V-Nasty is mesmerizing

By now, you all know probably about Kreayshawn and her crap. But, fuck her. This ain’t about her. This is about her side kick. A certain little whiggerette named V-nasty. V-nasty is a member of Kreayshawn’s “White girl Mob”. A crew that is known for being both white and female (and a mob). For a month or two now, I’ve been fascinated by this weird little bay area gremlin. In an unusual way, she’s kind of adorable…then she opens her mouth.
Back in the day, I’d always come across white kids who were whigged out beyond human comprehension. Most of the time , it was an act , but every now and then, you’d come across one that was actually like that. Like, he grew up in the projects and that’s just how he talked and acted. He didn’t act “black”, he acted hood. It was a great case for the whole “nature versus nurture” argument. Now I’m not saying V-nasty is of this caliber. She could very well be the daughter of a Massage therapist and a musicologist. But what she does have that usually sets her apart from other whigz , is that she’s obviously kind of crazy…and very likely learning disabled. Basically, she’s all fucked up in the head. And if history has taught us anything it’s that crazy people are entertaining when they record music. ODB, Wesley Willis, R-Kelly, Daniel Johnston…The list goes on. While it doesn’t always mean they’re making good music, it’s at least a fun ride.

In the case of V-Nasty, she’s so over the top and long gone into her wiggardry, she’s basically retarded. While this is a bad look for the cause of white girl rappers (but, let’s be honest here, that cause isn’t exactly killing it much anyway), this is a great look for people who like laughing at the deranged. Being one of those people, I’m all for V-nasty.
Before we get into the videos, there are a few things you should know about V-nasty
1)She’s a huge fan of dropping N-bombs. While this is no doubt shocking to white people on the internet, I’m pretty sure we’ve all been around various white kids who spoke exactly like her. I’m not saying it’s okay, but let’s stop fronting like it’s some new shit that she created. Trying to rationalize it is pointless.
Dropping N-bombs: It’s what whigz do.
2)She recently got out of jail for “Armed Robbery”. I don’t know what her involvement was but it certainly added to her street cred, for the dipshits keeping track of bullshit like that.
3)She’s a lesbian? Kinda? Not really? The white girl mob all seem walk a thin line of sexual mystery. They all claim to be lez but they also talk about dudes. Perhaps they’re bi? Perhaps they’re just 19 year old who are full of shit? Who knows. She also has a kid to a dick got in there at some point.
Now that you know all that, let’s take a walk through the world of V-Nasty.

This video is a good introduction. we get to see the many sides of V-nasty. From the he confrontational “I’ll fight a man” side to the “Lemme bust a rap” side all the way to the strangely sweet and peaceful side of her jamming out with some hippie dude on a guitar.

“But what about her raps?” You may be asking…

The pan down to her standing on that fountain at :31 kills me. I dunno why. It just really captures how fucking awkward this little person is. She’s gangly and shapeless. Her arms are down to her knees and her cloths fit funny. Again, I find it adorable. Not in a sexual way but in a “Awwwww…” kinda way.

I’m by no means giving her rapping props, but ,I can’t front, there is something inherently watchable about these videos. Perhaps it’s the spectacle of it all. I dunno. It’s just one of those things I’ve found myself rewatching…and I’m not alone. I have at least 2 or 3 more friends who’ve admitted the same thing to me. To be honest, as far as white gangster rappers go, she’s not bad. Granted, she’s cornered the market on that sub genre, but whatever. I’d rather listen to her than Drake or Mac Miller. That’s not saying much, but still, her intrigue factor is off the charts. And by “Intrigue” I mean “Batshit crazy”.

Here she is making a very articulate argument for why she can say “nigga”

Hmm…she must have been on the debate team in high school. Apparently, being able to say “nigga” is dependent on what kind of life you’ve had. If we “walked in her shoes” we’d understand. Ooooookkkkaaaaaay.
For a rebuttal, peep this. It’s actually pretty awesome:

Here she is getting out of jail. LESSON LEARNED, yo!

It’s just craziness that this fucking person actually exists. The internet is a weird and wonderful place. Without it, we’d never know about this kinda shit. In fact, without the internet, V-nasty would just be another baby momma , chilling on the corner , picking fights with bums in Berkley. She probably wouldn’t even rap recreationally. Thank you internet for brightening my life with this half wit goon. I salute you.

Oh and , I know you wanna hear her mixtape:

28 thoughts on “V-Nasty is mesmerizing

  1. Too funny and retarded at the same time! Ignorant shit like this is all due to ignorant people saying ignorant things like Lil B can rap. Hilariously written and I would have knocked out a mf if they said nigger, nigga or any variation of it. I’d like to see her come to Bed Stuy with that shit!…Bring her retarded ass along with the cameras to Brooklyn. She would have her ass pinned to the ground real quick. This girl acts crazy, but it’s camera courage. I could go on for days about her and people like her…….ahh….I feel better now. Good day sir.

  2. Jesus Blockhead….this is so bad. I would of never of known about this if it were not for this blog. I think my favorite is the getting outta jail video. “My baby daddys aint wich u?” But yeah something about here with the straight hair and the green cap on does it for….i think i totally would….hit that….even though im a so cal white guy…

  3. It’s just another teenager in the music business, except this one has some issues that money and attention seem to amplify. It also seems that there is an influx of people who rhyme like a slow kid reading a cue card… Maybe I’m being a dick and it’s about her “message”, but I’m just not hearing one in the words she spouts. I guess I just haven’t “walked in he shoes” but I’ve walked far enough in mine that they’ve got holes in.

  4. Her and Aes need to put together some sort of Bay Area collaboration. “Psycho Bitch” meets Aesop’s club banger “With a Titty Out”.
    But in all seriousness I know what you mean, because of this lovely exposition on videos and information, I just spent a Wednesday afternoon emerged in this bitch’s shenanigans and I must say- it feels like your studying someone. The way she moves, her mannerisms- even the way she explodes with racial slur fed verbal nothingness. It’s all very peculiar.

      • I think I rapped better at age 8. Every time a white girl rapper even tries to rap the media’s all over it—for about a month or two, before the novelty wears off and the wackness becomes even more painfully apparent. Remember Northern State? *shudder*

  5. i kinda wish everyone would stop using the n-word regardless of color. since thats not going to happen, at least i can laugh at how crazy this girl is.

  6. necro stopped saying ‘nigga’ ages ago.

    I am baffled by this V-Nasty. She seems like the type of girl that when she showers she just lets the soapy water run down her vagina and calls that cleaning, like i do with my feet (dont pretend you dont do the same block). I bet her snatch is literally a nasty piece of shit. Shes like that 14 year old ghetto white girl in high school with the lawyer father except v nasty probably hit her head at the time and never snapped out of it like most do when they mature. Shes wearing the amc theater’s 3d glasses for Christ’s sake. Shes the lowest common denominator of female wiggadry

    • I’ve heard many different things about her race. I’ve heard she’s part filipino. I’ve heard she’s black and filipino. But , considering she reps “White girl mob” you gotta think there’s a strong case to be made for her being just a normal cracker.

  7. Have you seen her FB page? Pics of her with her sizzurp, guns, weed, money stacks – oh yeah, and her kid. Our country is doomed.

  8. Hi blockhead. Whats your opinion on Die Antwood? check em out if you’re not familiar heh x

    This is a short film with them in by Harmony Korine you might enjoy

    • I’ve seen it. To be honest, I think Harmony Korine is a total hack and pretty much the worst. Whenever his name is on anything, I have trouble getting past that thought.

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  10. all i could think about was that always sunny were dee is dating a retarded person. i think he and v-nasty would make a cute couple!

  11. I hate with a passion how her simply saying the word “Choppa,” gets a response out of the guy like she just said something super nasty. Sorry, but I got the same kind of entertainment I get out of watching some horribly ignorant person on some shitty talk show like Jerry Springer, or Maury rambling on about garbage that only matters in their derelict world; . One of the many reasons why I don’t watch television, unless I’m at someone’s house and its a matter of being polite. For me at least, these videos and her whole being is nothing, but proof of stupid; I don’t care how many people she gets to like her “music” or “lyrics.”

  12. Honestly, I find it profoundly ridiculous that you say you dislike her so much but you spend time making an entire blog about her. The bitch is crazy, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t see why there is so much controversy about her. Can’t you just like an artist or hate one? Do you really have to make a big deal out of it? I mean I don’t like Gucci Mane or Drake, but I don’t bitch about it. Let her do what she’s going to do, because let’s be real. She’s going to do it whether or not you say anything about it.

    • This blog is all jokes. The title of this entry is “V-Nasty is mesmerizing”. THat’s not a diss. She’s pretty fucking fascinating. Yes, she’s terrible but this isn’t only about that…If you read this at all paying any attention, that would be clear.
      Also, for someone who hates wasting time you sure didn’t have a problem writing be a lengthy paragraph about why I shouldn’t be writing about this. This is a blog. I write about shit. The real question is why you would waste your time reading something that disinterests you so much.
      Basically, you’re the king of missing the point and complaining about shit that’s not worth complaining about.

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