sampled it from. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter. He freaked it way differently than I did so it’s no big deal to me. Except when I opened for them and opted out of not playing “Insomniac Olympics” cause I didn’t want his crowd to think I was jacking his shit.
As for the sample, I actually don’t remember when it’s from. It’s a fairly common dollar bin record though so it would be no surprise if Pretty Lights stumbled upon it just like I did.

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  3. I know you don’t like music questions, but as a sweeply generalising character traits nazi and a “music person”, how does a person’s taste in music affect how compatible you are to them, relationship and friendship-wise?

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