This week in white rapping

Listen, I know I’ve been harping on this a bunch the last few weeks or so but things have flown off the rails.
Holy shit…A wise man (and a bunch of following not so wise men) once said that “rap is outta control” and I’m about to just say fuck it and agree. On the heels of the white girl mob , tom hanks rapping son, canadian rap battles, and thugged out germans who can only pronounce the word “shvagga” , this might be the pinnacle for all that is wrong with white people making rap music. I’m not going to even say anything more…just watch these clips…

Within one week, I’ve seen all these videos and I’m fucking speechless.
“Livin’ the life” May be the funniest video ever made in the history of moving pictures. Wow. I’m not even mad at these songs.I’m more sad at them, but, at the same time, the fact they even exist is something special.

As a palette cleanser, Here’s a clip of Danny Brown rapping very well

His new album “XXX” drops on august 15th so do yourself a favor and peep that shit.

43 thoughts on “This week in white rapping

  1. Is it just me or did the voices of a couple of those Andover kids remind anyone else of the mystical knights of the vizual roundtable? Seems like you and Jer were ahead of your time block.

  2. Bro, the first video is some life affirming shit.
    And I want to hear more Dark Sister, the first chick has that crazy eye look.


      • I did never question his rapping. I’m talking about him finally using multi-syllabic rhymes. Single syllable was alright in like 1994, but nowadays, that shit is almost as out of place as beats with one looped sample and a hi-cut filter for verses. It might seem superficial, but it’s a standard I take for granted these days, when even some horrible rappers adapted it more or less perfectly.

      • Eh…If you’re good , you’re good. Worrying about syllables and shit like that seems counter productive to enjoying music. I’d much rather hear a guy like Brown than some off beat nerd who can rhyme complete sentences with one another.

  3. Hers is one you probably dont know about, and for a good reason, this guy sucked in 2005, and still sucks in in my opinion 2011, i dont give a shit who he has backing him, i never did like this guy ever since the Breal forum days

  4. omg i am also speechless.

    the second video gave me the chills because it was so corny. the dude in the aviators is rapping like hes rain man looking everywhere up but the camera.

    smh.. and whos old uncle is that rapping in the first vid?

  5. V Nasty is atrociously bad. Same goes for Mac Miller. If only these fucktards had an idea the talent that came before them whiterapperwise. From Ace, El, Ali, Sage, Sole, Dose. Please step your white game up.

    • Just to be clear, Danny isn’t for everyone but the people acting like he’s not a good, skilled rapper have no idea what they’re talking about. His voice may annoy you or his lyrical content might not be your cup of tea but that just means he’s not for you. being “wack” isn’t in the equation.
      Here’s the link to the mix I made:

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  7. assuming that first dude hasn’t listened to a rap song in 25 years, that shit was kinda relevant, & i’d probably let those dark sister ladies ghostwrite an album for me. also, what the fuck happened to d. brown’s hair? that shit is… i don’t even know… it’s not right… at least he can still rap

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