Answers for questions vol. 53

Sup. It’s a lazy monday. If you’re at school or your job reading this, just know that I’m sitting in my underwear typing in my bed. LIKE A BOSS.

Anyway, if you have more questions, please send them to or leave them in the comments below. The weirder the better. The more boring the worse. And now, on with the show…

I’m a big fan of instrumental music, although I still listen to a lot of shit with vocals, but for some reason I prefer instrumentals. On the other hand, I know many people that don’t really like instrumental music. I feel like the most popular reason being is they think it is boring because there are no words. Anyway, no big deal, people have a right to listen to whatever they want…This got me thinking though. I’m not a music historian or anything, but I feel like back in the day the majority of music was instrumental, like classical, jazz, and big band type shit. I feel like those could be considered the “pop” music of the time. Do you think instrumental music, whether it’s hip hop, jazz or whatever will ever make it’s way into the mainstream again?

On a pop music level, it’s safe to say instrumental music will never be a factor. The lack of vocals makes in unaccessible to your average listener. Shit, I make the stuff and don’t even listen to most instrumental music.
If you look at music without vocals, the biggest shit to hit over the last 20 years was stuff like Moby or Fatboy Slim. It was basically instrumental electronica with vocal samples filling the choruses. So, even that, while technically instrumental music, had something to grab the listeners ear. Which is really a huge part of pop music.
Granted , on a more indie level, there have been some successful groups. Ratatat is an all instrumental group that has a pretty huge following. But I think I’d bet against ever hearing something like that played on pop radio or MTV. It’s great music but it’s simply not marketable on a large scale anymore. Unless Justin Beiber made it. If he makes a Jazz album of solo piano songs with no singing, MAYBE they’d show a clip of that on tv. So, you can always hope that happens.

How many subway footlong’s do you think you could eat in one sitting?

Unbeknownst to many of you, I am the fastest eater alive. I can put down food in a dangerously speedy manner. However, this doesn’t also crossover to the quantity of food I can eat. So, while I could eat one foot long (Pause) in about a minute and 30 seconds, I’d be pretty full after that. MAYBE i could force another half down but I’d regret it and probably shit my pants afterwards. Is that what you want? Me to shit my pants? Jerk.

What’s the last text you sent?

“got it” Pretty exciting , huh? Good thing you didn’t ask me about three texts ago cause that would have been awesome.

Danny Brown’s “XXX” or OME “Rapper’s Will Die of Natural Causes”? Pick one and explain why.

I know this will sound like a cop out but these two albums are far too different for me to compare and contrast. They’re both very good in their own way. The only thing they have in common is that they’re weird. I’ll say this, I think I bump more songs off Danny browns album but OME’s album has specific songs I like the most.

I know you probably have beats that you have not put out and maybe
won’t put out. Are you sitting on a beat or beats you did that you
feel is your best but you just have not put it out yet?

I’ve definitely got beats laying around. Many of them are claimed for some project or another but , as of now, they’re homeless. Are they my best? Eh…it’s hard to say. Whenever I make new stuff, there’s always a chance. The beats I have laying around that have been floating around for years, don’t tend to be the best cause, if they were, I’d have used them on my solo albums or a rapper would have picked them. I’d say there are tracks that haven’t been fully realized yet. Definitely a lot of tracks that , if a rapper used them, they would be awesome.

What would you have done in the past to break awkward moments that were created either by you or your date, or your surroundings?

My immediate response to awkward situations is to crack jokes. I actually go out of my way to not have awkward moments. In fact, I focus a lot of time on avoiding such situations. I’m like the anti-Larry David in that sense. I’ve very cautious about things like that.
Although, sometimes you can’t avoid them. The other day , I was at a friends house to watch the Mayweather fight. I met a friend of her’s who was a little bit older than me but grew up in the same neighborhood i did. Whenever I meet someone from that area I get excited cause it’s pretty rare. Anyway, we’re chatting and finding out all the people we know in common and I bring up a dude I know that she also knows , who had cancer. I’m not close with the guy but I had heard that he was better so I figured it was safe to ask. She got really quiet and kinda started to well up a little and responded something “you know, it’s just been really tough…” . Now, as far as I know, he’s totally fine but she’s making me think he just died and I had no idea. So, that was pretty fucking awkward. I immediately told we could drop it and apologized for bringing it up. I’m still in the dark as to whether there’s some shit I didn’t know or she’s just one of those extremely over dramatic people who thrives on co-opting the pain of others. Who knows? Whatever the case, it sucked.

What is your opinion of The Chronic? (not weed, Dr. Dre’s album from 1992.)
Do you think the production or rapping sounds dated compared to today’s popular rap?

I haven’t listened to it in a long time but that era of hip hop seems to hold up pretty well. Pretty much, well made beats and rhymes that were not too complicated tend to have timeless feel to them. The chronic was a landmark album. That shit changed how people made beats. Granted, it opened the door for some terrible hack G-funk bullshit by producers who couldn’t hold Dr. Dre’s record bag , but it was easily one of the most influential rap albums of all time. At least stylistically. So, yeah, it holds up to me.

On a side note, I have a distinct memory of when I first heard “Nuthin but a G thing”. I was home from school, assed out on the couch watching Yo!MTV raps. This video comes on and I was like “What the fuck is this?!?!!”. It just sounded so different to me and Snoop’s presence on the song just jumped off the screen. I remembered him from “Deep Cover” so I was hyped that he had a new song. Then I didn’t hear it again for like 3 weeks cause no one on the east coast was playing it and the song hadn’t blown up yet. A month later though, it was on every day.

Do you feel like racism is still alive in America? What was the last racist act you witnessed?

Of course Racism is alive. Not like it once was but it’s still very much there. The only difference is that it’s now been so beaten into peoples heads that it’s not a good thing , that the racist people tend to keep it indoors. If you’re curious to see racism, just go to any youtube comments section. You will be both enlightened and horrified. The illest things is that it’s usually spawned from some pretty basic things. Like an interview with Lebron James or a discussion of Beyonce’s hair.
The last racist act I witnessed? Shit…Probably some sideways comment from a cab driver. It’s funny, in my entire life, I’ve seen/heard very few overt racist acts. It’s usually just someone who got too comfortable with me and lets out a sentence that he should have kept inside. And even then , it’s usually some diss to jews. I will say this, white people who are racist against blacks or hispanic people are VERY cautious nowadays. But people who diss jews , gays and asians? They let that shit fly.

Quick Fire boring question round:
What is stopping you from putting out an independent instrumental album?

like outside of the label that already has put out 4 of them?
Money and know how.

Do you have awesome unreleased material that we may never get to hear?
Very little. I tend to use what I make. The only stuff I have tons of that’s unreleased is super old shit from when I still rapped and, you can rest assured, that shit is never getting out.

Your ASR10 can go out on you at any moment. So that is when you mightmake the jump to digital. Has there been a fear of going digital? It
just seems like to me, someone who has the root skill of composition
when it comes to beat making would flourish in a simple sample based
digital environment like Reason. If you do eventually go digital, what
kind of software might you try?

I’ve been using Ableton Live for the past 5 years. So, that is a leap I’ve made already. I still use the Asr though, just along side the Ableton.

4 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 53

  1. Block, I am not talking shit about your speed eating, I just want to make sure you are aware of the possible consequences of it. Ever heard of a Hiatal Hernia from eating too fast? If not you should become aware, it is becoming more and more common, and isn’t something you want to deal with. Just tryin to look out for the cookout.

    • Just so you know, I used to eat the same way. However, as I got older and a lot more concerned with taking care of myself, I stopped; as I did with a lot of other unhealthy practices that I won’t go into.

      • I feel you. honestly, it’s kind of a OCD thing for me. I can’t not eat fast. I’ve tried to slow down but I just have a knack for consumption. SO far, so good, health wise. I suppose we’ll see!

  2. Block, have you experienced the joys of ear hair yet? What about other “coming of age” body changes? Is thee enough there for a full-on post?

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