Song of the day 8/18/11

Pac blood By Danny Brown
If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you might have seen me mention the name Danny Brown…a lot. THat’s because he’s one of my favorite rappers doing it right now and , well, I like spreading the word. After a bunch of great mixtapes, and last years fantastic “The Hybrid” album, he’s recently dropped a new album titled “XXX”. It’s actually free, so feel free to forego this one song and just download the entire album over at Fools gold records
Anyway, I like the album a lot. I’m happy to see that he gotten both darker and weirder. With rappers you never really know what direction they’re gonna go. Especially ones on the cusp of blowing up who could easily go the Wiz Kalifa route and fuck up they’re entire career. But Brown didn’t do anything remotely like that. He made an album full of all sorts of songs ranging from hilarious punchline laden verses to introspective songs about real shit to some great abstract weirdo shit.
The song I chose to put up is “Pacs blood”. It’s pretty much just D.B. doing his thing. I’d say it’s one of the more accessible song son the album so it’s a good starting point for those of you who might be skeptical. I also like how they took that famous old sample (Nautilus) and totally gave it a new twist. That’s no easy feat, considering that may very well be the most sampled song in hip hop ever.

14 thoughts on “Song of the day 8/18/11

  1. The beat samples “Nautilus” by Bob James. Bob James’ first 5 records have an amazing sound and they always sound badass when sampled

  2. There’s always microsampling. I mean, those drums are so well mastered and have a warm, full and at the same time clean sound… they can be sliced and rearranged and used in different contexts, i mean, sampling doesn’t always have to be recognizable and it would be a shame to walk away from such great sounds just because they are overused.

    Still, it always gets me nostalgic. Once for the 70s when i originally heard that stuff and again for the 90s when people sampled the shit out of those records

  3. Lol. That’s some goofy ass album artwork, but hey. I kind of expected the song to be a little controversial with a title like “Pac Blood.” I thought he was going to talk about Pac or something. I may have passed if the CD wasn’t free, I may have passed, but at no cost, I’ll definitely give it a chance.

  4. Hi. Can I just say that I HATE his current hair cut and mascara? But then again, why WOULDN’T Danny rock mascara? Lovin’ the album so far. And the fact that he’s on A-Tracks label!

    • Yeah. It’s best to just separate your opinion of hi clothing and style from his music. As long as he keeps making this kinda shit, he can wear a dress for all I care.

  5. great track, one of the best on the album.
    dannys always fresh, i think there are some lame ass beats though, like radio song, lie4 or detroit 187.
    however frank dukes establishes himself as one of the most talented producers in the last years.

  6. DUDE! BLOCK! Thanks bro! put me onto d-brown big time. been hella skeptical, heard that ‘freestyle’ on shade 45 u put up the video for a few days ago.. and its actually the monopoly song from xxx. SICK as album dude. only a few tracks i’m not a huge fan of but almost the entire album i enjoy hearing. I kinda wish he mixed it to where his voice wasnt as high and whiney sounding, but i mean he says somthin like ‘imagining the mix going from green to red’ (cant remember what song or exact quote lol only heard this shit a few times) but anyway.. do u think he did the verse slightly different on sirius radio on purpose or is he that add? lol. his wordplay is dope man. good look. I guess 50 cent almost signed him.. but he didn’t like his look. classic wack shit. glad 50 didnt cuz he woulda changed him a lot. as is tho. d brown is dope. hope he gets the success he deserves.

  7. I actually just heard of this guy for the first time today and then I came on here to see how my favorite uncle is doing and your entire blog is on him. Whattayaknow. But I heard greatest rapper ever before I came on here and listened to the album which is good. XXX is a nice starting song and songs like bruiser brigade makes me question his sanity. But thanks for the album share.

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