Phatfriend Becomes a man

I don’t know if this means anything at all, but I recently dropped the “WordPress” from my blog title , and now this blog is officially called “”.

Anyway, maybe some of you more savvy internet types can tell me why there was a point to this , besides having to type less letters. Enlighten the gawd…

While we’re here, here’s a list of other things I could have spent the $17 it costs to make this wordpress site a real domain.
About 7 of those awesome new greek yogurts I just discovered
A movie and half a bag of popcorn
Half of a visit to my doctor
A really shady mexican hooker in queens
A little over a month of Howard Stern on demand
2 sandwiches from the good deli a block away from my crib
14 DVD’s from the african guy with the blanket on 14th street (would involve haggling)
A small pack of Claritan
95 pieces of Bazooka joe gum in 1995
Condoms? Probably. It’s been a while.
1 cd in 1994
1,000 cd’s in 2011

And, to finish this pointless and aimless post, a guy on a buffalo

14 thoughts on “Phatfriend Becomes a man

  1. I fucking love Greek yogurt! Honey flavored. Congrats to your blogs for reaching puberty. I have also been singing guy on a buffalo at work for the past week. “It’s cheaper than adoption”

  2. It gives the allure of computer literacy. I use a web host for a couple of my businesses. The impression is that if you have have to use a web host then you are not computer savvy enough to have created your own site. That’s about it…But, congrats nonetheless.

  3. Yo Block, random question. Can I be a music producer without knowing how to play piano/keyboard. I play guitar and have mainly been sampling piano and other shit that I can’t play. Just wondering if there are any producers that make legitimate beats, without knowledge of the keys. I read so many articles about musicians that never had any “formal” musical education only to find out later they play like 6 instruments. what’s your take?

      • Really? That is definitely encouraging. I’ve spent like 6 months trying to learn FL Studios and have been like “am I going about this all wrong?”. Nothing is more frustrating then having an idea and having to spend two hours looking up how to actually do it in the program. I still think I am doing shit ass backwards, but I am getting better and quicker. You’re beats are tight so if you don’t play an instrument and can produce some of the classics you have, it definitely gives me motivation to keep learning shit. Thanks man!

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