Back in the days…

There was a point in 90’s hip hop when the “back in the day” song was on almost every album. In fact, it was a such a “thing” that my comedy group , Party Fun action committee did a parody of it: Good times…anyway, I think rappers just saw this as an easy way to fill in the holes on their albums, as well make an “earnest” song about life before shit got real. In most cases, it resulted in some syrupy bullshit (Skee-lo’s “I wish” or the less offensive “Back in the day” By Ahmad). However, when executed well, the “Back in the day” song did actually hit home for many people. So, here’s a compilation of Back in the day songs. Some are old. Some are newer. all of them strike a nerve though. This is , by no means, a definitive “back in the day” mix but it’s songs I’ve always liked that happen to be chilling in my I-tunes.

1)Reggie Miller: Super Chron Flight Brothers
2)Autobiographical: Black Sheep
3)Wetter the dutch: Tame One
4)Story of my life: Jemini the Gifted one
5)As I Reminisce: Master Ace (feat. Eyce-u-rok)
6)Life of a kid in the ghetto: Ed O.G. And Da Bulldogs
7)Where I’m From: House of Pain*
8)Memories: Godfather don
9)Go Back: Eminem**
10)School: Masta killa (feat. The RZA)
11)Doing Dumb Shit: Ice Cube
12)Dinner with Jew Diamond Phillips: The Fat Jew***
13)Dayz of Whayback: NWA
14)Whole stole my last piece of fried chicken: Organized Konfusion
15)Whayback:The Artifacts

Just some notes on the songs above
* yes. It’s a house of pain song. The beat is fucking nuts though.
**I look at this song as the last good song Eminem made. It’s got some really great moments, including a part where he perfectly the white man’s internal debate over the love of X-Clan.
***This is a song by Team Facelift member Fat Jew. he’s a funny dude. I’d imagine a few of you will be turned away from this cause it’s pretty white but I actually think it’s one of the more on point songs of the bunch. Not to mention, it’s a much different viewpoint. Give it a chance is all I’m saying.

18 thoughts on “Back in the days…

  1. I don’t know if you give a shit or did it on purpose, but that Em song is called “Yellow Brick Road.” encore was so whack so I’m kind of glad to hear there was something worth listening to on that CD(maybe I didn’t give a fair shot at the time or maybe music is so whack anymore that Em’s not so good even sounds ok).

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