Song of the day 9/22/11

23’9 By Billy Woods (as featured on the Reservoir Sound compilation)

I’ve been preaching the word of Billy Woods around these parts for a little while now. This song isn’t exactly new but it’s off a compilation so I figured most of you might not know about it.
For those who don’t know, Billy is a brooklyn, by way or a shit ton of other places, MC who was part of the group Super Chron FLight Brothers. He’s somewhat of a throwback to the early Def Jux sound except with a slightly more rugged edge. I just got word he’s dropping a solo album fairly soon so I’m very much looking forward to that. Btw, this song was produced by AM Breakups. Dope track for sure. Enjoy.

EDIT: I fucked up. It’s just been bought to my attention that I’ve posted this song before in a mix I made a while back. Crap.
So, here’s a bonus round of Billy Woods:
African Robotics

5 thoughts on “Song of the day 9/22/11

  1. any chance you could re-up that Billy Woods mix? I can’t seem to find a working link, and after hearing a few songs here and there and his stuff with the Chron Bros., and i want to hear that collection – you’ve always been right on with mixes.

  2. oh gotcha. That shit was nice (thanks!).
    In that case, any place you would suggest starting with Woods beyond his chron bros. and the tracks you’ve posted? He has a daunting amount of material out already.

    • Honestly, his “cowardly threats” mixtape is what got me into him. It’s got all his newer verses. It’s really dope. If you got the Super chron shit and that , you’re pretty much set.

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