Story Rhymes

It’s been a while since I posted a mix up here. I was perusing through my files and found an old one I made of Story Rhymes. Now, I kinda feel like I’ve posted this before. If not here than maybe on the TROY blog when they first started. Regardless, that was a long tome ago and these songs are all still good, so fuck it. These songs range from playful, to funny , to straight up depressing. Just how you like it.
Here’s a compilation of some of my all-time favorite under appreciated story rhymes.
1)Dirty cop named Harry: Hard Knocks
2)Everything’s cool: Rakim
3)24 Deep: Threat
4)Autobiographical: Black Sheep
5)Fat cats, bigga fish: The Coup
6)Approachin’ a threat: KMC
7)I’mma kill u: Juggaknots
8)Sat. nite-Sun. morn: Money boss Players
9)Once upon a time: King Sun
10)Story of my life: Jemini the gifted one
11)Train RobberyL Kool G Rap. & DJ Polo
12)Nobody move: Eazy-E
13)Girl at the mall: Grand Daddy IU
14)Once upon a time in the projects: Ice Cube

5 thoughts on “Story Rhymes

  1. YES! Just want to give props for including that Coup track, one of the best story raps. They also kill it with Me And Jesus The Pimp in a ’79 Granada Last Night. Sick mix, digging it.

  2. So I dropped an independent project where I used a whole album that tells a story but it was heavy on concept. I was pretty proud of it but the production was all by myself so it was not really dope. It was one of those projects where the idea was dope but the execution was horrible because my skill set production wise was mad limited. But I am still super proud of it. It has a twist and everything in it. Its all up on youtube and on my website to hear for free.

    My favorite story rhyme of all time was Common’s STOLEN MOMENTS because it was over 3 different tracks with 3 different feels and told a dope story with a surprise ending.

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