Oh shit…Someone found Earl

One of the biggest mysteries of internet rap in recent time has been “Where is Earl Sweatshirt?”. After a year of speculation and guessing games, complex magazine did some great investigative work and found him.


Granted, this doesn’t give answers to when he’ll be making music again but it does shed a little light on the mystery. Props to Complex magazine for this one.

12 thoughts on “Oh shit…Someone found Earl

      • He comes off as a little bitch on Twitter most of the time. Like, yo, you’re making money, you’re not THAT great, and your sixteen year old little brother is leaps and bounds more talented than you, just shut up and except the ride. But instead he complains about getting interviewed and whines.

      • Oh, no doubt. I still like his music. I’m just not crazy about how he presents himself sometimes. I also realize he’s a really smart kid doing most of this shit on purpose so I can’t really be mad at that.

  1. Am I the only one who thinks complex should have left the shit alone? There were obviously some family issues at the root of his absence. Let that shit be private.

  2. Earl isnt that much better than Tyler.. they are both the strongest of the crew they both got tons of talent.. i cant blame him for being mad at complex when tyler has been saying for the longest time he doesn’t feel like telling where his little brother is at the moment for any number of reasons

    • I agree that they’re both talented, but on some MC shit, earl is so much better than Tyler, it’s not even funny. Not a diss to Tyler at all, more a testament to how great Earl is. Also, they’re aren’t really brothers. From what I’ve heard, they met about 2-3 years ago through myspace. Whatever though cause they’re obviously close friends regardless.

    • At the same time, if it was such a touchy subject he wouldn’t be on such a “Free Earl” campaign. And you can’t just say “Free (somebody)” without explaining where that somebody is. ALSO, like Complex pointed out, in the Tang Golf track they talk about getting Earl back from the Somalians. So, these dudes aren’t really doing much to support their point of secrecy. If Tyler was that gung ho on keeping this shit private he wouldn’tve even made such a big deal about little dude disappearing in the first place. Tyler beefing with Complex is just more exposure and publicity. Dudes an attention whore.

  3. it seems like there would be an absurd amount of pressure on earl to produce once he gets out in light of all the success tyler has had in the past year.

    i get bummed just thinking about it.

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