Song of the day 8/25/11

Glory By Domo Genesis

While Tyler The Creator has been doing songs with The Game and Pusha T and Earl is Samoa polishing Bamboo chutes, the Odd future B-team has slowly been improving on the low. Both Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats (mellowhype) have been putting out some decent material since they dropped their debut albums. To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about either of them when they came out. Both albums had a few good songs but it just sounded like some typical underground rap shit that wasn’t separating itself from the kinda stuff Tyler would be dissing in his songs. However, lately, it seems like they’re hitting their stride. Hodgy dropped this joint

and I was like “Oh shit!”
Then Domo was featured on this:

Which peaked my interest.
That leads us to the linked song above (which is different from the song in the video). It’s subtle but the simplicity works well with domo’s whole “I rap about weed and whatever” angle. At first , I didn’t think much of it but I’ve found myself going back to it lately. So, here it is for you to judge. Enjoy.

10 thoughts on “Song of the day 8/25/11

  1. The beat on Mystery is nice, the beat on More Clouds is nice too, but not as nice as Mystery. Hodgy’s lyrics aren’t bad at all, definitely improvement, but its still not nearly all the way there for me. The little dude obviously has nothing to do with sawed offs, for one. Sounds like he is just writing whatever comes to mind without really putting much effort into being real with it. For the Domo video posted, lyrics are MOSTLY nothing special at all, there is a couple decent lines. This is just my opinion though. For all the hype they have been getting, it will take a lot for me to respect them; I don’t care how old they are. And if they could grow up a little bit, just a little bit and not still be acting like pubescent boys that just dropped their balls and sprouted the first hair down there, then I might find them a little more respectable. Oh yea, and anyone that feels as though they need to drop “Swag” in most all songs can get fucked. As well as saying the word “choppa” and any of those other borrowed or recycled words that really don’t do anything but give instant gratification to hipsters, idiots, and people playing a role in their day to day.

    • Neither of them are great rappers but they’re improving. I like domo’s vibe though. He rides the beats well, got a cool voice and manages to say some decent things every now and then. If he had a well produced album, I could get into it.

  2. Agree with Matt, I’d still put them on the same shelf as any other rap artist out there. I just can’t listen to it after listening to Mhz, Aesop & co etc. I don’t think commercial stuff deamed “underground” or whatever will ever be on par with the likes of others. They’ll probably be successful anyway, good for them. Odd Future kinda reminds me of the Cool Kids in a way.

    • Honestly, stuff like this and more verbose underground shit don’t really share the same space to me. There’s room for both of them. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself preferring stuff like this most of the time cause I don’t sit around and put all the music I listen to under a microscope any more. It just sounds good and has a dope vibe to it. At least this song does…Other shit by these same guys bores the shit out of me.

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