Things that are wrong with the world part 18

How fucked up are cults? Even more fucked up is when they branch out into the arts. There’s something so frightening to me about watching a family of inbred hill people perform music. Whenever I see something like this, I always imagine them practicing. It’s not like they all just magically know this routine. They have to work on it, right? This means, they all had to gather in a barn like area and go through this song 100 times until it was ready for public consumption. In order for a song to be ready for public consumption, they all must have been very familiar with the songs lyrics and theme. This leads me to believe they were totally aware of the song being sung by a little girl (This is debatable) about peeing her bed, who happens to sound like Bobcat goldthwait saying “I ain’t gonna beat my kids tonight”. They must know it, right? Well, they might not be aware of who Bobcat Goldthwait is, so perhaps an actual bobcat would be a better comparison. I realize that it’s easier to gain perspective on things for looking in from the outside , especially things like cults. Lord knows cults have never been known for their self examination. But I do find it fascinating that this whole thing even came to exist in the first place. Or maybe this just a standard I’ve never heard. It’s like the “I love you Porgy” or “Summertime” of the Kelley Family compound. Whatever the case is , Lil’ she devil Elvis is on some next shit.

I think what I’m most curious about this video is how all these people are related. Obviously, you got the robed beardy guy at the top of the family tree. After that, it’s anyone’s guess. There are like 4 teenaged girls, a 12 ish year old boy , the singing she/male kid and about 3 men who’s age probably range from 18-30. Remember , this is the Kelley FAMILY. So, I’m assuming, they are all actually related (Though , in cults, the term “family” can be used pretty loosely). My guess is that the beardy robed guy the leader and is fucking all the girls over 13. whether or not they’re his sister/wives/daughters/nieces remains to be seen. Everyone else not in that category is his daughter/son.
Whatever the case, there were some fucked up things going on in the Kelley household. I’d do some research on this but I’m both lazy and don’t really care. So, instead, I’ll just assume (this wouldn’t be sweeping generalizations without completely unfounded assumptions) all the people in this video died shortly after it’s filming from a mass suicide/orgy that took place somewhere in a cave. I mean, how else could something like this possibly end?

16 thoughts on “Things that are wrong with the world part 18

  1. I am pretty sure the lead singer is a boy. When they break into two groups the boys are all on one side and the gurls another, and the lead goes on the boys side. I also imagine this is the kind of family Sarah Palin came from.

  2. Dude, do I got a surprise for you! This isn’t some cult (at least I don’t think it is… though they look like it!), it’s the fuckin KELLY FAMILY! They sold over 20million albums and were horrible, horrible huge stars in Europe in the mid-late 90s. That freaky girl thing that’s performing the song (it might not be a girl, though. MOST LIKELY isn’t. The Kelly Family were full of surprises like that) grew up to be even freakier and they all were really scary. They were huge, though. FOR FUCKIN YEARS! Their wikipedia article informs me they were American-German and have been doing records for over 20 years, but I always knew them as a terrible German band that was hugely popular for a couple years in Europe (esp. Germany). To find out they were even bigger than that totally shocks me. Here:

    I totally forgot about this shit years ago. I blame you and you only for reminding me. I hope you can live with yourself.

  3. I never understood the need for people like that to expose their weirdness to the rest of the world. Most “groups” of people like that are separatists, isn’t that the reason for being in a group like that? Also, equally disturbing, did you hear the applause? That sounded like a whole lot of people. Wonder if they paid to get in…

  4. The Bobcat Goldwaith comment had me rolling. I wonder where that kid learned to crip walk like that.

    Dude, where do you find this shit?

  5. I’m from the city they used to live in in the 90s (on a boat, haha). Believe it or not, they were popular as fuck even among fairly normal people. That boy singing grew up to be a lot of 10 year old girl’s hero, and all of the girls in my class were in love with him and another dude from the family. Girls and women of all ages used to camp in front of the harbour and write love poems on the wall and stuff. Us boys were very, very confused why girls liked a little long haired piggy sheboy…

  6. They were huge in the late ’90 in Europe, allways thought they were imported from the US (the name sounds very american), never bothered to look into it though :)) They had that song “fell in love with an alien” that was on over and over on tv & radio..

  7. Don’t let the US Army, get a hold of this- that is some crazy psych ops torture material.. and I did it to myself. I have a girlfriend who has their CD in her car.. I didn’t know who they were. I’m breaking up tomorrow .

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