Answers for questions vol. 33

Oh, hey! We killed Osama! I’d write a whole thing on it but I feel like it’s been covered enough and I really have nothing to add. Instead, more answers for questions.
As usual, send me more questions to my email: or leave them here in the comments.

Would you get tipsy/drunk with me or even sober and do Dance
Central and/or The Michael Jackson The Experience xbox Kinect
360 with me?
would you dance shit out with me and fuck around w/those
console games dancing???

This question was much longer so I whittled it down to these two parts.
The answer is a resounding No. Nothing personal but those dancing video games make me hate my freedom as an american. Seeing that the only time I dance in real life is when I’m a step beyond drunk, I can’t see myself doing it for a video game. Even if I was drunk. It would be like fucking a blow up doll. By that, I mean unnatural.

It’s pretty clear that you’re a huge basketball fan/player, who is your favorite team, or teams? What are you’re predictions/ideas on the playoffs? Who are you’re top 5 of all time? How do you play (long shooter, mid-range jumper, driver)? Where is your favorite place to shoot from on the court? lol. Any favorite basketball moments? Maybe from your own play, or what you’ve seen in the NBA?

Damn son. this is like 40 questions in one. Lemme go down the list:
1)I root for the knicks but during the season I’m way more obsessed with whoever is on my fantasy team.
2)I think the lakers are gonna be annoying and win again and it infuriates me. I think Miami is gonna take the east. In both cases, they’re the teams I’d like to see win the least.
3) Dominique Wilkins, Barkley, Lamar Odom, Latrell Sprewell, Chris “The Birdman” anderson
4)My game has changed a lot since I was younger. I used to be a rebounding/in the paint kinda guy. THen I got really hurt and lost my hops so now I’m more of a 2/3. I’m a terrible man on man defender but I’ll block a ton of shots. My jumper is hot and cold. I have a pretty well balanced game but I’m not particularly great at anything. I have my good and bad days.
5)I like to shoot for the left side of the court. Big fan of the 15-20 foot bank shot.
6)From my own play, I’ve hit a few game winners in league play that were awesome. From real players, Starks dunk on the bulls was up there. L. Johnsons 4 point play. Those will always stick with me.

What do you think about Kanye West? hah (this will be interesting).
I think Kanye is very talented and, at times , underrated as a rapper. However, he’s one of the most
self indulgent artists ever and thinks way too much of himself. That last album is a perfect example. There are some really great songs on there but he felt like he had to add really uninteresting musical breakdowns within so many songs when they were just completely unnecessary. Like, do we really need a two minute break down of wack synths between two rick ross verses? Never.  Also, he needs to not sing anymore. I realize he’s trying to expand his brand and all but it’s a bad look. At his most basic, making beats and rapping, I’m a fan. All that other shit he does is corny as fuck to me though.

Favorite actor/tress?
Eh, Who cares? Fuck actors.

When you drop kids off at the pool, do you stand to wipe, or do the ol’ lift the butt cheek maneuver?
VERY GOOD QUESTION….in fact. this has been something thats come up a few times in my real life.
I’ve always wiped like a normal human. Lift the right butt cheek and get in there from behind, wiping front to back. Recently I learned that people often stand to wipe (WHAT?!?!?) or they go in from the front, between the legs and wipe back to front. In honor of this, I’mma do a poll. please answer cause I wanna know what the fuck is wrong with some of you people.

What headphones do you use to make “phat beatz”? Also, do you mix/master your own stuff or do you have someone do it? Any mixing/mastering tips?
I use whatever headphones I have around when just making the initial beats. I’m not too picky and honestly, I prefer no headphones at all. As for mixing, I definitely don’t use headphones. Just monitors. My only mixing tip would be to not harp on pointless details forever. Mix the song as a whole, not as a million tiny little parts. If something is too loud, turn it down. It’s very simple and I don’t see why people lose their minds over it all the time.

Thoughts on aliens (though I’m sure you’ve gone over this)?
I think i have covered this…but, I do believe there is more in this universe than just us. I dunno if I buy them landing on our farms and buttfucking rednecks but there’s something else out there.

What’s your favorite fitted cap/sports/hat you own?

I don’t have it anymore but my original Oriole’s throwback with the cartoon bird will always be the #1 hat to me.

why is it that it’s basically impossible for men and women to be just friends? I feel like this topic has been exhausted without producing a clear answer. What can I do to make guys not like me, but instead only want to be my friend? I’m tired of losing friendships when they catch feelings. (I don’t mean that to sound cunty, sorry.)

This is a sad reality for lots of women. I have a decent amount of female friends but these relationships took years and circumstances to become real. For it too work it either takes mutual non-attraction or the person has to be off limits. Like they dated a good friend for a while or you knew them when they were 8. Even with that last part, you never know. The reason is because , in most cases , someone will always want more. Look at it this way, if you’re friends with a guy who you think is hot, why not want to have sex with him/date him? I mean, you already know you get a long and you probably trust him. For dudes, we want to fuck most everything so if the girl is attractive, we tend to just kinda wait it out. If it never happens, fine, but if that doorway is opened, best believe we’re jumping in. This also leads to guys being “friends” with girls they genuinely don’t give a fuck about simply with hopes of one day hitting it. So, if they do finally hit it, it’s all good. If they learn, definitively, that it will never happen, they will often just stop talking to that girl.

There is an exception though where two people , who respect that the other is attractive, genuinely don’t want to have sex with each other. Perhaps they know each other too well to even consider such a thing or they just know it’s a bad idea in general. If you can find that, run with it. But those relationships are rare and tend to be born over long periods of time. Realize that any dude you’re meeting now is NOT your friend. He just wants to fuck you. That can change but when girls talk about making new male friends, my eyes can’t roll back far enough cause I know what that dude is thinking.

Besides your computer/music and all that lame stuff, what is your most prized possession? lol
Hmm…my cell phone? Not that my phone is nice, but I’d be fucked without it. I know maybe three phone numbers by heart and one of them is my mom’s house.

What’d you study at Boston for the short period you were there/ with the same tangent, what did you “want to be when you grow up” when you were a kid? I’m guessing being a special needs teacher/helper wasn’t it? lol

I didn’t study shit at college. I was there in general studies (which is basically continued high school for fuck ups) and I left after a year. I didn’t have a chance to even begin to pick what I might be doing with my life. When I was a kid, I forget what I wanted to be, Probably a baseball player. I was obsessed with baseball.


should one tip forrrrr

cable guy or any in home service of the type:
picking up takeout:
bartenders when all you get is one beer.. and its bottled so they dont even pour it:
room service:
furniture delivery:

Only cheap pieces of shit don’t tip. Let’s do the run down:
Cabs: obviously you tip. However, if it’s a local ride that costs less than 20 bucks, the dude is getting a buck and change. If it’s to the airport, I might kick him over 5 bucks. When tipping cabbies, you definitely don’t apply any sort of % rule.

Cable guy: Nah. That’s his job and he gets paid for it. I don’t think it’s wrong to tip those guys but I also don’t think it should expected.

Picking up takeout: Never. That’s why you do it. Any other food service demands a tip but take out? You’re doing all the work so no tips.

Bartenders: Always. I give a buck for nay drink I’m given. If the drink is free, I give like 3 bucks. It blows my mind that someone wouldn’t tip a bartender in this day and age.

Room service: Yup. I treat it like I would a food delivery to my crib. I give them 2-3 bucks.

Furniture delivery: Hmm…Can’t say I’ve had much of this done but I feel like it’s a tip worthy job. Especially if they’re carrying tons of awkwardly heavy shit. So, I dunno…like 5 bucks?

Could you also answer why you think dating female rap-nerds is the worst? (just curious).

So many reasons. For one, at my age, the last thing I wanna do is sit around with my girl talking about hip hop. I’m over that. It’s fun to do when you’re nerding out with old friends but , if I’m having sex with you, I don’t really want to know the detailed reasons why you think Lord Jamar was underrated. Also, female rap nerds tend to be corny. Like , “in the front row of a show , holding their head while doing that one arm fist pump” kinda corny. I want no part of that. I’d rather my girl appreciate good music of all sorts but not be obsessed with one. Especially rap. 

15 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 33

    • I’m surprised to see so many people taking part in this poll.

      Judging by what I’ve seen in public bathrooms, I think one of the “other” methods is to wipe that shit on the toilet seat. And sometimes the walls.

  1. few months ago my friend,while watching some movie, had an eureka experience- you can sit while you wipe! i cried from laughter… he thinks that when he was a kid his mom would pull him up to wipe and when he started doing it alone he just keep doing the same thing without thinking— now he is a newborn and loves the new style (i’m still laughing)… to those who wipe back to front-where is your logic or at least fear of disease, especially women … i just don’t get it..uggg
    it’s funny that when you travel with your friends the moment you leave town shit rises on the list of themes so i heard tons of strange stuff ; some can’t do it unless they naked, some have to take a shower after (i guess that is *other* option – muslims always wash)..

  2. Other:

    I swallow small amounts of toilet paper throughout the day, so that shitting and wiping become the same thing.

  3. Ok, so..what you’re saying is that even if I make you an AMF you’d still not dance some crazy shit? lol
    I’m about to make some AMF’s right now, care to join?
    (adios mother fucker – Tequila rum vodka gin blue curacao each of which is 1/2 an ounce…. 2 ounces of sweet and sour and 2 ounces of 7up <–that makes me do some crazy fucking shit, let me tell you..)
    My plan is to have this shit on lock down

  4. GOOD WORK BLOCK! Also, ahem, what about babywipes? I remember watching an episode of MTV CRIBS (son!) back in the day, and Trick Daddy’s crib (of all people) was one they were touring, he was like “AYO mane! You GOTS TA HAVE DIS BABYWIPEZZZZ SHUN! You can’t be all wa’kin aroun’ wi’ dat’ shit’s in yo anus’ NAW MEANN?!?!” I still remember that today, and actually earlier today was thinking, man maybe that’s the way to go? Can you flush them shit’s with your shit’s? lol. WORD! Good look on all the answers I will conjure more I’m sure (like magic.. harry potter) (that was a drake punch line by the way.. ur fave SHUN!) lol.

    • I think baby wipes are fine. But how one wipes isn’t really effected by what kind of paper they use.
      My only beef with baby wipes is that , because they’re wet, you never know when you’re done wiping.

      • I see this idea has been thoroughly thought about hah. I agree, though, I imagine its much more hygienic, and yes I stand.. dunno why, lol, saw one of my boys back in the day do the regular wiping technique and thought his was weird, he was like what do u mean theres another way to do it?! lol. classic.

  5. I was a mover and yes tipping was nice. Me and my friend got 50$ each once. I’d say 20 was decent, and about standard, for those who knew to tip anyways. I’d say we got a tip maybe 30% of the time more or less. I think it should be standardized, that is a rough ass job sometimes, hard on the back, awkward as fuck sometimes getting certain furniture around weird corners of hallways etc. etc. definitely tip worthy.

    Once we were moving a real rich dude and he mentions something about not needing this leather couch anymore, and my friend was wisely, all; “gee whiz, what are you going to do with it?” and of course he told him he could have it. Thing was worth few thousand dollars and there was really nothing wrong with it at all. Stupid thing was, he didn’t tip us $ at the end, so i got nothing that day, wtf, lol, oh well.

    • depends how big the move is, how long it takes also. All day job, bigger tip. I think 30% was a high estimate too, maybe like 1 in 5 moves we got a tip. Everyone should tip. Spread the word! Movers should be tipped!

      • unless they’re banging your furniture all over the place knocking your coffee table into every second wall then yeah, no tip deserved

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