Song of the day 10/13/11

Tha Lunatic By Tupac

I’m not one of those “Tupac guys”. Meaning, I’ve never really gave a fuck about him since post “I get around”. In fact, anytime I meet someone who champions him as “one of the greatest” , that’s a pretty strong personality definer right there. It’s like “ohhhhh, you’re one of those ‘Tupac guys’…we’re done here.”.
However, I also don’t think he was the worst rapper or anything…he simply wasn’t making music that appealed to me. But, prior to his breakout album “Strictly 4 my N.I.G.G.A.Z.” , he was kinda dope.
I remember the first time I heard him on Digital underground’s “Same song” , I was like “Who was that guy?”. Shortly after that buzz began , he released his debut album “2pacalypse now” which was a slightly uneven yet potential showing album. He was certainly rough around the edges but, even then, he showed signs of being the same polarizing character he would later embrace. I mean, “Brenda’s got a baby” may be the sappiest rap song about finding a baby in the dumpster ever. Then you got a song like this , “Tha Lunatic” where he’s pretty much just talking shit about guns and bitches (I’ll take that topic over unwanted pregnancy anytime).
So for future reference, rappers, Guns and Pussy>>>>>Dumpster babies.

9 thoughts on “Song of the day 10/13/11

  1. Easy Block…I got all six of my babies outta dumpsters. Three greatest rappers of all time…Tupac, Eminem, and Lil Wayne. Semen covered hands down.

  2. I never was a huge TuPac head either. The same way you can sort of feel a person out or put him them a box if they like TuPac, I find, they do the same thing the other way around. People see I eat, live and breathe Hip Hop. But my ear is the only law. If it don’t sound good, I usually don’t care. And if it sounds good but it is ignorant, I will still listen to it. And he never really produced anything that I liked. He just didn’t have a flow or sound I cared for. So when people find out I am not a huge TuPac head, I get put in a box right away. I always get the, “You don’t listen to Pac… hell is wrong with you?”

  3. LOL @ dumpster baby. Pac was/is great. I love his debut album because it was so political and for such a young dude he was very aware. He also experimented with different sounds. My fav songs on 2pacalypse are Violent, If my homies call, trapped and young black male.

  4. lol what an ignorant little rant. You may immediately discredit me for saying Tupac is the greatest..but how can I take you seriously when you say talking about guns and bitches is better than actually relevant, and meaningful topics? And lol at you saying he was “kind of dope” prior to Strictly. Maybe if you judge him solely for all eyez on me. But you’re telling me Me Against the World and 7 Day Theory aren’t amazing? GTFO and actually listen to his music dumbass.

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