The Robin Byrd Era

As you might know, I’m in the midst of working on a new album. One of the most fun/annoying parts of making a new album is dealing with titles. Sure, it’s fun to name songs after inside jokes or whatever arbitrary thing I can think of (especially the kind I make which usually contain no vocals and are ripe for interpretation). However, naming an album title is stressful. First off, it sticks with you. If the title sucks, you will not forget it. Secondly, it has to somehow capture the point you’re trying to get across with said album.

Yesterday I tweeted
“I kinda wanna call my new album “The Robin Byrd era”. Eh…To much of an Inside joke but it would be fun for those who got it.”

While I was kinda joking, the more I thought about it, it did capture something I’ve been trying to put my finger on since beginning this album. Allow me to explain…

Some of you may know her name from a random old SNL skit

It’s actually pretty spot on…

For those who don’t know , Robin Byrd is a former porn star turned Tv host. Her show was not a typical TV show though. It was on Leased access in NYC (Leased access is like public access but it’s got ad’s). Her show consisted of a seemingly drugged out old whore (Robin Byrd) introducing strippers (both male, female and transexual) who would then do 5 minutes routines to whatever freestyle music they could find that day. At the end of the show , she would lip sync to a song called “Bang your box” while taking the penises of the male guests and poking herself in the eye with them or mashing her face into the boobs and crotch of the female guests. Now, as a young boy going through puberty in the late 80’s/early 90’s , masturbation was a top priority. However, this was before the internet. Sure, I had some playboys but they got stale quickly and I was still too young to be able to get a steady influx of porn VHS tapes. Because of this, like everyone else I knew with cable, I turned to Channel J. This was the leased access station that, after 10:30 at night, would become all night soft core porn and escort ads (To this day, it still is but it’s now found on channel 35 on time warner cable). For my hyper horny , pubescent being, this was heaven. Robin Byrd was a show that was on all the time. Thus, it got watched a lot. The problem with her show was planning your jerk off around when the girl strippers would come on. On more than one occasion I would be ready to go as they began with a close up of hairless skin, only to be revolted as they pulled the camera back to reveal some Chippendale’s dancing corn ball with bon jovi hair in a thong. I don’t even wanna get into the surprise chicks with dicks they’d have on every now and then but I’m sure I’m not alone in that experience.

So, you might be wondering “how the fuck do your weird 13 year old masturbation habits relate to you naming an album after some old porn stars horrible tv show?”

Well, hear me out. Thinking back to those days bring about a lot of memories. Not just of shameful nuts busted but of a simpler time in both my life and in New York City. There’s a certain innocence to that perversity that I just don’t think can happen anymore in today’s day and age. Sure, you might look at the above mentioned topic as fucked up considering I was barely 13 and already exposed to chicks with dicks, but really, it was controlled. That era in time was right before New York got disney-ed and the internet became a thing. It was a time when , even though we were privy to some disgusting shit, we could still be kids. Albeit perverse kids, but kids nonetheless. So, my thoughts on this album are really just harkening back to a time when things were in a less grey area. You know, the Robin Byrd era. We knew what we were getting into. Some of it was wildly inappropriate but it helped make us who we are now. It may sound corny but remember, I’m talking about the masturbation habits of a child. How corny can that really be? Creepy? Sure, but not corny.

The Robin Byrd era speaks about much more than just what was on TV. It was the 80’s and 90’s. The same time I fell in love with hip hop. The same time I started playing basketball. When I started trying to figure out girls. These were the formative years of my life and it’s funny that they can all be traced back to a worn down , whored out , possible drug addict who stuck dicks in her eyes on a nightly basis.

I haven’t decided if I’ll name the album that or not. I mean, there’s about .03 % of my fan base that will get it. After all, they’re mostly younger than me and didn’t grow up in NYC. But part of me thinks that’s what’s kinda cool about it.Google exists for a reason. And , even with google’s help, it still wont fully shed light on the meaning behind the title. I dunno…we’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll eventually do a poll on this blog and let you guys take you pick of what name I should go with. Whatever the case, i know for sure “The Robin Byrd era” will, at least, be a song title on the album.

27 thoughts on “The Robin Byrd Era

  1. Media today needs to be as engaging as possible. Sampling to me is an art that is based on layers and layers of sounds not specifically intended to go together and thats what I love about it. I usually try to find the original source when I hear a sample I like, I find sampling to be very immersive. There is no reason why your title shouldn’t be viewed in the same way. I know I would definitely try to find out what or who Robin Byrd is if I hadn’t already read your post here. Anyway, I like it and I can’t wait to hear the new stuff…

  2. Sounds like a great name for an album. i grew up with 2 older brothers and get what your sayin, not completely but..cant wait to see the finished product !

  3. I’m gonna be the first one to say I don’t think it’s a great title……Inside jokes that are paraded around that have no context for anyone else, are inherently lame. Sorry I’m not a hater but comparatively speaking, ‘Insomniac Olympics’ as an album title blows ‘The Robin Byrd Era’ out of the proverbial water.
    Either way, can’t wait to hear it.

    • Well, “Insomniac olympics” wasn’t an album title.
      that said, I don’t expect everyone to be for it. Thus my indecision. Though, I’d think reading this would shed some light on the thinking behind the title.

      • I screwed that up, I guess I just mean your more notable song/album titles, they have an ethereal quality to them that I totally respect and dig…..I’m just trying to steer you away from the opposite 🙂

      • Haha…i get it. But I do tend to give songs weird/silly names. I mean, “Put down your dream journal and dance” and “who drank my arnold palmer” are hardly ethereal.

      • lololol very true….you know better than I do……it’s not like you’re on the verge of not producing solid shit on a consistent basis. 😉

  4. Good album title. LA used to have a few wack jobs like this, but I forget all their names. I just remember the 80s breasts at 2:00 a.m. on public access. Godsend that they were in that pre-Internet era.

    • Did L.A. have a thriving Public access? I’ve never heard anything about it but it would make sense for it to considering all the actors out there.

  5. As you could guess, I’m part of the .03 % that gets this joke (ask Jer, yo) and thinks it’s awesome. But my concern would be getting sued by Robin Byrd. I mean, in some ways getting sued by Robin Byrd sounds totally awesome and hilarious and it would be great publicity, but in reality it could be a big pain in the ass and expensive.

      • She could sue but I doubt she’d win. I think she would have to make some sort of defamity case saying that using her name had a direct negative effect on her reputation and good luck proving that shit. Then again, I’m no lawyer.

  6. Cool title, makes more sense if the album is a throwback to that time. Also, I just realized Cheri Oteri looks and behaves just like Martin Short, and because I haven’t seen her in a decade, I will just assume she was a character he was playing.

    • Well, I dunno if the album is a “Throwback” to that era as much as it would be an homage. I mean, I’m not trying to make an album that sounds like it was made in 89.

  7. Hah that’s pretty hilarious.. My friend cade and I have always named songs-in-the-making ridiculous titles ‘block-style’ as we say. In homage to you, good sir, cheers! Let the carnivores unite! The only reason I would be personally weary of it is that I’m one of the only people I know that knows about you (as you’ve said before, that a lot of people look at your music as some sort of treasure that only they know about) that said, whenever I discuss your album and be like “yo man get this album its called “the robin byrd era” they’d be like uh what? and then explain and such.. But regardless of that, do your thing man, who the fuck cares about a title anyway it’s the music that counts.

    With that in mind, I’m going to take my maelstrom, do a sunday seance, until I find a better place, eating some steak with my bredren uniting us carnivores, til I drive away, having a roadrage breakdown, to cut loose I’ll take shrooms and have a tych type of trip, not once, twice, but three times, (crazy day), them I’m finna jet, son, find the cavelight in my bedroom, breathe and start to meditate, try to sleep and realize I should be nominated for the insomniac olympics. WORD! (sorry for all the words i doubt you’ll read all of this, but yeah)

  8. I’m all for it, but do you feel like explaining everything that you wrote to everyone who interviews you ever? And to thousands of drunk people in the clubs you perform in? Just sayin is all

    • Well, as far as the interviews go, I’m gonna have to explain the title no matter what. SO i might as well have a good story to tell behind it. Same goes for the drunks at shows but , in reality, they rarely ask those kinda question cause people who aren’t music journalists tend to not give a fuck about that kind of minutia.

  9. Totally watched her show when I was a teen on vacation in NYC. And she would always stick dicks in her eyes and ears, so odd.

    To the other persons point, didn’t Outkast get sued by Rosa Parks? That being said would Robin even have the resources to sue? And it would be a frame-able letter from a lawyer.

  10. Watched a short segment of The Robin Byrd show late last night at 4:30am and couldn’t believe Time Warner Cable of NY still airs her show. Anyway what offended me the most about that garbage is the commercials they give on that show “chicks with dicks” as mentioned in the blog and and aand t post and worst of all seeing two faggots fucking each other in some gay ass shit. It’s all garbage and should’ve been taken out of cable tv a long time ago. Anyway folks if you no longer want this garbage to air on tv

  11. continued….call Time Warner and tell them to block all programing on channel 35 from 12:00am to 6:00am.

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