The gift and the curse

The other day, I got caught up watching a marathon of this TV show called “Strange sex”. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a show that covers stories of all sorts of sexual oddities. From the woman born without a vagina to the guy who has a balloon fetish. It’s also a show that, if you watch enough of, will kinda make you never want to have sex again. It’s like a carnival of deformed penis’ and broken vaginas.
Anyway, one of the episodes I caught was the one previewed above. It covers the trials and tribulations of the man with the biggest penis on earth. As you might expect, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, this shlumpy dork has had sex with thousands of women cause of his “gift” but, in reality, his life is owned by his penis. You see, he’s an aspiring actor. Yes…that guy you see above is an actor. While I’m sure there is no shortage of roles out there for guys that look to have a subtle case of downs syndrome, I doubt he’s excelling in his field.

The obvious question everyone asks is “Well, if you act, why don’t you do porn?” to which he responds “cause I wanna be a real actor”. Fair enough. Though, it’s kinda like a guy with the best pitching arm in baseball deciding he wants to be a hitting coach.

Really, when you’re given the worlds biggest penis you can either pretend it doesn’t exist and live life normally, or embrace the freakishness and use it as your cash cow. It would be tough to find a middle ground in that.
Sure, living a normal life and lugging around a 13.5 inch dick won’t go unnoticed. That’s a topic people will talk about. Men and women. If your male friends find out they will be both envious and fascinated. If your female friends find out they will be both terrified and curious. But that kind of recognition doesn’t have to over take your life.
It’s when you start to spread the word yourself that it becomes a big deal. In an extreme situation like this ,a man’s own pride in his penis can dictate his life direction. If it’s a big deal to you and , because of that, a defining characteristic , then you might as well go all out and just do porn. We’ve all seen Boogie Nights. That’s what dudes with freakish phallus’ do.

I think one of the funniest things about this guy is that HE is the one. That fucking guy. This off-ginger, milton from “Office Space” looking dude. He’s gotten more ass than most people you will ever meet and it’s all because of curiosity. Pretty much, the girl heard he was packing the biggest heat of all time and wanted to try it. I bet this guy has seen more fear in the eyes of women than most serial rapists. The thing about having this sort of sex though, is that it’s empty. I’d imagine it’s similar to a famous person fucking a groupie. You never forget that this person is there for reasons other than you being you. I’m sure he’s a normal guy with actual feelings and emotions. i’m sure there were many times where he had hoped a fling would go somewhere deeper, but didn’t cause the person really just wanted to see the Lochness Monster for themselves. That’s gotta be a bummer.

It’s no secret that men are obsessed with their penises. Millions of dollars made a year on EXtenze don’t lie. From big dick dudes, to little dick dudes, we (men) care way more about this shit than it could ever truly matter. So much so, that it can often define a persons entire existence. Having a big dick gives a dude confidence. Having a little dick will make a dude insecure. Pretty simple. The funny thing about that is that it’s mostly in relation to each other. It’s very much on some jungle animal shit. Any show of physical superiority gives you the advantage. In this day and age of porn and the internet, big dicks reign supreme. This is all funny cause, unless you’re gay, another man’s dick should have no bearing on you in anyway. Sure, if mr. dopey 13.5″ fucked your girl , it might rattle your ego but the reality of it is that mr. dopey 13.5″ is just some dork with a freakishly huge cock. His dick is a circus side show. It has no bearing on anything.

Granted , there are girls out there who genuinely love outrageously large penises. I recall a story a friend of mine once told me about this girl he was fucking. He said it was all good but she kept telling him to go deeper. But he was as deep as he could go. Right then he knew that this was never gonna work unless he somehow figured out how to shove his lower abdomen inside of her. But, for every girl like that , there is a girl who can’t have sex in doggy style cause it hurts her shallow vagina. It goes both ways.

After watching this show, it’s obvious that he’s proud of his penis , while also kinda sick of it being the only thing people care about in respect to him as a person. At one point on the show, he goes on a blind date. The woman is friendly but she’s also aware of his secret. Like a dumbass, she brings it up. At first he’s kind let down that it’s come to that but he certainly doesn’t hesitate in telling her his exact measurements as she pretends to not be shocked while swallowing a mouth full of salad. I think, in the case of this guy, it comes down to him being a somewhat boring and painfully normal person. Outside of his horsecock, there really isn’t much to him. Because of this, it’s always gonna be about the penis. If he was funny, or smart or had anything of interest to say, his penis would be a footnote. But , because it would seem he doesn’t, it’s always the star of the show. No matter how cool it would be to whip that shit out on a girl just to see her reaction, it’s still a fleshy anchor in his life, weighing down his happiness.

*That’s been measured. I feel like this research isn’t exactly complete. I’ve watched enough porn to know that there are a few guys out there who rival this guy

15 thoughts on “The gift and the curse

  1. The whole time I was reading this I thought you were talking of a black guy (you see I’m on my Ipod and as you know, it does not support flash) and when I read he wasnt, I dont know what to think anymore..I am sooo confused blockhead please help

  2. you finally made a post about an other dudes dick im wondering what if one of your fans visits the blog of his favorite producer for the first time and the first thing he reads is that
    excuse my bad english…

    • It could happen. I’m not worried. anyone who reads that and gets uncomfortable at someone merely speaking of dicks , in a completely non-sexual way, is kind of a dipshit anyway.

  3. i would never ever ever nerver let this guy take his pants off around me. and i think most women dont want anything to do with something that big or else wed just stack home and fuck eggplants all the time. not an entry for the dick dossier. ever.

    • It has been a curse for me I’m not that big but a realistic 10″ I am also a white male tall skinny you would never know. It is impossible to have a casual relationship. Also any man who knows a chick you hook up with then needs to find a way to best you

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