Fall Tour dates with DJ Cam! What what!

Hello everyone.
Here are the confirmed dates for my upcoming tour with DJ Cam.
Come out and see your boy. I’ll have merch and be playing music that you like. What more do you need?

10/20 Denver Cervantes
11/2 Houston Fox Hollow
11/3 New Orleans Hookah
11/4 Austin Emos East *
11/5 Dallas Club Dada %
11/6 New York Glasslands #
11/9 Chicago Kinetic Playground
11/10 Seattle Chop Suey
11/11 Portland The Refuge
11/12 San Francisco Yoshis
11/13 Eureka CA Red Fox Tavern

*w/ Shpongletron
% w/ Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz

41 thoughts on “Fall Tour dates with DJ Cam! What what!

  1. At least your show in Williamsburg should be free of hipsters. I’m sure they’ll be out protesting things they don’t understand
    Baggy Jeans 4 Life haha

  2. Any idea what time your set is in Austin? Public Enemy is playing that same night at Auditorium Shores and I already have tickets.

  3. is shpongletron the same as shpongle? shpongle is sick.
    also i cosign whoever said to come to london, i’m nearby for a semester abroad and that would be awesome

  4. Does that mean in NY you have no opening act? You are just going to walk up play and leave? That would be weird. Where is Glasslands anyway?

    • I actually had some dates set up for boston, buffalo and one other east coast city but i had to cancel due to a wedding I have to go to. I’ll make up for it eventually.

  5. I got to see you in Atlanta, awesome show yo. I pumped im in ct so i get to go to the grasslands show. any chance you got some shirts since then?

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