American Juggalo documentary

For a while now, I’ve been saying someone should immerse themselves in juggalo world and make a full length documentary on the entire culture.
It’s truly fascinating. Well, someone must have (sort of) heard my prayers (God is a juggalo?) cause I was just alerted of this movie. While it’s only 20 minutes, it covers pretty much everything you’d want to know, as told by the juggalo’s themselves. The fat ones, the pregnant ones, the high ones and the sober ones. It pretty much covers the the whole spectrum.
This is something special. I dunno how this isn’t a bigger deal on the internet yet but it’s pretty much like the Juggalo version of that “The decline of western civilization” documentary.
There is really so much that can be said about this short film but , honestly, it’s nothing I haven’t said before.
So, let’s skip the yapping today and just enjoy the film. ART, yo. also, NSFW.

23 thoughts on “American Juggalo documentary

  1. Wow. That satisfied so many morbid curiosities. What’s more, it confirmed so many stereotypes I had of juggalos. My worst nightmare would be waking up in one of those fuckin tents.

  2. I think we just found the next destination for the cast of the Jersey Shore. Then, in typical MTV fashion, there has to be a Juggalo spin-off and a “True Life: I’m a Juggalo” episode. Can’t wait! Make it happen MTV!

  3. The most generalizations I’ve heard in a 20 minute time frame. The saddest part is seeing all the parents. The ones who brought their kids and the ones who didn’t. Smh.

  4. What a mind fuck. @12:23 dialysis 2 dope shouts out Oklahoma 918. I am not happy about this. Also. Who the fuck kidnapped that sexy blonde with the painted tits at the end?

  5. Maaaan. forgot I read bout this earlier. This is what I should’ve watched on my lunch break instead of porn… ha. I could’ve done both. oh well.

  6. jesus christ, they sound like walking youtube comments. and what’s even more depressing is seeing a bunch of people in at least their twenties spewing this shit that I was convinced was being said purely by 14 year olds on the internet. they really do just eat up all that pseudo-philosophy like it’s the most profound thing they’ve ever heard. They legitimately think they invented “live and let live” and all the other things that “being a juggalo is all about”. all of those things seem to really be more like what “not being a judgemental prick” is about. you can’t just throw around a couple nuggets of age-old wisdom and pretend it has anything to do with clown make-up and cheap soda.

  7. who brought the one sexy blonde at the end? seriously… the one good looking girl in the whole scene? i feel bad for the kids who get dragged to this, someone think of the children!

  8. I was really trying to come up with something to add or something insightful or clever, but I am almost at a loss. I am all for being rebellious in an attempt to define who you are while fighting social and personal oppressions. But there is a line you can cross where you almost lose touch with reality. Or you realize you are creating an augmented reality that is really a huge illusion at the end of the day. That’s just my personal fear I guess. What I am trying to say is… I do what I do. I try not to let anyone stop me because they don’t like it. But I do what I do with the goal to grow and attain more knowledge and happiness of not hurting anyone INCLUDING MYSELF IN THE PROCESS. I don’t want to be a fool and dedicate my life to something foolish that I will regret later in life. So I look for bad signs. And one obvious one is IF SOMEONE IS HURT. I can go on and on so I will try and close here. I am all for acceptance of you and who you are. I try not to judge you because I don’t like being judged. One time some cats tried to front on me because I still rock Jordans. Implying that I should have grown out of this stage and that wearing them is a sign of something wrong, like immaturity. But I am not hurting them and not hurting myself by wearing them so I don’t see a problem. At least not a problem where you need to step in and save me from myself because I like Jordans. But when I saw these people in this doc, I was blown away. I am trying not to judge but at the same time I feel compelled to save them from themselves. Because it looked like some of those people are hurting. When you are running to a community so you can BELONG to something because you don’t want to be rejected anymore… that feels like a cry for help. Like that part where that girl was talking about how this was the closest thing she had to a family because “he helped me pay my rent.” Or that part where the dude was bragging about how well he could fukn’ cook chicken fried steak? They just seemed like really hurt people to me. Like they were about to cry. And what I’d like to tell myself is, I am not judging them. I simply see people who are sooooo hurt, that they ran out into a forest and ran into a bunch of goats and said, THESE GOATS ARE MY FAMILY BECAUSE THEY DON’T JUDGE ME. THEY ACCEPT ME. All I am trying to say is, I think there is real genuine happiness that can be attained. Chasing ignorance to reach a state of bliss is not real happiness. But you know what… if these people are finding true real happiness in their hearts, GOD BLESS THEM MAN. For real…

  9. The funny thing to me is that these people are partially or maybe even wholly outcasted, or are at least deemed this by themselves or others, and the reality is that they have have brought this on themselves by accepting this lifestyle and trying to mimic these clowns (pun intended) down to how they dress, talk, and act to what they believe and their philosophies. While they might have been outcasts or loners before I’m sure basing their lifestyle on being a juggalo cannot help u become more socially accepted except for in this small subculture. And these people seem to seriously base their whole lives on these musical groups and their ideals. It seems more like a cult than anything else… and the saddest part is that these fucks are getting Mega rich since these dumbasses buy anything and everything they put out… which if you have ever been exposed to any part of this world, its a ton of merchandise. This shit was hilarious and also sad.

  10. I actually dug their music for a minute, when i was sixteen (fifteen years ago), i thought it was clever and original and like a car crash was drawn to the disturbing-ness of it even though it made me feel weird. Then i went and saw them perform in detroit (i lived just outside of) and sat through 2 hours of shitty opening acts to see them do a thirty minute medley of all their songs, run around the stage and throw a bunch of fago, and then leave. When i left the venue i left any interest, intrigue, and pleasure i ever got from their music behind, and never looked back. Their shit was pure bred made for sixteen year olds, i dont understand how someone doesnt grow out of, at least, the music. And spray paint on ur face? Really? What the fuck man.

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