Answers for questions vol. 22

This week has some good ones. PArticularly the last one , which really takes the cake , as far as inventive questions go.
As usual, send me more question at or leave them in the comments.
I’m not gonna lie, I’m running low on questions after this entry so feel free to flood my inbox.
Anyway, on with the show…

1. Who’s the most famous person you’ve met?

I’ve met my fair share of kinda famous people but I’ve never chilled hard with anyone of great fame. So , instead of answering that question, I’ll just list famous people i have played basketball with (in random pick up games). This doesn’t mean I know these people at all, but I’ve been on the same court as them, in the same game.
1)Michael Rappaport
2)Ethan Hawke
3)Peter Berg
4)Josh Saviano (“Paul” from the wonder years)
5)Ad rock
7)Joakim Noah
8)Frank Whaley (The guy who gets shot in “Pulp Fiction” after Sam Jackson gives his famous biblical speech)
9)Bobbito Garcia
10)Brandon Sexton III
11)Adrian Grenier

2. What’s the most nastiest/disgusting/freakiest shit you’ve ever done with a girl?

I’m not a particularly gross guy when it comes to sex. I’m pretty straight forward and have never really gotten into anything too kinky. So, the most disgusting thing I can think of would be the time I let out a huge fart right when I was coming. Nothing takes away the heat of that moment like worrying you might crap your pants.

3. What is your take on paying for the dinner bill and whether the girl should pay, if ever?

I believe in equal rights. So, hell yeah and girl should play sometimes. We don’t live in the 1950’s anymore and most girls I know have better jobs and more money than the dudes I know. I know it’s engrained in us for the male to take the woman out (and there’s nothing wrong with a dude paying for meals) but for it to be assumed is kind of annoying. That’s basically like the girl saying “You should be so happy to be in my company, that you pay for everything”. So, I don’t think there should be an unspoken rule about it. On a side note, I think dudes who buy girls (they don’t know) drinks at bars are suckers.
With that said, buying a girl a meal is a nice thing to do and it does reflect nicely on you. If you can afford it, then you should do it. But broke dudes shouldn’t be strong armed into spending their last 50 dollars on a lobster some entitled bitch isn’t even gonna eat.
When it comes down to it, I think going dutch should be the norm.

Whats your stance on cursing? Doesn’t it feel like the older you get the less appealing it is to even curse? especially around others you don’t really know all that well? when i see someone especially a girl that just says fuck every 3 seconds it just seems trashy to me now as opposed to when I was a kid back in high school.

I love cursing. It’s great. I certainly have hit no such wall where it’s lost it’s power. Granted, if I’m around strangers (particularly older people) I’m not gonna be saying “motherfucker” and “cock” too much. But , if I’m amongst peers, I’ll say it whenever I feel like it. Curses are great filler words. They’re also great for getting a point across. They’re also often funny (in the right context). I would never deprive myself of such joy.

Hey Uncle Tony

I see you mentioned Odd Future but I’d really like to hear more about what you think of them as a whole and specifically Tyler the Creator. Are they overrated? The shit? Shit-shit? or the next big thing?

Well, I’ve covered them pretty extensively on this blog so I’m obviously a fan.
Here’s how I see it.
Earl is the best. Great rapper. Perhaps the most talented 16 year old I’ve ever heard.
Tyler is a good rapper and good producer. He’s really good at making songs and obviously has a vision for what he’s doing. He’s the brain behind all this shit so you gotta give him credit for that. Granted, his online persona is pretty fucking annoying but I get the feeling he’s just a dude that always fucking around and he’s also well aware of everything he’s doing.
After that, there’s a bunch of OK underground rappers that no one would really care about if Earl and Tyler didn’t exist. Not that they’re bad , they just don’t set themselves apart like the other two.
Domo Genesis has potential though and I’m curious to hear what his new shit sounds like.
Hodgy beats reminds me of one of the background guy in OGC (Originoo gun Clappaz). I think he’ll mature into a decent mc but he’s definitely not a natural.
As far as them being over rated, that’s based entirely on how big they’ve gotten. They’ve done nothing ,musically , that would hint to them falling off. They just have way more fans now so some of the original fans are being bitches about it. It happens. EIther that or they’re being written off by short sighted critics who can’t get past them using the word “Faggot” and talking about “Rape” , as if they’re the first rappers to ever do that and it’s all they ever do. Where those critics are concerned, it’s obvious this music isn’t for them in the first place so I don’t even understand why they’re covering it. Stick to reviewing “Adele” albums and leave the rap talk to rap fans.

Have you ever been arrested? Do you think being arrested once is a rite of passage to become a man?

Nope. I’ve gotten tickets for public drinking and pissing in public but I’ve never been arrested.
I definitely don’t think being arrested is a rite of passage. Perhaps for a stupid motherfucker it is, but I don’t buy into that shit. I’ve had common sense and I’ve know the difference between right and wrong since I was a kid. It’s not rocket science. Sure, people get arrested for all sorts of dumb shit. I’ve had friends spend the night in jail for putting up a sticker on a mailbox. But outside of those bullshit infractions , getting arrested just means you fucked up.
I especially like when dudes are only going to get a ticket but end up mouthing off to the cops and turn the whole thing into a fiasco. Well played, shit head.

Here is a question for your next batch of questions.

Suppose a University offers you 100,000$ to do take part in a research experiment. They clone you, then speed up the aging process until he is your age. It is required that you live together for a period of time, and you find that you get along really well together, and he becomes one of your closest friends.

However, he has been given genetic enhancements that make him slightly stronger, more intelligent, better looking, and better endowed. You notice little subtle clues that your girlfriend has taken a liking to him, despite herself. After lets say 6 months or so, you come home from wherever it is that you usually come home from to find your clone in bed with her, in the height of passionate sex.

They see you and both break down with apologies, imploring your forgiveness.

What do you do? Go apeshit? Say fuck the both of you and take off? Suppose there is still a week left of the experiment and if you want the money you have to ride it out.

This is a general scenario, i’m not saying your gf would do such a thing, but speaking in generalities or whathaveyou.

First off, of course I’d like that dude but I’d get tired of him finishing my jokes (better than I could cause he’s a little smarter than I am).
As for the situation, that’s pretty rough. I mean, can I really blame my girl for fucking the me 2.0? Seeing there was a week left, I’d probably deal with it. I’m sure this would end up spiraling out of control and my girl and I would break up but I’d give it a chance due to the unusual nature of what happened. I’d definitely institute a “get out of jail free” clause for myself though which would also not help the impending spiral.
Also, after the time is up, is me 2.0 destroyed or just set free to roam the earth? That would be fucked up. I might have to kill him or something. Then again , he’s me 2.0. He could definitely take me in a fight and , because he’s smarter than me, he’d probably seeing it coming.
So, the answer is I’d probably just end up getting killed by me 2.0 in self defense against myself.

16 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 22

  1. Just a few of my Favorite words, I just wanted you to know..


    given it’s a Carlin thing, I swear my fucking tits off, so sign them (;

  2. So in one of your answers on the arrest question that reminded me a of aesop rock lyric from Easy off of Bazooka Tooth “I went to jail over night for putting a sticker on a phone booth” In your answer you said mailbox but I just figured maybe this was what you referring to…..

  3. alright this is for the next batch


    should one tip forrrrr

    cable guy or any in home service of the type:
    picking up takeout:
    bartenders when all you get is one beer.. and its bottled so they dont even pour it:
    room service:
    furniture delivery:

    • Im a bartender. Throw a fucking dollar down. Depending on the state bartenders make shit per hour. After taxes i make 3.25 an hour, and that shit doesnt pay the bills! Just watch any bar, people who come across get served first. Want your next bud light quicker? Tip!

    • Yeah. He went to high school with some kids who played at the park I always did. He showed up one day when he was like 16 and we played in a 3 on 3 game. He was barely trying and seemed like a dickhead. I only remember who he was cause he was so fucking tall.
      He also kinda sucked (which could have had something to do with his indifference towards the game). When I saw him on tv playing college ball, I was shocked but he’s turned into a great player. good for him.

  4. Really interested in some of your opinions on the people you balled with. Who was noteworthy in either their niceness or wackness? I feel like Adrian Grenier could be secretly nice at ball.

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