Answers for questions Vol. 55

Hi there.
This week is a good one. Lots of fun questions. Thanks to all those who submitted and , please, send me more at or leave them in the comments below. No reason to blab on here. let’s get to the questions.

So here’s the scenario: You wake up in a bed made of the softest,
angel-pussy fabric imaginable. The gorgeous woman you somehow managed
to wrangle last night is in the kitchen making you breakfast. So my
question to you is, what is the breakfast she’s making that just
absolutely perfects this fantasy?

Side question, is angel pussy like the ultimate in softness? By that same reasoning, would a bed made with devil pussy fabric be like sleeping on a beehive made of brillo pads? Makes you think.
Anyway, I’m not really a breakfast guy so she can make whatever she wants. What are the chances this woman can cook anyway? Can she do a proper Hollandaise sauce? Unlikely. But really, if we’re talking fantasy, food isn’t in the equation. In real life, it would be but I’ve never jerked off to the idea of what the meal afterwards is gonna be like.

So the f8 developer conference is going on. FB will allow users to share playlists independent of what music service they use. (spotify, rhapsody, etc). I asked you before what you thought about social music playlist sharing, which you said that your music probably would not be available.

With all the users on FB, I’m thinking that more people are going to be introduced to music services (even more so than the old Napster days). Which means even less people will buy music.

We have already seen itunes singles destroy album sales. Are you at all concerned with music subscription services this time around?

I’ve thrown in the towel on caring about music sales. Unless you’re an elite artist (lil Wayne, Kanye) you’re not gonna sell that many records.
It’s just how things are. I don’t love it cause, you know, this is how I make a living but, it’s out of my hands. I can only hope that I keep making music that people wanna hear on some level and they’ll come out and see me when I tour. But, please, if you’re a fan, BUY MY MUSIC.

So – do you think that we’re going to end up with a generation of fucked-up kids that think all men should ideally have no (or very little) body hair and a giant cock, and all women love nothing more than a load in their face? (erm…am I the only one who gets that message…oh…). And if so, how much is that because of porn, or is our weird (in the West) sex-obsessed and at the same time repressed society the issue?

I think, in terms of the overall relationships between men and women, it’ll be OK. Women have always been way more accepting of guys short comings.
Sure, they might be happy to see a buff, hairless dude with a huge cock in their bed, but , when the dust settles, it’s not that big a deal. At least to grown ups. Young girls are more likely caught up with that cause it’s just how they are. It’s always funny to see some 5’1” 19 year old preach about how much she loves a big cock when , in reality, it would destroy her. It’s like when with car rims. It’s a cooler idea than a reality.

I do think the internet and porn have definitely had a bad effect on us sexually though. It’s more cause things that were once considered taboo are now commonplace in porn. That probably makes a young girl watching a hardcore double anal penetration scene online with her friends think “Maybe that’s what guys like?”. Back in my day, Anal sex in porn was a specialty. It seems like only Europeans did it and it was in its own section. Now, it’s like if you’re a girl who doesn’t do it, you’re a prude.That is 100% porn’s fault. It’s pretty fucked up thinking.
I remember, when I was single, I hooked up with this girl who was a lot younger than me. I was like 29 and she was 20. I felt like a scumbag about it but, hey, let the boy cook. Anyway, we had sex and she was just insane. Like WAY too advanced for her age. It kinda turned me off cause , in a weird way, it made me see her as younger than I had already felt like she was. Like she was damaged goods. It bought up thoughts of her (and her generation) as being one that always had the internet and free porn available to them. When I was 16, we had to seek out a VHS tape and it was treated like a golden bible amongst my friends. Now, it’s like you can go online and see anything you’re brain can think of within 5 seconds.I dunno. I know I sound like an old man about this but there is a element of innocence that is lost on today’s youth. I can only pray, if I ever have a daughter, she’s not one of those girls who loves getting loads in her face.

how do you feel about your music being “drug friendly”?

I think it’s fine. My only problem with it is that people are legitimately bummed when I tell them I don’t smoke weed. Even more so when I tell them I don’t make my music while high. That’s something I could never do, even when I did smoke.
The fact of the matter is, music is always better when you’re stoned. Mine is no different. I’m just glad people do drugs cause I’d have a lot less fans otherwise.

is your own music in your ipod?

I do. But I don’t listen to it. The only time I play my music in my IPOD is when I’m working on an album. I take whatever the newest versions of what the songs are and listen to them over and over again to troubleshoot and see how I could improve them. Lots of times it’s how I end up finding the finishing touches for the songs and it brings the sequencing process together nicely. Lately, while working on my newest album, I’ve been listening to it while working out at the gym. It’s been pretty perfect for that.

Block, have you experienced the joys of ear hair yet? What about other “coming of age” body changes?

Shit, I’ve been coming of age for like 15 years now. I haven’t gotten the ear hair thing yet though. I’m not a wildly hairy person though. My legs are basically hairless. But , that old played out joke that , as you get older, the hair you want falls off and the hair you don’t want keeps growing , is true. For me, it’s nose hair and shoulder hair. Neither of things are that bad but they’re new additions to my life , as of the last 5 years or so.
Other things I’ve noticed recently is a basic soreness throughout my whole body. This is very likely due to my playing basketball all the time and not stretching but it’s real. I feel the beginning of what must be arthritis in my ankles. It fucking sucks. Getting old sucks. I turned 35 this past weekend. It’s a wrap.

is there any particular story behind “The Daily Routine”? For some reason I’ve always assumed the sample of the those people screaming at each other was something you recorded yourself, like around your building or something. Like, these were people who lived in your building who were always yelling at each other, every day, thus a “daily routine”. Or something. I dunno. I realize I’m most likely wrong on this, though, so I’m interested to hear why that sample’s in the song. Was it actually something you recorded? Or sampled from something else?

I get asked this a lot. Let me start by saying the sample of the people arguing is from this record I had (Via DJ Signify) about drug recovery. That particular part was a real argument recorded in the courtyard of some sort of drug facility between two people who obviously were not doing to well. The idea behind “The daily routine” was that it was in three parts. Morning, afternoon, and night. Basically, it’s the cycle of abuse. It begins how it ends cause that’s how these things tend to work. It’s slow a deliberate. There are highs and lows and all sorts of other things in between and they are built around these terrible screaming matches between these two obviously troubled people.
Also, to be clear, this song has nothing to do with my own experience. I wasn’t beaten or abused when I was younger. It’s just an interpretation of how I see that kind of thing.

15 thoughts on “Answers for questions Vol. 55

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how many people, and how often they ask you about smoking weed, but when they do and you answer them (which is on like what, every 4th blog post or 3rd in your “Answers to Questions” portion)..But the story that comes to mind is the one where you were really sick and you were working on your Party Fun Action Committee album and how you were in and out of consciousness and Jeremy kept coming in the room asking you about “the little prince” and how high he was and confused that you were (if my memory serves me correctly?) as to what the hell he was talking about..Wasn’t that on your Myspace blog?
    As for the “BUY MY MUSIC” (which I always do of course) how about mass production of that badass shirt??? But I really doubt a guy would wear it, but you never know!

  2. Listening to your own an artist and by the time im done working on somthing I usually never want to see it again.. does that happen to you?

  3. Did you edit the sample in the intro to Sunday Seance at all? I was watching the show Top Gear (I’m in the UK at the moment and it’s big here) and I heard it. It could have been your beat or it could have been the original sample, so if you pitched the sample down or something it was your beat and hopefully you got paid because if you did you got paid a good amount, this show must have a lot of money because they always have the best cars and they destroy them and shit. And I could be mistaken but I’m pretty sure I also heard Stop Motion Traffic on it. Either that or it literally sounded like they re-did it with studio musicians (or it’s just a similar sounding song). But maybe you’re aware? Or I’m just wrong (I’m 100% sure I heard the Sunday seance intro)

  4. Thanks for answering my question about the breakfast…kinda haha. But yeah, angel-pussy would for sure be soft. Like really really really fucking soft. Cheers man.

  5. Yo block i got a question. I know your a fan of breaking bad, what did you think of the season finale? It was pretty sick. Any thoughts on next seasons storyline?

  6. good lord, I hope more people read your response to buying music. I’m starting to pick up that you don’t necessarily live a crazy lavish lifestyle and obviously you found something that you love doing. props to you for sticking with something you enjoy doing, hope your younger listeners pick up on that

    • It’s a common misconception that musicians are all rich. I’m okay. People forget that this is a job as well as something I love doing. But, I also can’t expect people to buy something that is so easily gotten for free. That’s in our nature.

      • So when buying your music, where do you make the most money? Something like itunes or buying the physical CD? or or is it all the same to you ? P.S. come do a show in Vegas !

      • As long as you buy it, it makes me money, albeit a tiny bit for every sale. Basically, I only lose money when people illegally download it. I make the most money when someone buys it off me at a show.
        As for Vegas, I’d love to. I Never get booked there though.

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