So Riff Raff is for real now?

The first time I laid eyes on the man known as Riff Raff, was on the TV show “From G’s to Gents”. On this show, Farnsworth Bentley , the beholder of all that is debonair, took a bunch of dumb motherfuckers who were raised wrong and attempted to better them as people. Riff Raff stuck out cause he was probably the most wiggardly person ever put on a reality TV show. He was cartoon like. His accent was so thick it seemed as if he may have been speaking Taiwanese. His hair was corn rowed like something out of an Allen Iverson wet dream. He was an all out, balls to the wall, dumb texas wigger. Paul Wall times a million.
So, I’m pretty sure he got voted off or whatever and I assumed he would vanish into the reality show black hole that has taken so many others like him. Well,I was wrong. First off, it turns out he was a rapper. While this is not at all surprising, it is what got him back into the publics eye. In particular, the discovery of him by Simon Rex AKA Dirt Nasty via The Alchemest.

So, yeah. that happened. I understand Rex’s curiosity towards the man. He’s a fascinating human. Much like The white Girl mob’s V-Nasty, he’s one of those people I can’t believe exist on this earth. Not cause people can’t be that stupid but because I feel like, in the real world, someone would checked him along the way…or put him in an insane asylum. Something. It makes me think that, damn, this dude not only had a childhood but he also probably went to some sort of school at some point. I find it hard to believe , at no point in his growth, that someone was like “uh, hey man, you know you’re kind of retarded , right?”.

Anyway, after Dirt Nasty gave him some internet shine, his buzz began to build. He started releasing his music and making all sorts of youtube videos for his music.

Now, personally, I see humor value in these types of things. The songs are as dumb as they can be and his freestyles have actually had a few genuinely funny moments. Still, I has assumed this was a joke we were all in on, except Riff Raff. Like on some “windy city heat” type shit. That’s when I saw this and was thrown for a curve:

Wait a minute. Was that just Riff Raff talking like a normal white bro? Yes. Yes, It was. This flipped my world around cause, all of sudden, I realized he’s on some Andy Kaufman of rap shit (minus the whole “genius” thing). This was a character. It actually made a lot more sense than him actually being like that but still, his dedication is more than admirable. The tattoos alone are pretty mind blowing. But, I suppose he is partially this character in real life. Like a more savvy, less brain dead version.

On top of all that, he befriended the White Girl Mob. To me, this makes his joke even better cause I feel like they’re not even fully in on it. They’re just happy to have someone around them (who is also white) that acts as dumb as they do and smokes tons of weed.
It turns out this guy is a joke. Not in a “black eyed peas” kinda way though. He’s not the punchline. It’s a joke he’s telling.

Knowing all this, I’m left somewhat confused. Lately, I’ve been hearing people give him genuine praise as a rapper. Now, he’s certainly funny, but he’s also terrible at rapping(Although, I will say his freestyles>>>>his recorded material). Those two qualities really go hand in hand with things like this. The thing is, i’m not 100% sure a lot of the people creating this buzz feel the same way. There’s part of me that think they legitimately like his music, as if it is good rap. In this age of internet trend hopping , it’s hard to tell when people are being honest or ironic. In terms of something like Riff Raff, I can’t call it.
So just to be clear…

Riff Raff is: Funny guy, not a real person who acts like that, dedicated to his character, slightly crazy.

Riff Raff is NOT: A good rapper, as dumb as you think he is.

Just wanted to clear that up cause some of you are trying way too hard to make something into something it isn’t. Embrace the stupidity , but don’t go overboard. If you do, just know that Riff raff is secretly laughing at you.

45 thoughts on “So Riff Raff is for real now?

  1. finally it makes sense
    when i first saw riff raff on mtv i thought he was just an actor who gets paid to act the way he does to make the show more interestig and it worked he was definitly the reason why i watched this show….

  2. I was on a reality show. I wasn’t voted off. I was BELOVED by millions of people. And I make good, creative, original music that no one gives a fuck about. I was on a bunch of talk shows but all anyone wanted to talk about was my crazy ass mother.

    Life ain’t fair and I don’t like it.

  3. I haven’t commented in awhile so I thought I should on this…only being able to make it through the music videos, that’s six minutes of my life I’m not getting back…and that’s no joke….I don’t think I’ll ever understand the comedy in acting “dumb as fuck”….

    • It’s a sweet science but it’s certainly not for everyone. Personally, I’d rather watch the first three videos with Dirt nasty than the actual music videos he makes.

  4. It all makes sense now..He is that douche that I saw on this stupid ass video of v-nasty…Apparently her album is going to be Mad Nice…I laugh

  5. block i agree with your take on riff raff. other than your underlying dislike, cuz i think he is entertaining and worth watching

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    • You all are motivators with your spewwing of hot hate! This guy will run a part of the music scene at some point in time and you are all gonna be guilty of purchasing a download of “NEON iCON”

      • I doubt that…but also, can you read? I don’t hate him at all. I’m highly intrigued by him but I also think he’s kinda full of shit.

  7. i know Horst Simco aka Riff Raff. I met him back in 2003 when he had a crew cut and leather bomber jacket in northern minnesota where he attended college. he’s a gimic, he may be entertaining, but so is a pile of dog shit drying in the sun…. stay real, listen to real music. hip hop is about “real” well it used to be. not anymore. ITS ALL A JOKE!

  8. I saw a video of this guy with Soulja Boy and thought he was literally develpmentally disabled, not just a little slow. His wiggerness intrigued me so I watched a few videos of him on youtube. His music videos seemed to confirm that the man truly was retarted. Then I saw one of his interviews where he transitioned from Riff Raff to his snobby British alter-ego and I realized that he may be a shit musician, but he’s a brilliant comedian. I was shocked.

  9. Damn, I really wanna see those videos (British alter-ego/talking like a normal white bro) they anywhere else? YouTube pulled ’em…

  10. You people are fools. you do not understand the magnitude of what this man is doing. he is light years ahead of you. You are all trapped in the box as he creates in open space. This man is a genius with a message of unity and social revolution.

  11. hahahaha u think dude is a fraud and actor????? then tell me why Houston’s most influential rappers were giving him shoutouts in 2005…..


    • That was in reference to the cartoon Riff Raff who was the leader of the Cadillacs. Riff is hilarious but get off his dick…

      • Nah it was reference to riff raff the rapper I know cus og Ron c did a lot of work with riff before he was main stream can’t hate on dude he grind hard my home bought dc from riff before he was famous at Sharpstown mall called texas tornado like in 09

  12. Riff raff is a genius. He’s way ahead of his time. He’s so far ahead he’s in the next life. He’s making money and endorsement like its nothing. He freestyle off the dome. He’s a actor a athlete and a comedian. Use this ghetto culture and ride it until the wheels fall off.good luck with that riff.

  13. I totally admire Riff Raff he’s a creative genius and whether people like or dislike him he’s still famous because of it.

  14. That was the biggest load of inaccurate bullshit I’ve ever read. Not even being biased, just on top of this being completely one sided a lot of/all of the “facts” were totally wrong.

      • I know this is old but this was actually a skit called hotel snobbery. still a little suspicious because the video got deleted. overall though I think riff raff isn’t that bad, people are just stuck on his image. if anything I admire his confidence and carefree state of mind.

  15. .He’s not fake, you just don’t get it. Trust me, I grew up in the ghetto in the south. Theres serious people in ghettos and people who clown around too, riff raff is like a class clown that grew up in the hood and was influenced by texas rap culture thus the jordans, braids, tattoos, and jewelry. Plus hes on drugs… trust me before he existed I knew plenty of people like this, they aren’t “acting” that is really them they just like to clown around a lot

  16. Good god I just saw this guy on Youtube and I Googled to see if he was genuinely retarded, some sort of mental illness. I’ve seen his face around before but I just chalked it up to him being a parody or something, he has mtv tatted on his neck — tf am I supposed to think right? Has to be a comedian or some rich actor’s idiot son… Are you telling me he is an actual rapper?!?! Those rhymes I heard were… That was an actual song that was released lol?! It was so bad that I went blank for over 2 minutes, my very attempt at deciphering this enigma of a joke caused my brain to shut itself off as a means to protect itself, I think I went into some sort of dissociative state from having participated in such a mindless activity. Holy buttf*ck batman, Hip Hop isn’t just dead as I previously thought, it went full retard, its not rap, its not exactly pop, Idk wtf it is, it turned into a mindf*ck of a riddle that makes no sense even when you figure it out. I can’t even process how a group of industry professionals gave the nod to okay this god awful cacophony of irritating sounds, its like he didn’t even try except it is so specifically wack that it begs the question… Are you f*cking serious right now?!?!?! The fact that he exists says that people out there are actually buying this garbage, not only is Riff Raff an utter retard but there are people out there that are even more retarded! The whole thing is like a rabbit hole of madness and the more you try and figure it out the more your brain shoots sparks begging you to STOP! GFdffgdgfdsdsffggg…. I…. Wt…. Is this undisputable evidence of the human race de-evolving?!? I feel like I need a beanie-copter hat and a drool-cup after what I just heard, a protective helmet so that I won’t damage my skull because I’m sure to hug my knees in the corner and bang my head against the wall as I rock back and forth in sheer terror — what the ever-loving-f*ck is this sh*t?!????! Sippy-juice rap! He birthed a new era. End o’ days! End o’ days smh…

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