Song of the day 4/13/11

A tribute to the old school By Digital Underground
People often assume the “yes yes yall, and you don’t stop” in the song “Daylight” is from some random Beastie Boys song. while I see how one could make that mistake (After all, that phrase is in about 55% of all Beastie boys songs), the truth is it came from this song.
This joint was off of Digital undergrounds debut album “Sex packets” but, as far as I know, was only available on the Cassette version (it may have been on the vinyl but I’ve never seen it). This was always one of my favorite songs on that album and I feel like most people don’t even know it exists. That especially crazy when you consider how huge an album that was. Shock G kills this shit too. So, yeah, here it is.

5 thoughts on “Song of the day 4/13/11

  1. I don’t think the Beastie Boys originated the phrase “yes yes y’all and you don’t stop” (I think it’s something even older than their rap debut) but you must be mistaken in your statement that this is where the phrase originated since this album is from 1990. The Beastie Boys used this phrase for the first time in the beginning of the song “Posse in Effect” from Licensed to Ill, which pre-dates this album by 4 years (and the song was probably recorded in 85, so that would be 5 years). Then agains, if you meant that Aesop was inspired by this song and not the Beastie Boys song or any other usage of the phrase, than I guess you are correct since I don’t know Aesop and I wouldn’t know.

  2. And if you just mean the sample, than it’s pretty obvious that you know better since you sampled it and I’m talking out of my ass. However the origin of the phrase might be a pretty interesting topic. If I had to guess I’d say Cowboy was the one who originated it, since he fathered a shitload of commonly used old school hiphop phrases.

    • I was definitely not talking about the origin of the phrase. That would be a pretty retarded claim on my part. I was just referring to how many people have sampled the Beastie boys saying something like that. You know, cause they said it ALL THE TIME in their older songs.
      What I literally meant was “People have consistently , over the years, assumed that the vocal sample in “Daylight” was a beastie Boys sample. It is not. It’s from this Digital Underground song”
      I honestly have no clue how you got all that out of the sentence I typed but sorry if I was unclear about that.

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