Answers for questions vol. 40

What’s up everyone. I’m kind of amazed this column has made it to 40 volumes. But, I suppose that’s good cause there isn’t THAT much for me to write about on this planet so thanks to all the people who have sent in questions over the course of the blog. Keep’em coming: is the place to send them or, leave them in the comment section below. I can’t stress enough how much more fun the weird questions are. I know you guys like getting insights on the musical process and all but , personally, it bores the shit out of me to write about that kinda thing. But whatever, ask what you want. Just know that the weirder the questions the more fun the answers.
Let’s get into this…

what percentage of your beatmaking is done on hardware vs. software? could you still make music with one and not the other?

I use only two things: Asr-10 and Abelton live. The Asr is hardware and Abelton is software. I could definitely only use one or the other and make tracks. I only used the ASR for pretty much 10+ years of my career. The addition of Abelton is relatively recent. That said, While I could make beats strictly on Abelton, it would limit my drums significantly.

Yo Block, judging from previous blog entries and twitter posts, it seems you find amusement in all things fecal, so I’ve got one for you. Given the option, would you rather A) be subjected to taking 5 shits a day for the rest of your life, or B) select 1 day out of every month where you will be forced spending that entire day (meal breaks allowed) in the bathroom…shitting of course (so bring a book, your laptop, an ipod, even rig up your sampler or a TV if that’s feasible, cause you’re gonna be in that motherfucker for hours on end)?

That’s a tough one. I’m not gonna lie though, a full day on the toilet does sounds strangely appealing to me. Zen-like even…but the reality of it would be terrible. First off, if I sit on the toilet now for too long, my legs fall asleep. I can’t imagine what 24 hours would do to my circulation. I somehow liken it to those old gangbang videos they used to make where the girl would bone like 200 dudes but they’re have to stop every now and then to give her tons of water and stretch her out cause she’d be cramping from dehydration.
Secondly, the hemorrhoids that would cause would make me want to kill myself. Also, the scheduling would be an issue. What I’m I’m on tour and we don’t have an off day? I’d need to pencil in “Shitting day” for anytime I was on the go for more than a month at a time. So, I guess I’d have to pick the 5 shits a day. That would be really annoying but I imagine they’d be 5 quick ones. Like i could treat them more like I do taking a piss. The scheduling of these would be an issue as well, AND it would certainly lead to me crapping in some less than ideal toilets but that 24 hour dump-a-thon would just be too much.

Based on your last post about Aesop’s lyrics vs yours, what do you think about his newly flexed producer muscle?? Surely you won’t quit making beats just because his beats are as equally face-melting as his lyrics right?

Aesop has BEEN a dope producer. I think People assume I made every beat until Bazooka Tooth and that isn’t the case. He did almost all of “appleseed”. He did almost half of both Float and Labor days. He’s been making beats pretty much as long as I have and was never wack.
As for me quitting cause people are starting to realize it, obviously, that won’t happen. With rapping, I gave up cause ,upon hearing him, it put my limitations as a rapper in perspective. With beats, it’s a different animal. And I feel like I’ve carved a nice little niche for myself at this point. Stopping on account of another person would be insane.

How do you choose collaboration projects? Is it motivated more by money or desire to work with someone? As a “professional” is that choice even yours anymore?

I’ve always had control over who I work with. Sure, there are a hand full of people who have purchased beats from me over the years that I have never met. But , if we’re talking people I actually hit the studio with and talk about the music we’re making, I’ve been selective. Lately, I’ve found myself wanting to work with a bunch of new artists. Thanks to things like twitter, this is way more possible than it was 10 years ago.
Concerning these artists, the money doesn’t really come into it cause, frankly, there’s not much money to be made. Where as I will charge some stranger who wants a beat lots of money, if I’m a fan of the music, we can work around it. But, the catch is, I’m not easily impressed and about 95% of mc’s out there do not fall into that category.

Since you seem to be in the know about porn, here’s an otw question for you: What’s your opinion on the fake dongs appearing in the internet vids lately, obviously shooting fake jizz in copious amounts on to girls faces. Not many people can produce jizz naturally like that and well the dongs look pretty fake too so, Is that A)”coppin’ out” in your opinion or B) “ok player”? to use a fake dong ina porn video if portrayed to be real?

Those porns with the fake cocks are stupid. They’re obviously fake and I don’t think anyone actually watches them. I’d say they’re way less prevalent now then they were like 5 years ago. Basically, they’re a non-issue. However, if you’re jerking off to them, you’re kinda weird. But nothing is that shocking considering how popular animated porn is. on a side note, if you’re jerking off to non-humans (this includes drawings), get some help bro. You’re either a creep or so far removed from reality that you probably need 45 sided dice shoved up your ass to cum.

In a chicken or egg question sense what would you suggest a serious am/pro musician do to get bookings (in and) out of town? I noticed you have a talent agent, so I wondered is that something a no name would seek out first or do those entities find you (or become friendlier to you) once you’ve “arrived”?

Eh, you need a name before you can even land a booking agent. So, I guess that answers that, right?

if reincarnation is truth, who would be recycled as that one ant who brings that little morsel of poison it thinks is food, back to nest? (no quantity limits, no rules)

Oh man…So many people deserve that fate. There are so many different types of piece of shit people in the world today that it’s hard to whittle them down to just one. So, I’mma just reach in the bag and pull out one type.
Pageant moms.
These awful twats should be hunted down and killed live on PBS. I hope, if they were to be the ant that brings home the poison, that they also come down with ant AIDS and die a slow painful death.

What type of music did you like growing up? Like from when you were a little kid until now. Also, give me your top 5 hip hop albums of all time.

First off, please stop sending me “what are your top five _____” questions. Not a diss to this person who asked here but I just hate answering that kinda shit cause it’s the type of thing that changes. I don’t have a definitive top five list for anything on this planet except maybe “Top five least favorite top five list questions”. In fact, I hereby reserve the right to ignore all questions like this…unless they’re a really funny , creative top five list.
As for music growing up, the first two songs I can recall liking were “Eye of the tiger” by survivor and The Theme song to “The greatest american hero”. I must have been like 6 or 7 when those came out but they are definitely my earliest musical memory. After that, I doubt I was very picky about music. I didn’t purchase music till I was about 10 and the first album I ever got was the soundtrack to Beat street. I had seen the movie and loved the rapping santa part so I bought it at a flea market. It turned out to be the only song I liked on the whole album. My older brother was heavy into music though so I heard all sorts of shit. Mostly 80’s music. I liked some of that, as well as the Beatles and some billy joel shit but I didn’t really love any music until I started being obsessed with hip hop around 87. After that, it was pretty much only hip hop until I was 18 when I opened up to some jazz and soul stuff (college will expand your mind, yo). Nowadays, I listen to all sorts of shit. Old soul is still there, some rock music (not an overwhelming amount), some weird foreign stuff from the 60’s/70’s. lots of old hip hop with some new shit sprinkled in. That’s about it. Ironically, if the music is made on a computer, there’s a good chance I’m not checking for it. Go figure…

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  1. scenario: You convinced some young vixen to come back to your place for extracurricular activities. Foreplay involves her receiving oral. You realize very early on that fishing season started early this year. What’s your next move? Do you soldier on knowing that any mention of the offensive stink will cause her to leave?

  2. Have you seen that girl Candice Bailey who replaced Olivia Munn on Attack of the Show? Hotter that her predecessor?

  3. Everyone you’ve ever cared about is at the end of a hallway. They are about to be subjected to long and excruciating deaths by torture. In order to save them, you must either:
    A) Grab a harpoon gun and slay a hungry T-Rex, while they look on in horror.
    B) Grab some dull scissors and slay 7 Babies, while they look on in horror.

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