Good new(ish) rappers: A compilation

It’s been a while since I made a compilation of music for your listening pleasure. So, this is that. In honor of my recent realization that , to my surprise, hip hop still has some life in it, I made a compilation of some of the new(ish) artists I’ve been bumping lately. Granted, if you read this blog regularly, most of these names should be known to you…in fact, I might have very well given away some of these songs already on this very blog. But, whatever…It’s a compilation of who I feel are up and comers and/or the next school of rappers I could see making a big difference in the near future…
Let’s see who we got.
First, here’s the mix:
Now, here’s the run down of the tracklisting:

1)Hip No Ties: Intuition and VerBS
Two talented dudes out of L.A. who are also solo artists. I threw this one on here cause I wanted to get them both in there.

2)James: Skipp Coon and Mr. Nick
I honestly don’t know much about these dudes except they’re from down south and put out a great ep called “Sophomore Slump” on available bandcamp. Skipp Coon is just one of those rappers that feels like an old soul. He may be in his early 20’s but you’d never know (to be clear, i have no clue how old the guy is, i’m just saying).

3) An Echo from the hosts that profess infinitum: Shabazz Palaces

Shabazz Palaces is a new group but not a new artist. Ish (formerly Butterfly of Digable planets) has returned with a new style and harder edge then when he was with Digable. He’s the rare case of a older rapper who grew with the times without adhering to the unnaturally.

4)23’9: Billy Woods

I can honestly say that Billy Wood’s music is what’s playing the most in my Ipod right now. He’s not exactly new, but i feel like his solo shit is about to make noise. From Brooklyn by way of all the fuck over the place, Woods beings me back to the glory days of Def Jux mixed with some straight up Brooklyn shit. I think what I like about him is that he’s both intelligent, off center and not a pussy. Those three qualities will get you far as a rapper….not to mention he’s got a great voice that grabs the listeners attention.

5)Huzzah: Mr. Muthafuckin’ Exquire

I discovered this dude like two weeks ago and I feel like he’s on the verge of becoming a really big deal. Exquire is funny, rude and an mc in the purest way. I had the pleasure of meeting him recently and I’m hoping we’re gonna get some music done together in the future.

6)Drop : Earl Sweatshirt

Yes, we all know who Earl is. As big as Odd Future has gotten, let us not forget what really got the ball rolling. This kid is rapping prodigy. So much that I felt like his existence wasn’t even real. how could a 16 year old kid beTHAT good? Well, he is…and he’s MIA so we don’t even know what’s gonna happen to him in the future. Luckily, he got an EP out before he bounced. If he takes what he has a matures, the sky is the limit for this kid.

7)Hey Chuck: Selfsays

Selfsays is from Detroit. He’s one of those rappers that perked my ears up immediately when I first heard him. He’s clever and smooth with his delivery. He definitely brings to mind a young Breezley Bruin and that’s never a bad thing.
I hear he’ll be getting some new music out soon, including a few tracks with me…Good shit.

8)Jazzmatazz: Jay Electronica

Jay is no new rapper. But, until he puts out an album (which is a reality that remains to be seen), he’s new to me. Basically, I’m just like everyone else awaiting an album with impossibly high standards to live up to…but whatever. He’s just a great all around rapper. As long as he doesn’t forget that, everything should be OK when the album drops…in 2015 or whenever.

9)The Essence: Homeboy Sandman

He’s another guy who certainly no new rapper but , to me, it’s pretty current. I’ve been hearing his name for years and just never got around to checking him. I’m glad I did cause his album “The good Sun” is my shit.

10)Camera day: Zeroh

I know nothing about this guy except he’s from california and can rap well. There’s something kinda Andre 3000ish about him but I don’t think he’ll be singing show tune raps anytime soon…so that’s good.

11)Nightmares: Open Mike Eagle

Mike is in the crew Swim Team and has one of the more refreshing styles to come out in quite some time. He sings, he talks, he raps…but it all sounds good. So good, in fact, the cleverness of his lyrics an often get lost. He’s definitely one of my favorite rappers currently doing it.

12)Outer space: Danny Brown

Last, but not least, is Detroit’s Danny Brown. Easily one of the most entertaining rappers to me right now. He’s just a funny motherfucker and pops shit on any track he’s on. Imagine a hyped up Young Zee.
Brown can rap well no matter how you slice it. I’m very excited to see where he goes with his career. He’s signed to Fool’s Gold records so hopefully we’ll be getting some new music from him in the near future.

Because I’m a curious person (and I’ve been enjoying making polls lately) , I’m interested to see who you all are feeling the most out of these artists. So, vote you motherfucker!

13 thoughts on “Good new(ish) rappers: A compilation

  1. There has also been a lot of new producers that I have found that are super dope. I know instrumental hip hop is not your thing but acts like Clams Casino and Blue Sky Black Death are also putting outsome great shit. It has been a good year for music. This is one of the best tracks I have heard in a while

  2. I know driving isn’t your thing, but there is not much better than a new mix to blast in the whip. Thanks, Block.

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    • Not familiar with ghostpoet and I haven’t heard enough BIG KRIT to say for sure. From the little I’ve heard, he seemed good but nothing I would freak out over.

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