Public access memories: The Star and Buc wild show

J-zone recently Tweeted about this video he found of Wu-tang Circa 91 on some bronx public access show. Watching that clip bought back a lot of memories of my teenaged years where I spent a great deal of time watching NYC public access (As well as being on it). This got me looking through Youtube in search of some clips from the shows I used to watch.
There was “Wild Style” hosted by porn star Heather Hunter , where she would interview rappers , assisted by her scantily clad homegirls. Basically, she would talk a little about music with them but more just flirt with them on camera till it got uncomfortable. In some cases, she basically was trying to fuck them (Her interview with Mic Geronimo was a great example of this) , in others, they were trying to fuck her (Everlast was relentless in his pursuit, seemingly on the verge of a rape charge). Oh, and girls would strip between interviews and her showing the unedited version of Tupac’s “How do you want it” video. Needless to say the show was amazing.
Another great hip hop related show was Indie-cent Exposure. This was hosted by a Rick Rubin look a like in his mid to late 40’s named “Johnny B-high”. Like his name might lead you assume, he smoked a shit load of weed. Mostly on camera. In fact, there would be 2 minute periods of this show where you would just watch him slowly smoke a joint while listening to music. B-high was obsessed with the Boot Camp Clique. They would frequently be on his show, smoking his weed and clowning him while he would verbally suck their dicks. Sure, other rappers made appearances on the show, but his boner for all things Boot camp related was really special. Aside from that, he would show videos and often had some exclusive shit so that kept it interesting as well.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a single shred of video evidence that those shows ever actually existed on the internet. I was shocked no one had uploaded any Wild Style eps in particular…However, what I did find was a show I had totally forgotten. Star and Buc Wilds “International Player haters” show. These two would do the show live and simply take calls from people. The whole focus of the show was hating…on everything. And Star certainly is gifted in that respect. What always impressed me about the show is that , around that same time, they were on the radio and even had a short lived MTV show. Yet, they continued to do this show weekly on public access (which doesn’t pay and was a bit of a shit show) , just blatantly shitting on anyone and everyone. Gotta respect that.
So, here are a bunch of short clips of that show. Good times.

There’s more on youtube if you wanna see them.

8 thoughts on “Public access memories: The Star and Buc wild show

  1. oh shit, forgot all about indie-cent exposure! i was a public access junkie too- max on boxing, spic n spanish, demented mindz, booze entertainment, arawak shak, rappin with the rickster, and baby show of course… the best was those random shows that took themselves real serious and took live call ins where every single call was a “fuck you you fucking faggot!”–the forefathers of trolling haha

    • Those were my favorite. Do you remember the call in show “Watch us you bastards!” which was two 13 year old girls. it was brutal. As was “pathetic Tv” where two 20 year old white dudes just took heat for a half an hour.

      • oh shit, I remember both… yeah pathetic tv was brutal, I might have some tapes of stuff but I gotta really dig for that shit… dope post!

  2. I remember listening to the Hot 97 show when the shit was finely tuned. Star would be killing me by talking about his pro-white stance, insulting all races (particularly Jamaicans when they called,) and always saying “turn his mic off.”

    Shit was hilarious.

  3. I might have some of Heather’s show. Have a couple of comp. tapes from 1999-2001 over here but no VCR. Remember “Sick N Wrong”?? Dudes had a huge Gila Monster in a tank and one night decided to see how many live mice he would eat. I think he topped out at like, 25. Wasnt even swallowing them at the end, just stuffing them in his cheeks like they were acorns. Tails hanging out his mouth…

    And Church of Shooting Yourself might have been dope but I wouldnt know cuz I couldnt watch him rant for more then a minute.

    And of course the unfuckwithable Concrete TV. Always Hard.

    34, 56,57, and what was the other channel? 67?

    • Concrete Tv was amazing.
      Media shower was another great one. it was the original “video clip” show. That dude was doing what “talk soup” did in 1990.

      Dude, if you come across tapes, lemme know. I got a VCR. I can make it happen.
      As for “the church of shooting yourself” , it was a cool name but a boring show. Just some weird goth dude with a camera.

      The creepiest show ever (and it’s still on) is “knit bootie”. It’s that dude who films girls walking down sullivan St. while his creepy music plays in the background.

      You got the channels right but back when baby show was on, we were on channel 16 and 17. I forget when they changed over though.

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