Answers for questions vol. 36

Here’s yet another batch….as always, send new questions , personal advice inquiries and whatever you can think of to phatfriendblog@gmail Or leave them here in the comments. I answer on a first come, first served basis so if you don’t see your question here this week, it’ll probably show up next week. Let’s gooooo…

Do you find that stupid “over-the-top indie rap kids” who ask waaayy to many questions and view the underground as the “only real form of art” are still around, or have they tapered off since you/aesop/def jux/rhymesayers blew up over a decade ago? I guess my question is – are there new, young, kids-with-something-to-latch-onto who have just discovered your guys’ shit and are as corny as the super-obsessed people who got into it in 2002? Or, have fans all aged and just chilled-out over time?

Well, I mean, this blog existing is a pretty good indicator or that. The over the top fan will never die…they just get over it eventually.
The hyper fandom that was going on in Def jux’s hay day has definitely waned. But, the bright side of that is that the people who are left are actual fans. Not just dick riders intrigued by the “new big thing”. It’s similar to what’s going on with Odd Future right now. In a year or two, something new will come along and a large group of their fans will move on. The ones who genuinely loved their shit, will stick around. As for new Vs. old fans, same shit to me. I’ve noticed a slight resurgence in my fan base lately that I think has to do with more touring and a different type of person catching on to the music. Like, I kinda assumed my time for getting 18-21 year olds to like my music had passed but I guess I was wrong about that. Because I’ve been touring with slightly more electronic based acts, a whole new scene has heard about my music and accepted it. It’s pretty cool (and kind of surprising). I’m certainly not complaining (even if it does lead to there being drugged out hula hoopers that look like rainbow brite on dust at some of my shows).

I know we’ve discussed your preference for porn, but is your ladyfriend down with porn (as far as the fun, silliness of it all)? I know it’s TOTALLY different with women, but I’ve had delightful viewings with my wife where we pretty much just crack jokes the entire time. It’s awesome.

She definitely tolerates it. She’s not a fan of watching it herself…at all…but it’s not like she’s mad that I use it to jerk off to. I actually think she’s somewhat relieved that the porn I watch is pretty tame and not at all creepy or deranged.

What’d you think of Bynum’s totally pussy move? That was some next-level “I don’t give a fuck and I have no brain… but mainly I have no brain” shit.

It was so fucked up. That whole team really showed their true colors. I’ve always dissed the Lakers cause, well, they’ve been an NBA superpower for so long and they’re from L.A. (and they have Kobe). But that dissing has never been based on anything concrete. I’m glad Bynum did that cause now I can just reference what a fucking baby he and his entire team was when they got dismantled by the Mavs.

I know you’re on that “NY has awesome food from every type of culture” steeze, but is there some type of food that you just refuse to eat? I’m not talking some “cow-brain drizzled in chimp cum” kinda shit… just some fairly common type of shit that you just don’t gel with.

Oh yeah. There’s mad shit I don’t eat. Certainly cow brain and chimp cum would not make my menu (though the protein in that dish would be outstanding). As far as entire cuisines of food, I dunno if there is one I avoid but there are ingredients I don’t fuck with. Beets, liver (including pate) , fruit that has been heated up, raisins on meat, really spicy shit, extremely fishy fish, asian food with nuts in it, and I’m not a huge fan of the mixture of sweet/salty. I like BBQ and salted caramel but , in most cases, I think that kinda thing sucks.

So I asked you this on Twitter but I was real vague I think, and you said you hate Arlene’s but I’ll take another crack at this anyway. I like to go to Arlene’s Grocery because you pay ten bones and hear mostly shit, but whatever because each band only has an hour set anyway. And maybe one of the bands is good, maybe two on a pretty stand out night and that’s good too.

Is there anywhere in New York I can go that has the same thing but with rap music? Where I can hear an MC or a group of them go on every hour and end up hearing four or five in a night? I get now that rappers trying to get out there will be on Myspace and Youtube and shit promoting themselves, but there has to be one place anywhere in New York where I can hear some JV rap shit, no?

FIrst off, I commend your desire to seek out new and unheard music. I thought that kinda mind set died years ago. So, good job on that. Sad to say, but I’m extremely far removed from any sort of live hip hop night in NYC. Even when I was going out a lot , I’ve always avoided those nights. I simply don’t love live music , so it’s just me. That said, There is a night called “End of the weak” , that’s been going on for like 10 years or something. It takes place on sunday’s and , from what I’ve heard, it’s a good place to peep new acts. So, look into that one.

How do you avoid not getting completely sick of a song/album when you can’t help listening to it all the time because it’s awesome? Thoughts please.

I don’t think anyone can avoid that. If you’re the type of person who runs music they like into the ground (I have that tendency as well), then it’s just gonna happen. All I ask is that, after you’ve done that, have the presence of mind to not turn your back on that music cause it’s played out. That’s just being a shitty fan of music.

After seeing that salma hayek pic in your post which btw is some of the best tits in the game, do you consider yourself an ass or tits man? flat ass and perfect tits? no tits at all and perfect ass? which matters most?

I could go either way. As long as one of the two are there, I’m happy.
On a side note, the grossest body a girl can have is a big, boxy body with no boobs and a square, flat ass. That shit is unfortunate.

what is the best way for an independent artist to gain a respectable fan base. Press kit? Self releasing an album? Give away free shit? How was it done back in the 90s? How is it done nowadays? Any advice?

Nowadays, it would appear all bets are off. Certainly, the internet is your friend. I feel like people who have made it (as new artists) without the help of labels are the ones who are taking things into their own hands. Odd Future, Pretty Lights, Bass Nectar (and even bullshit ass Mac Miller) are all artists who were cool with just giving music away , doing tons of shows and letting the fan base find them. So, yes, giving away music is a must. But also, making interesting music is still of the upmost importance. You just gotta hope it catches on somewhere and the word spreads.
As for back in the day, we used to make demo’s that we’d have hopes of giving to record label executives but the reality of it is, that didn’t work that well either. People would do “showcases” where a bunch of artists would perform for people in the industry. I’m sure people got signed off those but everyone I ever went to was depressing and made me never wanna do live music again.
It’s funny cause I got my whole start in this by selling shit on the internet. Before Mp3’s existed. I was slangin’ aesop cd’s online.

am I missing out on anything by holding out on Twitter?
Hmm…tough question. I mean, as a follower of people, you read tons of funny shit. It certainly gives you insights to people you might otherwise not have. Some people I’ve never liked are actually pretty funny while others I have always respected are complete morons (word of advice, don’t follow most rappers. They’re the worst at twitter).
As a tweeter, that’s a different question. If you’re just joining and thinking “now the world can hear my very thought!” , be warned that no one cares. Most new twitter joiners don’t realize that if no one is following you, no one is reading your tweets. This results in what is basically a person yelling into a mirror.
But yeah, twitter is fun. I don’t think I would have ever joined if i wasn’t planning on using it for promotional use (even though like 95% of my tweets are about my bowel movements and pop culture jokes).
It’s a good time killer. It’s good for hearing breaking news. It’s good for hearing completely false rumors. So, if those kinda things interest you, go for it.

7 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 36

  1. Hey, I remember reading about how you’re a pretty big Stevie Wonder fan. Having been raised in a pretty white bread, 80’s rock household (Springsteen, Seger, Foreigner, etc.), I don’t really know anything by Stevie except what might have snuck its way onto my local rock station or been in a commercial or movie. My question is, what album would you recommend as a starting point for someone who wants to explore his music? I don’t really dig Greatest Hits collections, I like to listen to albums. Especially with an artist like Stevie, I feel like that’s the way they meant for the music to be consumed. So, your personal fave of his, or one you think would be good for someone with an interest in new-old music to start at? Thanks.

  2. heres a random one:

    if a commercial or tv show wanted to use an Aesop rock track that you produced like lets say Daylight, would you and aes both get a cut of the royalties? Who decides how much to charge the tv show, the lable that released it?

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