Answers for questions Vol. 20

Alrighty, still going. If you got more questions, send them to my email: or leave them in the comments. If you’ve sent something recently and don’t see your question here this week, be patient. I’m doing it all in order.
Okay, back to the questions:

If money and other practicalities were no issue, which rappers would you pick for an all star album you’d produce?

This is a turn on a pretty well covered question but I’ll go with it. If I could work with anyone , it would involve a time machine. I would go back to 90 and work with Kool G Rap. I would go back to 91 and work with Grand Puba, I would go back to 92 and work with Willie D. I’d even go back to 88 and work with LL cool J cause it would be pretty amazing to have him rip some of those verses from “walking with a panther” over my beats. It would also be cool to go back in time and record a whole album with the D.O.C. before he got in that car accident.
If time machines are out of the question, then I’d currently like to work with Jay Electronica, Earl, Daddy Brown, Shabazz Palaces , Doom and Ghostface.

Do you ever illegally download/pirate music?

I don’t know if I should admit that in a public forum. I’ll just say that I tend to like to taste things , ESPECIALLY by new artists, before buying the whole thing. I do buy albums though. Just rarely. But that has more to do with indifference and boredom towards most new music than how much I illegally download.

Boobs or ass?

Very good question. Sad to say, I don’t have a clear answer. I like them both so much. As long as one is there, I’m good. There’s nothing more disappointing that a flat chested, flat assed girl.

Halle Berry, Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie. Fuck one, marry one, and kill one. Go!

I’d Fuck Jolie.
Marry Berry
and Kill Aniston

This was actually harder than I thought cause there are so many factors. First off, they’re all actresses , which means they’re terrible people. Ideally, I’d like to fuck them all and not kill or marry them. While Berry seems like the obvious marriage choice, you gotta keep in mind that she’s constantly getting dumped by dudes so that makes me think she might actually be pretty awful in terms of relationships.

Jolie, on the other hand, is always in a long relationship but she’s also really fucking annoying with her adopting kids (no way I’d do that) and see seems like one of those moms who only feeds her kids gluten free carob, so fuck her. She’s still hot , I guess but she’s definitely reaching that point where the weirdness that made her so beautiful is about to turn on her. That said, she’s definitely the biggest freak of the three and would probably knows some crazy vagina tricks. So she get’s my “fuck” vote.

I was gonna pick Aniston as my “Merry” but I couldn’t do it. She obviously the least attractive of the three and , in real life, no one wants to marry her. To be honest, from interviews and stuff, she seems like she’s by far the coolest of the three but I gotta think there is something terribly wrong with her.

If you had to, do you think you could kill a man?

I don’t know. It depends how dire the situation. If it meant to save my life or the life of someone I loved, then I guess so. I could also see myself being such an indifferent dipshit about that I’d be like “Well, fuck it, I guess this guy is gonna kill me…oh well…I had a good run”. It all depends on why.

Would you be excited if you found out that Nardwuar the Human Serviette would want to interview you? His interviews are some of the most entertaining i have ever seen and his research game is unmatched. The gawd Nardwuar

Fuck yeah. I even tweeted about that after watching a bunch of his recent SXSW interviews. It would be an honor. Unfortunately, I don’t think I make the cut, fame-wise.

* what kind of music does your girlfriend listen to?
All types of shit. She’s got good taste for sure , even though shesometimes treads dangerously into pop music “girl” taste (she owns Danity kane albums and enjoys the work of Lady GaGa) , but that’s to be expected. When we first started dating she gave me some great music I still listen to this day. She’s definitely more of an indie music fan with leanings towards rock. She’s not a huge rap head but I prefer it that way. Dating a rap nerd girl is the worst.

* do you play any instruments? if not, what’s an instrument that you wish you knew how to play?

Nope. I can figure stuff out on the piano but, other than that, I’m completely talentless. If I could, I’d like to be able to play guitars/bass, simply cause it would benefit my music the most.

* if you had to sing karaoke, what song would you choose?

What’s this “If?” shit? I have sung karaoke. Here’s a little known fact about me: I have a passable singing voice. Meaning, I can sing well enough to do impressions and hold notes but not well enough to ever record myself for public consumption (Not counting the Party Fun Action Committee). Because of this “passable” voice, I’ve always avoided doing Karaoke cause my voice was neither good enough nor bad enough for it to be funny. However, late last year, I finally gave in and got up for my friends birthday at some chinatown dive. I sang “Wanted, dead or alive” by Bon Jovi. I killed that shit.

Are you a fan of the movie 12 Monkeys? It is one of my personal fav’s. The song “Dinner with Blockhead” and your album art both put me in that state of mind. If not,what movie most inspires you?

I haven’t seen it in years. I saw it when it was in the theater and recall thinking I liked it but was ultimately confused by it. It’s been on cable a bunch since but I’ve never felt like revisiting it. Perhaps I should. As for movies that inspire me…I don’t know. I don’t really draw inspiration from film like that. I just watch them and take them for what they are. I will say, much to the chagrin of my girl, I’ve been watching “Macgruber” every time it’s on tv lately. It’s fucking hilarious.

How do you cook your own tomato sauce ? Also, you could call your girl ‘bra’.

I don’t cook my own tomato sauce. I don’t cook shit. I order out or my girl cooks. Pretty charmed life, huh?

17 thoughts on “Answers for questions Vol. 20

  1. Burial is awesome.. his music isnt the traditional dubstep with the synthy wobbly sawy leads.. hes definitely has a sound of his own.. very minimalistic

  2. Block, your a voice of reason so maybe you could help me understand this Lil B shit. Granted, i’ve listened to maybe 15 of his songs, and I actually really like ‘I’m God’, but honestly, what the fuck? 90% of his shit sounds like Soulja Boy back tracks and people are calling him the next Kool Keith? Am I missing something? Am I imposing my personal values of what rap should be when I say that he has NO flow? Does weirdness = talent all of the sudden? I guess I’m being quick to judge here, but when basically everything I hear on YouTube by an artist is completely fucking wack, I tend to write them off… I guess I wouldn’t be as confused if people weren’t riding his dick like it was a free flight.

  3. hah block. first off I gotta say I visit phatfriend daily. WORD! Shit is my go-to 15 min of internet-entertainment for the day.
    I gotta ask, on “Jet Son” from music by cavelight, who says “Yo tone, play me some ol pimp shit”. Also, what is the sample at the end of “Carnivores Unite” whats that sample from “it’s like an image of a glassman” and WHAT THE HELL is he talkin bout man? seriously lol, this shit has erked me since I first heard this album like 5 years ago.
    You mentioned you’d work with a few people, glad you mentioned jay electro and mf doom, have you ever tried to get in contact with anyone to work with? why, why not?
    THANKS!, bro.

    • So, does this mean I can skip this question? I think so.
      Just to be sure, I’ll answer the last part. The reason I don’t reach out to dudes like Doom and Jay electronica is cause I don’t know them. It simply doesn’t work like that. Rappers reach out to producers for beats. Jay’s working with just blaze, so he’s good and Doom works with everyone else so he’s good.
      I’d love to do some shit with either of them but it’s just not gonna happen unless they make it happen. Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if both of them have never heard of me.

      • im sure doom has heard of you because hasnt he done a song with aesop before?

      • He has but he’s not exactly an “ear to the streets” kinda guy. Him and aesop got paired together a few times but it wasn’t like they sought each other out to work together.

  4. Serious question this time.

    Whats your stance on cursing? Doesn’t it feel like the older you get the less appealing it is to even curse? especially around others you don’t really know all that well? when i see someone especially a girl that just says fuck every 3 seconds it just seems trashy to me now as opposed to when I was a kid back in high school.

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