Ask Dr. Tony Vol 6

Hello everyone. I was just shining my nobel peace prize for “Best pussy advice”. I’m pretty proud. As always, I must tell you that I’m not a certified anything and this advice is completely just a dude talking. But, i think I’m usually not far off so, take it as you will.
If you have more questions of these nature, email me them at My door is always open.

This hasn’t happened recently, but I kinda thought it was gonna go down. Sometimes you’ll meet a bitch and shit will get wack kind of quick, and when you introduce her to your friends she acts all over it and above it or whatever…then when the situation between you is deaded between the two of you, she starts trying to kick it with your social group. What do you do? Ignore her and let it ride? Hate? Find new friends? Cry?

This can be tricky. Cause she could be coming at you from a few different angles.
1)She wants to fuck your friends more than you.
Straight up, you may have been the guy that got her in but you were nothing more than the key to the door of the party. When it’s all said and done, she might fuck like three of your boys and end up dating one of them seriously. So, depending on if you like her or not, you might just have to keep it moving. Treat her like a non-entity. In other words, deal with it.
2)She genuinely wants to be friends with your friends
Girls do this weird thing where they actually want to be buddies with guys they just meet. This is fine but they ignore the fact that, if they are even remotely attractive, the guys are just trying to fuck them. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that your group of friends are all really cool guys. This girl may be used to a lower caliber of dude. Like all the guys she hung out with before your crew were corn balls who listened to Dave Matthews and did Borat impressions still. Then she meets a group of funny, fun guys and all of a sudden, she’s enamored. Either way, she’ll probably end up fucking three of your boys and dating one so, again,

i’ve been on 3 dates with this girl and things are progressing towards me getting my penis wet. but last time, she told me that she used to be really depressed and cut herself. now, i’m caught between my upper instinct to bolt and my lower instinct to stick it out (she is pretty dope). i have no previous experience in this area and could use your expert advice in the matter. she apparently doesn’t do it any longer, but is this kind of baggage ever not a huge deal? peace.

Girls with emotional problems are something I , personally, have always avoided. THe second I see that sign of “oh, this bitch is kinda crazy” , it would be a wrap. But that’s me. Some dudes love that crazy shit. I’m sure the sex is great.
The thing is, there is a chance that all of that is in the past. If she was a cutter like 10 years ago but stopped, maybe she’s past it. Or maybe she still does it and just isn’t telling you cause, you know, that shit is the mark of being a pretty unstable mess. Once a mess, always a mess. I’d venture to guess some shit happened to her earlier in life that led to her being a cutter. If that’s the case (which I’d imagine you won’t find out any time soon), then her depression will likely come back and she will definitely be a handful to deal with. If you’re just in this to fuck, be a better man and bow out. If you actually like her, prepare yourself for what may be a highly involved, emotional relationship.
Whatever you do, don’t fuck her just to fuck her and then diss her cold. I’m guessing she’s a touch fragile and that kinda shit can really fuck up a girl’s head. But who knows, maybe she’s one of those slutty goth types who wants to drink blood while you bang her with a blindfold on.

Hello there. Block, here’s my problem: i cant cum during intercourse. Backstory: i was a virgin until the age of 25. Naturally, i jerked it A LOT and i never had a problem reaching climax (in fact, i was nervous that I’d only last 30 seconds when i had my first time). Sometime last summer i finally got it goin with an amazing girl. The first time we had sex, we were really drunk and i didnt cum, thinking if had to be the alcohol. But over the course of 7 months (the entirety of our relationship) i kept having the same problem. This wasnt the cause of the end of the relationship, but i know it didnt help. Fast forward to now, ive been with 5 other girls since our break-up and i STILL have the same problem. What do i do?

I gotta think this is all in your head. I only say that cause you are able to jerk off and bust. Honestly, what you’re going through sounds a lot like what tons of girls go through who can achieve orgasm during sex. While some girls get in their own heads too much some just aren’t capable. Well, you are a man so it’s certainly not that you’re incapable.
Some dudes take a looooong time to bust. It’s just how they’re wired. I feel like maybe your issue is that you’re only comfortable in your own hand. After all, it’s all you knew for the first 25 years of your life. Have you tried pulling out and finishing off with your hand? That can be lots of fun. Especially if you’re fucking one of those girls who likes getting jizzed on.
I feel like this problem will fix itself once you start fucking another girl on the regular who you like and trust. That way you can vocalize your worries about this problem and not feel vulnerable and self conscious about it.
On the bright side of things, if you think about it, this problem also makes you an unstoppable sex machine. While most dudes are starting and stopping to keep from busting, you can just go on and on. That might get tiring for a girl after a while but, all things considered, you can basically be a living and breathing fucking machine that never breaks. So you have that. Remember, if you’re wearing a condom, you can always fake the orgasm. I think it’s lame to do but that’s always an option.

Alright, Love Doctor, lets test your abilities to hand out good advice.
So I am in college, but I am a little older than most still in college
(26). I went to a school out west for a year, and had absolutely NO
trouble pulling girls. However, now I am back on the East Coast in
school, and it is the complete opposite. When I was in the West, it was
easy, because there were so many more girls than guys, and basically if
you were just a decent guy then girls would realize you weren’t ONLY
trying to get in their pants and boom you could get in their pants (or
date them, whatever). Not sure if it is because I am in the Bible Belt
which somehow makes girls who aren’t even very religious harder to get
with, or if it is just girls were easier out west but regardless the
issue is getting old. To tell you a little bit about myself, I can be
pretty socially abnormal. It takes me longer than your average person
to feel close to/trust anyone whether it be a friend or a girl I am
interested in, but when I get comfortable with a person I can be as
open, loving, friendly blah blah blah, as anyone else but it takes me a
little longer to get there; which can pose some issues when trying to be
smooth and what not. Also, I am not one to lie/mislead/misrepresent
myself to ladies about my feelings or myself in order to get with them
in any capacity; sometimes I wonder if it may be easier that way.

So I recently started the Fall semester and this girl who I had never
seen before was in two of my classes. She has been going to this
school, but just got into the same major as me. I am not sure what it
is about her, but I was instantly drawn to this girl. The best way I
can describe it is we seem to have a similar style, appreciation in
music, and there is just something I can’t put my finger on, and it
isn’t just that she is sexy as hell. Without sounding too kraft, its
like I know who she is, more so than you would your average person you
just laid eyes on. We have spoken a few times, and there was no problem
there. Some people I know are friends with her, and one of them told me
she wasn’t worth the effort, based on what one of his friends said to
him. I don’t care about that though, I want to make this girl, my
girl, straight up. Not like I know a ton about her, but I can’t shake
this feeling like me and her would mesh really well. Recently like
within the passed few days, she added me on Facebook; I wasn’t going to
add her because I wanted to try and get to know her away from Facebook
first. She seems like she might be somewhat interested in me, based on
some body language stuff I have picked up on and the fact that I wasn’t
expecting her to add me on Facebook, but then again she could have just
added me to be a friend or something; I don’t know. I am awful at
reading girls, and honestly have the social skills of a vampire, and not
the True Blood kind. With this in mind, can you somehow give me an
idiots guide to the best way to get her. Like I need an extensive
answer, because the girl getting social skills that most guys take for
granted, I don’t have. Last year I thought this other girl was
interested in me, and for good reason, she kept texting me and asking me
questions that seemed like questions a girl would ask if she was
interested and trying to get to know you. But nope apparently it was
just her trying to be friends. Not that I care about that happening, it
turned out she was one of those girls who plays grown up, but carries on
with her friends like they are on the “Real World” or some other reality
TV show. I bring that up, because it was awkward, and I don’t want to
come off like that to this girl. I need help love doctor, help me get
this girl. Remember, answer the question like you are telling an alien
who doesn’t understand how to make these things happen. Don’t get me
wrong, I’ve been with a decent amount of ladies, but have no clue what
it is I did or didn’t do that got their attention in a good way. If
you need more info to help me, I’ll be glad to give it. Thanks.

Nice novel, bro.
Okay, so this girl you like is now your facebook friend. You talk to her in class sometimes and she’s flirty. Because you’re a bit of a social retard, I would use the opportunity of being facebook friends with her and try and get the initial flirtation stuff out of the way via the written word. Everyone is more charming when they write stuff down cause they can edit themselves. Now, don’t write some weird long winded “I like you!” message. Just be funny and mildly flirtatious. DO NOT be that creep that “Likes” all her pics and don’t leave “You look so beautiful”comments under her beach pictures. Just leave witty comments here and there. Be playful. If nothing else, it’ll make you seem like you’re not a creep , that you’re kinda funny and that you’re noticing her. This kind of interaction can snowball in a way. Not meaning , you comment on everything she does , but she will gain more familiarity with you as a person just through these stupid little comments you are leaving. Maybe you’ll leave a video on her page that you think she’ll like. All the while, maintaining you’re actual real life relationship with nice conversation and slight flirting. I can’t stress the slight flirting enough cause things like this can easily devolve into the friendship zone. You must keep an air about yourself that you’re a slightly sexual being. Being that sucker for love “aw shucks” type of nice guy is fine but it won’t get you laid with girls in their early 20’s.
Eventually, you can get to a point where you invite her to a thing your going to. Very casually. It’s a group setting. It’s not a date. But you’ll both be there. Hopefully, you’ll both be drunk and you can make out with her. That’s how these thing work when you’re not a forward kinda guy.
Oh , you could also use her facebook on some stalker shit and track where she goes to party and just show up there (with friends, don’t be that lone wolf creep). Basically, the quicker you put yourself in a social situation with her, the better chance you have. Booze doesn’t hurt either. For all you know she’s got a crush on you too and is just waiting for a chance to make it happen.

2 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Tony Vol 6

  1. there’s this girl in my class who is soooooo hot but she is 20 (i’m 25)… and yeah.. she is actually retarded. still, i just wanna fuck her but i don’t think we could even be friends… and i have to see her everyday till one of us is done with the college.

    i don’t really give a fuck about it, as i know i don’t like her and she is 5 years younger than me, have nothing to share with her, etc… but i’m scared that one of these days i will be drunk and it will just happen… should i keep avoiding it or just go for it???

    thx Mr Dr Love!!!

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