Song of the day 8/4/11

The passion By J. Rawls, Illogic, Ill Poetic and L.E. for the uncool
Ohio is an oft overlooked spot, in terms of hip hop.Between Columbus, Cincinnati, and cleveland, Ohio’s been putting good shit out for a while now.
This song isn’t exactly new (it’s from a tour cd called “Ohio Takeover) but I caught wind of it just yesterday. I can’t front , it was the beat that initially pulled me in but the Mc’s kept me listening. Just a good all around job by everyone involved.
It’s also happens to feature my old friend Illogic, who you might know from his solo work, songs with Aesop and his work with the Weightless crew. Illogic and I are pretty far along in this album that we’ve been working on together called “Capture the sun”. I’m really excited about it as I’ve never gotten the chance to produce an entire album with one Mc. And Illogic is very nice with his, so it’s an honor to work with him.
Anyway, keep an eye out for that in the future , but for now, enjoy this song.

13 thoughts on “Song of the day 8/4/11

  1. Big ups to the Ohio Hip Hop scene. I myself am from the Dayton area, we got a lot of local talent here. Check out skratchmatik, dj sparechange, god bless and asher jones and my group zombies of phunk if you’re interested in hearing more Ohio hip hop.
    Also it should be noted that BTNH, Kid Cudi and RJD2 are all Ohio natives

  2. oh, and Blueprint is from Columbus too, Which reminds me… Did you ever get a chance to check out his new album Block? I’m interested in hearing your take on it.

    • still haven’t. I’m not gonna front, unless someone just straight up gives it to me, I tend to miss it. I’ve always been a fan of print though so I’d actually like to hear it.

  3. Sounds like a Roots track… in fact, has an eerily similar beat to “Rising Up”, the last track from Roots’ Rising Down album.

    re: Illogic: Glad you’re happy working with him. I own all his older stuff….. then I stopped checking for him. The problem I have with Illogic as an artist is the same problem I have with Sage Francis. He stopped making fun music. I’m not saying every song should be a symposium on how to make sunshine and rainbows stream out of one’s asshole….there’s a difference between happy and fun. But he lacks parity. Even if subject matter differs from song to song, the mood and tone are never altered. He never sounds like he’s having fun making music, hence I don’t have fun listening to it.

    Admittedly I’m getting more picky and less tolerant as I get older so take it for what it is.

    • I feel you. As I’ve gotten older I find myself reaching for music that is less serious in nature. That said, the album I’m doing with Illogic certainly isn’t a party record. But , moodwise, it’s pretty well spread out.

  4. Copywrite is my fav ohio rapper.

    it would be funny as hell if Illogic put a track the album called Combo Breaker that was produced by somebody else without your knowledge.

  5. so when exactly does Capture the Sun come out? Illogic rhyming over Blockhead production…could be classic as far as I’m concerned.

    • Not sure.We’re still working on it and it doesn’t have a label as of yet.We’ve made so many songs that I’m guessing there will be an album, an ep, and a whole other free ep. We got like 30 songs.

      • Honestly man, this makes me so stoked. My buddy mentioned you and Ill were doing an album, but to hear it right from you tyhat you’re 30 songs deep just is awesome. I guess I’m just gushing but yo so dope.

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