Some video’s I’m enjoying…

Hey, I can’t find things to rant about every day.Here are some videos I’ve seen recently that I enjoyed…courtesy mostly of the good people of (cause that’s really the only place I see anything).

Here’s a guy who takes his video game loses to heart…

Motivation child:

This is a music video. I don’t know anything about the song or band but the video is pretty awesome.

Crazy Greek (i think) guy doing his think, barnyard style.

Here’s a really old one I forgot about but, holy shit, it’s so awesome.

And, to close it out…there are no words.

10 thoughts on “Some video’s I’m enjoying…

  1. I imagine your rap skills being about on the same level as the kid in the last vid. Will you finally just post one of your old tracks from your MC days? I mean really, how bad couldit be.

    • I actually have posted a song with me rapping on it on this blog. It’s on a compilation of Chase Phoenix demo’s. If you can find it, you will hear it.

      • I am a little disappointed in how mediocre it was. I was expecting it to be way worse. You were really waiting to use that Kool Keith sample too.

      • Yeah…by today’s standards of white rappers, I was perfectly shmedium.
        As for the kool Keith sample, I was holding on to that one for a loooong time.

  2. ahhh Mark Gormley. im sure hes a pedophile (look at those jeffrey dahmer glasses) but also and most importantly… the oldest hipster on the planet?

  3. The video with the kids shooting the shit out of each other was amazing. I especially like the part where one of ’em blows the brains out of a stuffed bear. ruthless.

  4. Have you seen this video of Jonah Hill playing Kanye west in Connect 4?

    go to 2:21 when Kanye has to make the final crucial move to beat Jonah and of course, as expected, goes to the stereo and starts blasting his own music.. awkwardness ensues..

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