Answers for questions vol. 42

I hope you all still have your fingers from July 4th. I know I do.
As always, send more questions to phatfriendblog@gmail OR leave them in the comment section below. Also, I’m accepting “ask dr. tony” questions. You want terrible advice? I’m your dude.
Anyway, here’s this weeks batch. Lots of weird ones…I appreciate those. Keep’em coming.

Have you seen that girl Candice Bailey who replaced Olivia Munn on Attack of the Show? Hotter that her predecessor?

Yes. She’s definitely pretty but she’s not fucking with Munn. I think part of the reason is that she’s trying to have the same “One of the guys but sexy” thing Munn had going but it’s not natural. With Munn, I believed her nerdiness. With this one, I’m not buying it. She probably obsesses over handbags and cares way too much about her eyebrows.

scenario: You convinced some young vixen to come back to your place for extracurricular activities. Foreplay involves her receiving oral. You realize very early on that fishing season started early this year. What’s your next move? Do you soldier on knowing that any mention of the offensive stink will cause her to leave?

This has happened to me when I was younger and I acted accordingly. By “Accordingly” I mean “I did not go down”. If a girl is expecting that treatment, she must handle her business and make sure those grounds are ready for campers. So, if this happened, I’d probably still use my fingers (and regret it for the rest of the week cause foul vaginal odor has a way of sticking around like the scent of a decomposing body). If she was one of those demanding cunnilingus wanters, I’d decline…I’d also probably never fuck with her again after that cause girls tend to be fairly aware (too much so at times) of what’s going on down there. That awareness will usually have them dissuade you form going down there if something is fishy. If she’s the type who’s so blind to such a thing, I can only imagine how she lives her life. Not only would I bet she’s a hoarder but she probably doesn’t wipe her ass and never wears deodorant.

Idk how I got it, but I’ve had your recorded show in NYC from 2004 for a couple of years now and that shit is so good. Can you describe the show, like the lead-up to it career-wise, the actual show itself, the reaction, etc.? (I know you don’t like personal music questions, but I’ve always been curious, my bad in advance)

Oh that was just a regular old tour date. It was the first time I played in NYC though. I was my first US tour with Sixtoo and Dj Signify. If I recall, that date was towards the end of our run. To be honest, it was just another show. The crowd was cool but it was also full of close friends of mine who didn’t really give a shit and spent the majority of the show hackling me from the front row. I actually kind of enjoyed that though (only cause they were friends, please, don’t do that to me at a show if I don’t know you well).

I know you’re a big NBA fan, so how do you feel about the Sixers in the coming years? Assuming they get some decent talent in return for Iguodala if they trade him, where do you see them in the East in the next couple of years?

I don’t see the sixers being a factor anytime soon. I mean, they seem to always pull their shit together and sneak into the playoffs but unless they pull of some monster trade and get some great talent in upcoming drafts, they’re gonna be perennial 6-10 seed in the east. Trading iguodala will be a good move though…still, when you have Brand and Hawes as you front court, shit is not looking good.

what’s with krs-one? i love hip-hop and everything and i respect him and blablabla,
but… i think he is just so fucking annoying and all this “teacher” thing… bullshit

what do you think about it? maybe i just don’t know shit

Oh man. I used to Love KRS. Really, Boogie Down Productions cause I’ve never been crazy about his solo work (I know this is hip hop blasphemy but it’s how I feel, deal with it). But, to put it frankly, it’s clear the dude has lost his mind. And it’s been lost for a while now. That whole church of hip hop thing was cool and all in theory but, in reality, it just kinda seems like a cult except there’s breakdancing involved.
He’s one of the few rappers who, while his old music is undeniably classic, I simply can’t listen to anymore cause I just can’t deal with hearing him because he’s such a lunatic now. It’s a shame too cause he’s got a shitload of classics under his belt.

scenario:u are in bed between a gay guy and the most beutiful women u ever seen.To who u turn ur back to?

Assuming the gay guy isn’t a huge rapist, I’d venture to say it’s safe to turn my back to him. I really need to know more details of this situation. Like , why are we all three in a bed? is this like “Gay fear factor” where people test their sexual limits for money?. In fact, there are lots of things I’d have to know, but on a basic level, I’m obviously facing the girl. and perhaps telling the dude to get the fuck outta there.

I have a question that probably could apply to many of you and aesop’s other songs, but for now I’m thinking about no city and fumes. Were those songs somewhat inspired by the samples (an object in motion…,For want of a nail the shoe was lost…) or was the song pretty much all thought through and you were given the job of finding a sample that goes along with the idea and spirit of the song, because the latter seems like it would kind of blow. And in general, do you find a cool sample (the right word?) and then start the song or the opposite.

All the vocal sample kinda things are found last. That process can be pretty tedious and often, a dead end. But , in the case of a song like “No City” it worked out perfectly. This happens with me more often when I’m doing my instrumental work. Very often, the vocal sample will come into it late in the game but manage to give the song an angle it didn’t have before. Often, leading to it’s name or overall concept.

Whats the best way to wash off the smell of hooker spit and pimp
vomit? My girlfriend is getting p i s s e d!

Pimps don’t vomit , bro.

Everyone you’ve ever cared about is at the end of a hallway. They are about to be subjected to long and excruciating deaths by torture. In order to save them, you must either:
A) Grab a harpoon gun and slay a hungry T-Rex, while they look on in horror.
B) Grab some dull scissors and slay 7 Babies, while they look on in horror.

Assuming I am able to actually kill a T-rex, I’d obviously chose that. But, if we’re taking into consideration that I might die fighting this extinct beast, then I suppose i’d murk those babies. If my friends and family look at me in horror, I’d be screaming at them ” I’m doing this to save you!!!!!” while I brutally killed those kids.
To be honest, I feel like this situation is highly unlikely though. No one MAKES you kills babies with dull scissors. Sharp scissors, maybe. But dull? come on, that’s just ridiculous.

8 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 42

  1. Things from above that made me LOLZ!

    “I’d probably still use my fingers (and regret it for the rest of the week cause foul vaginal odor has a way of sticking around like the scent of a decomposing body)”

    “Gay Fear Factor”

    “But, if we’re taking into consideration that I might die fighting this extinct beast, then I suppose i’d murk those babies.”

  2. Yo Block, have you ever heard of the website Reddit ( its a social news website kind of like Digg where everything is user submitted. it can suck hours of your life watch out. Anyways there is this section there called:

    IAmA=I Am A

    AMA=Ask Me Anything

    its people with interesting jobs, lives, been in certain situations that are willing to answer anyone question.

    would you do a AMA??

  3. i know you get tired of “technical” questions about beat-making but – in Forest Crunk, how did you get those ‘synth’ sounds? you use the asr and ableton, so did you use the synth that comes with the asr (“Create new Layer, Create new Wavesample”) or did you sample a synth or what? and also, those guitar sounds.. did you get someone to play guitar along with it? just curious, its up to you whether you answer this or not.

  4. this is a really short question… i’ve never seen you live but as i saw on youtube you have no headphones… is every song in your set in the same tempo???

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