Answers for questions vol. 38

So, I dunno what got in the water but LOTS of Aesop related questions this week. Nothing wrong with that but let’s keep this fresh. Send me more (weirder) questions to or leave them in the comment section below. I answer them on a first come first served basis. Feel free to ask bunches of questions. Oh, and if you have any “love advice” questions for an “Ask Dr. Tony” blog, send those as well. I’m collecting them for my next entry and need a few more.
Anyway, on with the show.

So I know this is a question you probably get all the time, and I know the answer is a single sentence usually. I would just like to hear the story of how you and Aesop met, not the we just met at college shmeal. How did music even come up? Were you making beats then? How did you connect after you left school? What in gods name was your first reaction to his style of rap? You had to kinda do a second look like, “wtf”?. I knw it’s whatever to you, but unfortuantely I find it interesting and I always wanted to know.

This might be a long ass answer.
I met Aesop at college (Boston U.). I met him towards the end of my first (and last) year there. I forget exactly how we came in contact with each other but I knew a few of his friends from classes. He lived on the other side of the campus and I wasn’t over there much. If I can recall, I went to some off campus party and he was there. At the time, both of us were huge rap nerds. Back then, in a college situation, you would immediately bond with whoever shared similar interests. In our case, we were both into underground shit. I think we discussed sharing some tapes (That’s what people did before the internet) and it went from there. At the time, I was also rapping. I had heard he rapped too. We built on that and similar music tastes and it went from there. One of my first memories with him was going to his dorm room and him playing me some demo he made on his brothers 4-track. It was an all acapella song where he did all these crazy layers of vocals. It was super bugged out and I was really impressed. Like I said, I rapped at the time too but this was waaaaaaay better than any of the bullshit I was doing (I was on some punchline shit pretty hard and my flow was as suspect as it got).
Anyway, as the school year was winding down we kept in touch. He lived in Long Island but was gonna be in the city for the summer. Once he was there we started hanging out and freestyling. basically becoming good friends during that time. Then he went back to school and I stayed in NY. That fall, I bought my sampler.

The school year passed and he was coming back to Ny to work/live again. Now, I had been making beats for months on the sampler. Admittedly, I was fucking terrible. But it was something. He and our boy Omega one ended up getting ASR-10’s later that year. Now we all had them and were making beats. We recorded a bunch of songs and it pretty much just grew from there. I think it was the next summer, he lived with me in my moms crib for a month or two and we started working on more “Music For earthworms”. Most of which with this dude Dub-L, who had access to a free studio. That album got made and I started selling online. I would literally take orders and send the cd’s out personally. We did the same thing for “Appleseed” and then Aes got signed to Mush and the rest is history.
As for the “my reaction to his rap” portion, I’ll say this. I pretty much stopped rapping once I heard aesop. He made me realize that some people are born to do this and others are just filling time. Granted, I didn’t just up and quit after hearing him kick a verse but his talent put mine in perspective enough that I started focusing more on beats. I clearly remember chilling in my crib with him and bunch of other friends. We used to freestyle and record it. We’d sit around this janky boombox and use it as a mike and record onto cassette tapes. This was the first time Aes had rapped in front of this crew of friends. They had all met him but had no idea what was about to happen. We all do our stupid little off the dome verses and he comes out with something so good it sounded like a written. But it wasn’t. He was simply that good. His voice was ill, his flow was crazy and he was actually saying dope shit. We were floored. I remember , discussing that with those friends who were there and all of us being like “Dude…that guy is incredible.”
So, yeah, that’s about that. Cool story, bro (me).

If your mom had a disease that was going to kill her without a doubt and the only way you could do to save her life was slap a retarded person as hard as you fucking could in the middle of a shopping mall and you weren’t allowed to explain yourself to ANYONE and the retarded person did know you. and they were 6. would you do it?

Slap a retarded person to save my moms life? Of course. I’d slap the shit out of that kid. He’ll get over it.

So I re-watched the good old “No Jumper Cables” video today, and I noticed that you seem to be goin’ pretty hard there beside Aes. I was wondering what the video filming process was like, how it felt to pantomime irregular actions to the song, and how you feel about the whole music video situation.

Oh man…that shit was awkward. We were up in the Bronx filming in the same place that Wild Style had filmed some scenes. Under some elevated train tracks. The whole concept of that video was they took unused footage from Wild Style and wanted to blend it in with footage of Aesop all over the city. So, we went all over the place to film. As for my part, shit’s pretty embarrassing. I’m a smiley bouncing around, douche bag in it.I had no clue what to do with myself. It was extra awkward cause we were just chilling on a street by the train the Bronx. A white dude rapping, and me hopping around. Thank god Vast was there cause we would have made easy targets that day otherwise. Filming videos in public is brutally embarrassing. You can’t not look like an idiot.

What’s your opinion of the two NYC cops who were acquitted of rape? Do you think they did it?

I actually am not familiar with this story. My news consumption is pretty low so I tend to miss anything like this that happens. I will say though that 9/10 times , when shit like this happens, you know those motherfuckers did it. Many NYC cops have serious power trip issues. Obviously, I’d have to know more (IE:anything) about this story to consider it either way but gut feeling tells me, they did it. They ALWAYS do it.

What is your take on the diddy video about him changing his twitter account name. I forget where I even saw this at, it might have been on your twitter but im not sure. I know odd future seems to have coined swag, is diddy doing this to dis odd future or does he even know who the hell they are. And does anyone even give a shit that he changed is name. I sure as hell dont

Ha! I actually tweeted about this when I initially saw it.
This is classic Diddy. There is no more shameless dick rider than Diddy. Lil B and OF come out with this whole swag movement and , of course, Diddy hops on board. I fucking guarantee that dude has never heard a OF song not called “Yonkers”. He’s an opportunist. Always has been , always will be. He’s a smart business man as well. He knows that , in order for him to stay relevant, he’s gotta follow the trends. Diddy has never been a trailblazer. He’s been a guy that leeches of trends at exactly the right moment. He’s never too late to the party but he’s certainly not the first one there. And trust, his arrival at the party usually means it’s gonna be over pretty soon. Once Jermaine Dupri get there, it’s a wrap.
So, in conclusion, yes, Diddy knows exactly who Odd Future are. It’s certainly not a diss to them. It’s just him frantically grasping at whatever he can to somehow stay cool.

if a commercial or tv show wanted to use an Aesop rock track that you produced like lets say Daylight, would you and aes both get a cut of the royalties? Who decides how much to charge the tv show, the lable that released it?

Yeah. That’s how publishing works. We’d both get a % cut of those royalties. I’m not exactly sure how much gets charged is decided. I think the people making the commercial make an offer and the two parties go back and forth until it’s agreed upon….or it totally falls apart and they end up using some other shit (which is , more often than not, the case).

20 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 38

  1. Back in the early 90s, did you notice different ethnicities really latching on to some of the rappers that represented their race (for lack of a better term)? For example, did you know any Asian kids who sweated the Boo-Yaa tribe, or Irish kids who became House of Pain Everlast clones overnight? I know there was a dude Apache Indian who was Sikh, but I can’t remember if he rapped or was just a club dj.

    Second part: Did you ever have first hand experience with Asian gang kids from Chinatown or anywhere else in the city?

    • What was your question? I still got some in the chamber from last week that I’m gonna get to eventually. You know, the whole “first come first served” thing? yeah. That.

  2. The diddy video makes me want to throw up.

    I didnt know it was possible to ride a mans dick as hard as those people did. And lol at ray j in the mix trying to stay relevant. leeches leeching a leech

  3. if reincarnation is truth, who would be recycled as that one ant who brings that little morsel of poison it thinks is food, back to nest? (no quantity limits, no rules)

    • Unless it was unusable, I’ll get around to it. The question line up is getting kind along right now so there might be a two week waiting period to get to the newer ones.

    • Those were pretty dope. Definitely interesting sounding. I can always appreciate when a producer is doing their own thing. And “Clams Casino” is an awesome name.

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