Asap Rocky is like “Rules of attraction”

Last week, the name ASAP Rocky started popping up all over my internet world. Whenever I start seeing a rappers name get shine, I consider a few things before listening to him. Who’s giving it love and how fast that love seems to spread. It’s situations like this that put me on to acts like Odd Future, Danny Brown, and Jay Electronica. In this case, it was a Phat friend reader who hipped me to it (shout out to Rep), then I saw Despot talking about him, then I read about him on Philaflava.
Honestly, most of the stuff Phat Friend readers try and put me on to isn’t my bag. Not their fault, i’m just a picky motherfucker.
Despot, however, is like the world greatest A&R. Pretty much EVERYTHING that’s been dope in the last 5 years, he’s known about way early. It’s uncanny. is home to my favorite message board ever and those dudes on there are always on the ball. However, not everything they love is my shit. That’s just the nature of hip hop in 2011.
But you combine those three things and I had to look deeper into it. Then i saw this:

My first reaction was “hmm…interesting”. A Texas dude in NY making sort of screwed music with some really dope beats. To be honest, I don’t “get” screwed music but this is certainly not something you hear every day. Still, I wasn’t totally sold. I mean, from the cursory glance I gave it, it was cool but the the rapping was kinda “Meh” and he was doing that whole “swag” chant thing that I’m pretty fucking sick of.

Still, there was something interesting about this dude’s music to me. Perhaps it was the video above. It’s not everyday you see a gold front mouthed white girl dropping N-bombs. Well, depending where you live, maybe it is but you know what I mean.
Then I got hipped to this little compilation that some European blog put together of his stuff:

Since then I’ve been bumping it pretty regularly and I don’t even know why. I mean, I like it…but it’s not fantastic…yet I still seem to always be down to peep it. The only thing I can compare it to is a movie like “The Rules of Attraction”. Behold the worst trailer ever…

When I initially saw that movie, I was kinda like “Whatever…”. Later, when it started getting run on cable, I found myself always watching it. To this day, if “Rules of attraction” is on TV, I’m watching it, no matter where it is in the film (except the last 10 minutes which is truly awful). ASAP Rocky’s music is kinda like that. It’s some shit that my subconscious must just be eating up.

All that brings me to this: seeing how the internet works, this guy has the ball rolling. People are taking notice. And while I can’t exactly verbalize what it is I like about his music (Though, I think the beats being really great are a big part of it) there is just “Something” there. A feeling. I’ve noticed , with music nowadays, when an artist has a hard to define aura about them and people start spreading the word, good things happen. I guess that mystery makes for good music. ASAP Rocky , to me, is the next “big thing”. Maybe not on a grand scale. He won’t be winning a grammy or anything. But the hipsters are gonna eat this shit up. As will some more basic hip hop heads. Following in the footsteps of Lil B and Odd Future…he’s next. I dunno how long a run he will have or if he’ll reach the same heights as those previously mentioned artists, but something is going to happen. I just hope, if he gets famous, he doesn’t dump his production team. They’ve got talent, yo!

36 thoughts on “Asap Rocky is like “Rules of attraction”

  1. I can’t really dig on it because I just listened to it and can’t remember anything except them saying everything is purple and saying swag like 45 times in 2 minutes. They might have made the creator of Barney or Kool-Aid pretty happy? I guess the videos weirdo vibe was interesting, but that random sped-up part where they’re riding bikes through me off the complete wrong way. I guess the thing I can say IS cool about it is it feels like authentic City/Urban music made by some real dudes hanging on the block though, not this trend pop/club shit.

  2. I don’t totally hate it. I mean the flow is passable and the beat is dope. I would not be mad at the kids for liking it, but it would not be an my rotation. From the first picture I expected it to be a tranny rapper, thats next level shit, tranny rap.

  3. To all the people feeling “meh” about it, I understand. But I’d like to just say, it’s about the vibe of the overall product as opposed to the rapper. I fully understand why people aren’t into this but listen to the compilation. There’s something mesmerizing about it. In a way, it’s perfect background music that you can listen to in the forefront.

  4. The Jealous Guys are a group I’ve been digging lately. They sound like The Cool Kids except a little more, I don’t know, artsy. Links below.

  5. If I ever catch Rules of Attraction on cable, and I’m not within 30 min of Biel get her face smushed while being smushed, I am disappoint.


  6. i heard some other songs from rocky and i have to admit the beats create this weird atmosphere which makes it so good

  7. Block, Have you heard of this dude Rittz who rolls with Yelawolf? I just got put on to him. Check him out…

    • Is that the long haired white dude? He can rap for sure. But i feel about him how I do about Yelawolf. Definitely very talented but just not the kinda thing I’m checking for right now. But, for sure, they’re both very good rappers.

  8. i like ASAP and the whole vibe that comes along with some of his music.. lyrically its nothing to actually pay attention to but music wise its just something to leave playing in the house while doing something else

    and its funny because i was just checking this new producer i found out about recently named Clams Casino.. his solo shit is real smooth and what do you know, he produced the Wassup track on that’s on that link you posted. one of the best tracks.

  9. Block….this is a bit off topic, but I’d love to see you do a post about your favorite producers, beats, etc. And go into detail about it. When I find a song with a nice beat, I always focus on the beat until about the 10th listen then I start absorbing the lyrics. I’d love to hear who your favorite producers are, what your favorite beats are, etc. Maybe it could just be answered in your answers blog too.

  10. yeah i thought this post was going to be about how this dudes name is too similar to aesops but you didnt mention that once. ps did you walk through washington square with a red backpack today i saw a dude who looked like you but he was kind of far away so i couldnt really see

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  13. I agree with the person who posted this, I don’t exactly know what draws me to A$AP’s music because I didn’t like it the first time I heard it but after giving it a couple more trys, I was sold. Although, another great hip-hop group out right now that I believe deserves the same type of recognition A$AP is receiving is, Clear Soul Forces. They’re fucking sick. Dope ass beats and sick ass flow by all the members in the group.

  14. The rule about beats works everywhere.. most boring guy can sounds ok with decent production. My friend bump clams casino hard. But i still havent peeped anyone of asap songs……

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